Mere Sai 19th August 2022 Written Episode Update


Mere Sai 19th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mere Sai 19th August 2022 Everyone at Dwarka Mai for pravachan, Sai looks at closed plate and picks shell and blows it. Listening to it, Suraj’s mother starts walking out, Vishal follows her confused.

Suraj reaches Kulkarni Wada, Santa Banta get scared and hide. Suraj picks knife and takes his seat, he then cuts an apple. Balvant asks what nonsense is this. Suraj offers him apple and says sorry I couldn’t bring anything so cut apples for you and when you will have sweet you will talk sweet. Kulkarni throws the plate.

Suraj says Fakir Baba was right anger destroys everything, and before we destroy something else lets talk calmly. Balvant says so you have met him too and so you changed. Suraj says just that I found the truth, all the false promises you made to Shridi people in name of mill and I can’t see anyone in pain or any injustice.

Kulkarni asks Santa to deal with Suraj, he tries to attack Suraj with a stick but he dodges. Suraj says look anger again destroyed something, anyways when you feel like talking do visit me and still if you don’t understand I know many ways to deal and leaves.

Suraj’s mother arrives in Dwarka Mai, Vishal confused. Sai says come sit, Sai asks Tatya to get the covered plate. Tatya hands plate to Sai, Sai says to Suraj’s mother that he knows she makes very nice laddoo and asks her to make them for prasad, Vishal says Sai Baba, Aai doesn’t and is shocked to see his motyer nake laddoos.

Vishal very happy. Sai says to her depression and restlessness, your mothers pain is so deep that she can’t even express it and you will have to keep her engaged, give her small tasks. Vishal says Dada will be so happy when he will find this.

Suraj asks workers to stay together, and says they know they can’t fire everyone because they will be at huge loss, and if we don’t take stand today, we will have to bare lot of consequences, they will keep taking all profits and give you nothing. Workers get inspired by Suraj. Kulkarni walks in with his men,

Suraj says I can deal with all your men alone but I don’t want violence we are protesting silently and if you don’t wnat protest give the workers the right they deserve. Kulkarni’s men start breaking furniture and boxes inside mill.

Kulkarni says this is enough. One of Kulkarnis men start provoking Suraj by calling his father names. Suraj attacks him, Balvant walks in with police and says look Suraj has created mess and attacking people. Suraj says I didn’t do anything. Suraj gets arrested.

In Dwarka Mai, Suraj’s mother gives everyone Prasad. Sai says Vishal take your mother home now, Vishal asks did she do any mistake. Sai says no its something else and she needs to rest. Vishal leaves with his mother, she comes back and takes Sai’s blessings and leaves.

Mill worker reach Dwarka Mai and tell Sai how Balvant and Kulkarni tricked Suraj and got him arrested. Baizmaa says to Sai, did you send Suraj ‘s mother for this reason. Sai says she isn’t strong to handle this now.

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Mere Sai 20th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap : Suraj being beaten in police station, Sai walks in with everyone.


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