Mere Sai 17th May 2021 Written Episode Update


Mere Sai 17th May 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mere Sai 17th May 2021 Bala steals money from Lakshmikant’s pockets to eat snacks from market. He turns and notices his father at the door. Lakshmikant closes the door form inside. You have started stealing too? I wont spare you today. He catches Bala. You can try and run as much as you want but no one will save you today. He starts hitting Bala with a stick. Bala shouts as he pleads for help. Lakshmikant’s wife wakes up. Lakshmikant reprimands his son. You wont forget this lesson your entire life. Vidya gets inside and is shocked to see the stick in her husband’s hand.

Chetan’s mother says you (Sai) know how Chetan’s Baba works hard in the fields all day and we live off on those earnings. We have your blessings because of which we can live happily with all the resources that are available with us. His Baba has always given him what he wants. Sai nods. Bheema is a responsible father. She says Chetan does not realise this. We told him and everyone to keep a tab on the expenses for now. He insists upon having a silk dhoti kurta on Akshay Tritya. I ended up hitting him today as he just wont listen. Sai asks Chetan if it is true. Why are you being stubborn when you are smart. Cheatan shares that all of his friends have bought good clothes for Akshay Tritya. What’s wrong when I want to have something nice too? Why don’t I have something precious when they do? I have never disappointed my Aayi Baba. I study hard and listen to whatever they say. Why can’t they listen to me then? Why did I get the parents who cannot even fulfil my wishes? It does not happen to other kids. Everyone is taken aback including his mother. Sai asks Ragini to bring Bhakri and Puran poli’s. Ragini gives them to Him. He tells Chetan to choose from the options. What will you eat when you are starving? Chetan says Puran Poli. There is no need to even ask. It is mouth watering. Sai asks him how he will satiate his hunger if there is no Puran Poli. Chetan says I will eat Bhakri. Sai says it means Bhakri can satiate your hunger too. You must have understood that Bhakri is a necessity while Puran Poli is a luxury. Life can continue without luxury, not without necessity. Just like, clothes are our necessity and silk clothes are a luxury. Your parents are fulfilling what you require. You get clothes to cover your body, right? Chetan nods. Sai says they give you luxury items whenever they can as they want to see you happy. Isn’t it true? You know that time keeps on changing. Life has ups and downs. It is also your duty to take care of their happiness at times. Respect them instead of throwing a tantrum. Your Baba toils hard in the fields all day to fulfil your needs. How will he feel when you will be mean to him during that time?

Sai says it isn’t wrong to wish for luxury but it isn’t right to compel anyone to give you something. If you want to get everything then you must undertake the journey yourself. You should study hard, work hard and earn those things for yourself. Your parents have done their duty. It is your turn now. Become an ideal son. Chetan apologizes to Sai. I wont pester anyone for anything now. Everyone smiles. His mother thanks Sai for making Chetan understand. He understood it too. His behaviour made us wonder if we dint raise him well. Sai tells her not to think like that. Kids think as per their capability. Kids are like wet sand. You can shape them in the way you want but what matters is how we handle them.

Bala runs and hugs his mother. Lakshmikant tells her to stay out of this matter. He tried to steal today. She warns him against it. Beating someone wont teach him a lesson. Try to be nice with him and give him a chance. He retorts that she hasn’t given him a second chance either. Why should Bala get one then? She points out that even he has committed a big mistake. Lakshmikant says you are punishing me for that till today. You dint give me a chance. Why is he getting one then? She says what a kid does in his childhood and what an adult does in this age. You have committed a sin! He says I have been doing everything that I can. I got our elder daughter married to a good family. No one in this town has done what I have done. Till when will you taunt me for this? She asks her son to come. He begs for forgiveness again but she tells him even God wont forgive him for his mistake. You have snatched my happiness from me. How will you be happy then? Bala goes with his mother. Lakshmikant hits himself on his hand and cries helplessly.

Chetan admits that he shouldn’t have thrown a tantrum. I also feel bad sometimes though. I wish I too had a precious thing. Sai asks him who told him that he has nothing precious. You have the best treasure in the world! Chetan asks Him about it. Sai looks at Rama. I will tell you a story and you will understand everything on your own then. Everyone sits down.

Sai says about 10 years ago, there was a small temple in a small town. At night, a shadow came there stealthily. A guy is carrying a baby in a basket. He has covered his face with a blanket. He leaves the basket near the temple. He keeps something next to the baby and leaves. Everyone gets tensed. Champa asks Sai if the guy came to leave the baby behind. Sai says it was a girl. A father came there to leave his own daughter there! Champa is in disbelief. Which guy can do something like this? He left that little girl alone? Rambha says he dint even think what if an animal would have approached her. Sai says Ram ji comes in one or other form to help those who have no one. A lady comes to pay her respects to Khandoba ji. She is leaving when she hears the baby crying. She is shocked to see the basket there and picks the baby in her arms. She is a lovely girl. She asks Khandoba ji as to who could have left her here. I cannot leave her here. I am taking her with me. I will raise her till the time I am alive. She leaves.

Champs looks at Rama and then at Sai. I think I have understood whose story is this. Sai says a mother can understand a kid’s plight better than anyone else. You were bound to understand this. Rambha gets shocked and looks at Rama. Her eyes widen in shock. What happened next? Sai says that lady fulfilled her promise. She raised that girl with love and dedication.


Mere Sai 18th May 2021 17th May 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Babasaheb has ordered clothes for Sai. I couldn’t see you wearing these torn clothes. I want you to wear the new clothes one by one. I will send more clothes when these are exhausted. He is the Guru of many rich people. He should look good too. Tatya says I told him you wont accept it. Sai asks him why He wont accept it. I love the gift. Tatya gets confused.


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