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Mere Sai 19th July 2021 Sarkar tells Chakranarayan not to dare to talk to him in this tone. Chakranarayan asks him if he will complain against him. I am not afraid of anyone! I am doing this to bring out the truth. I don’t need your support if I am not succeeding in exposing that Fakir. I don’t need anyone’s suggestion, especially not yours. Sarkar calls it a mistake. You wont be able to do anything without me. Chakranarayan says it is ok. I wont be embarrassed because of your lies or logics other. Sarkar leaves. Gautam tells Chakranarayan they must end this investigation now. Maybe Sai is innocent. Chakranarayan refuses to believe it. How can an ordinary guy have so much money? He is doing something wrong for sure. I wont be at peace till the time I find out what He is up to!

Chakranarayan’s mother says I knew that trying to prove Him wrong will go in vain. Did you not experience His power yet? Chakranarayan and his mother argue over faith, belief and lies. Only those who have money can share it. His mother says I agree but atleast He is sharing it with others. Chakranarayan says that’s what’s bothering me. Why is He doing it? People do it only when either they have a lot of money or if they are trying to distract people and appear great in front of others. He is doing the latter so no one will doubt Him and He can keep His money safely. His mother reasons that he has been trying to expose Sai since days yet he couldn’t find out how Sai takes out money from His pocket every single time. He realises something and tells her that she gave him an idea indirectly. I will expose Sai by tomorrow evening!

Nanasaheb says how can we stop ourselves when people are plotting against you. We wont be able to do it. Sai reminds him that Ram ji does everything with a good intention. It might be good for someone. He turns serious suddenly.

Raghav asks his grandfather to come asap. Aayi isn’t well. His daughter is unconscious and is chanting Sai’s name repeatedly. He asks her why she is taking that Fakir’s name. He touches her forehead. Raghav says she has high fever. Maybe she needs Sai. Gangaram still does not believe in Sai and tells Raghav to call Sarkar. I cannot believe in anyone else now! Raghav goes reluctantly. Gangaram vows to take revenge from Sai for his daughter’s condition. Fakir is responsible for her condition.

Baizama asks Keshav what happened. Keshav says Sai is worried about something. They all look at Sai who is standing quietly in a corner.

Sarkar walks in. Gangaram asks him to check his daughter. She has high fever and is mumbling gibberish. Sarkar tells Gangaram not to worry. I am here. He extends his hand to check Kutubai’s temperature when he hears her mumbling in her sleep. He leans closer and hears her murmuring Sai’s name in her sleep. Why is your daughter taking Fakir’s name? Gangaram says I am clueless. She hated Him. Please treat her. Sarkar refuses. I don’t even touch those who take that Fakir’s name. Gangaram tells his daughter to stop taking Fakir’s name. Sarkar loses his cool. Is this why you called me here? I wont stay here for another second. Gangaram requests him to help his daughter. That Fakir must have done black magic on her. sarkar reminds him that he is a Vaid. I cannot treat her. People who take His name are actually ill in a different way and cannot be treated easily. You have lost your daughter. He leaves. Raghav checks his mother and tells Gangaram that her fever is increasing. You trusted Sarkar but he left us without helping Aayi. Let’s call Sai. Gangaram stays put but Raghav goes to call Sai nonetheless.

Sai tells Baizama someone is in a lot of pain. We can do nothing but pray. She should get courage to walk on the right path.

Officer gives a written permission to Chakranarayan. Do you really want to do it? Chakranarayan nods. This is the only way. I want to catch Him off guard. Officer reminds him of how villagers believe and respect Sai a lot. They can turn violent if we take action against Him. What would go wrong if we ignore this one person? Chakranarayan says it matters. We cannot let few wrong people scare us or break the law. This is why I asked for the last chance. I will resign from my job if I fail this time. Officer agrees. Chakranarayan thanks him and leaves.

Outside, Chakranarayan thinks Sai has fooled enough. I am coming to put an end to this now. It will be either you or me now!

Raghav approaches Sai. Baizama asks him what happened. Raghav tells them about his mother and about what happened at home. I only trust you, Sai. Please come with me and treat her. He folds his hands and requests Sai again. Sai tells him He cannot go with him. Baizama asks Him why He is saying no. A lady says your heart is softer than wax. Don’t you feel sad for Raghav? Raghav says I fought with Azoba. Please come with me. Sai tells him that she will be fine. You have to bring her to Dwarkamai if you want to see her well. Raghav reasons that she cannot even get up but Sai points out that nothing is greater than willpower. You said that she is taking my name in her sleep. Tell her that I have called her. She will surely come. Raghav heads home.

Chakranarayan, Gautam and few policemen are on their way to Dwarkamai. Bheema, Udhav and Abdul notice them and decide to alert villagers.

Nanasaheb asks Sai if he and Keshav should help Raghav. Sai denies. I know your intentions are pure but some distances are to be covered by popele on their own. Kutubai will come. A lady says I know there is a reason behind everything that you do. What could be the reason of calling her in this condition though? Sai closes His eyes.

Gangaram tells Raghav Fakir refused to come as He has done black magic on her. Raghav says Sai did not refuse to treat her. He has asked Aayi to come to Dwarkamai. Gangaram refuses to let his daughter go anywhere in this condition. I will take her to city for treatment. Kutubai takes Sai’s name again. Raghav asks her to try. Sai wants you to come to Dwarkamai. Gangaram calls Raghav stubborn. You know no one is allowed to take that Fakir’s name here! Stop now. Kutubai says Sai again. In her sleep, she recalls the argument she had with her husband before leaving her husband’s house. She starts breathing heavily. Sai calls out to Kutubai. She looks up and notices Sai. Sai says how your body can be healthy when your mind is not at rest. You must be thinking why the past incidents keep popping in your head again and again? This is Ram ji’s way of showing you a mirror. Come to me if you want these questions and restlessness to go away. The energy you need to come to me is inside you. He disappears. Kutubai sits up. Raghav and Gangaram keep arguing about Sai when Kutubai tells her Baba she will go to Dwarkamai.


Mere Sai 20th July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Sai says Ram ji does not want anyone to go back empty handed from Dwarkamai. You touched my feet even if it was on the pretext of searching this place. It is my duty to bless you then. He gives him some coins.


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