Mere Sai 18th July 2022 Written Episode Update


Mere Sai 18th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mere Sai 18th July 2022 Sai welcomes Nana. Nana tells him about opening school for kids in his name. Sai says he loved his gift.

Sai says to everyone Nana gave me gift without any competition and in a hope to help and this is all I want, my needs are not all these, especially such gifts that create arguments, how did you all thing that I will like all this. Baizmaa says Sai I knew they wanted to give you gifts but I didn’t expect this,

Sai says its not your fault. Tatya says yes Aai its not your fault we got carried away. Keshav says right, Sai we apologise. Sai says apologies to eachother and hug it out. Keshav and Tatya apologies to each other and hug eachother. Sai hugs them too.

Shirdi people working at mill feel sad about not meeting Sai and how for money they agreed to not meet their teacher on such auspicious day. Sharad hears that and feels bad. Sharad remembers Vaishali asking him to stay but he hands her umbrella.

Vaishali insists him on coming and how Sai is helping Vishwas and in return Sharad should atleast meet Sai. Sharad asks his colleagues to focus on work and it’s just one year doesn’t matter, stop getting emotional unnecessary and we have sent gifts too.

Baizmaa says Sai what will you do of these gifts. Sai says whoever wants anything take it and remaining lets keep in Maruti Mandir and Dwarka Mai will be known for it unity and whenever you see differences remember you have created it with your unitu. Patil says we will always remember. Sai takes a seat and blesses everyone. Everyone prays to Sai and sings songs in name of Sai.

Supervisor visits mill and says he is very happy everyone is working. He takes Sharad along with him and hands him comission and says you are now foreman here and your salary will also be increased and people will work under you.

Sharad hugs him in happiness. Supervisor says but foremans job is difficult there is no leave. Sharad says I accept it. Supervisor says lets go Nagar and have alcohol and celebrate. Sharad says I don’t have alcohol. Supervisor says forget all this and I am your boss it will increase our bond and also your ladder to success. Sharad agrees.

Sai thanks everyone for making Guru Purnima memorable and says I have arranged feast for you all. Everyone has food together, Sai serves everyone.

Sai walks to Vishwas and sees he is upset and asks him what is wrong. Vishwas says baba has changed, Sai says I know your issue, Sharad is just influenced he is not understanding what is important to you, you don’t worry have patience and faith and God will fix everything.

Sharad drunk on his way home, he bumps into Sai. Sai says Sharad you would gey hurt. Sharad wishes him Guru Purnima and tells him he is foreman now and how was the umbrella. Sai says very nice and happy you are progressing and won’t you celebrate with your family. Sharad says I got gifts for everyone.

Sai says don’t miss your path Sharad, Sharad says its late and leaves. Sai says there is still hope Sharad, its not late yet.

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Mere Sai 19th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Kulkarni asks his men to demolish Dwarka Mai, labour unable to pick hammer and he looses control of hammer and about to hit Kulkarni, Sai saves him.


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