Mere Sai 1st July 2021 Written Episode Update


Mere Sai 1st July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mere Sai 1st July 2021 Chakranarayan and Gautam see 2 policemen ahead. They salute Chakranarayan who nods. They all go together.

Baizama tells Sai everyone is waiting for Him for lunch. He tells her to let them eat. I will join you soon. She is surprised that He wont join everyone. He says I have an urgent work. Make sure no one leaves on an empty stomach. I will come back and eat. Chandorkar ji greets Baizama and asks her about Sai. Baizama says He just left. Chandorkar ji asks her. Baizama replies that Sai never tells anyone anything. How will He tell today? Chandorkar ji says he must have told you something. I must meet Him immediately. Where can I find Him? Bheema tells Chandorkar ji in which direction Sai went. Baizama asks Chandorkar ji why he looks so tensed. He replies that he does not have a lot of time to tell her everything. I met Keshav earlier today and told him everything. He will tell you. He goes to look for Sai.

Santa and Banta are following Sai. They hide to avoid being seen. Sai smiles. Chandorkar ji is looking for Sai. Santa and Banta slip in mud when they begin to follow Sai again.

Chandorkar ji asks everyone about Sai but no one has seen him.

Santa and Banta continue following Sai. They are unable to see or balance themselves as Sai starts His ritual of watering the plant and plucking some of its leaves. Santa and Banta fall down. They hide seeing Sai come in their direction. Sai takes out coins from His pocket. Santa and Banta’s eyes widen in shock. He has so many coins! Santa asks Banta how Fakir got hold of so many coins. He was empty handed when He went in that direction. Banta says I am sure He got hold of some treasure. He distributes them to villagers later. They decide to inform Sarkar.

British Officer asks Chakranarayan why they couldn’t get any proof till now. Chakranarayan says we are doing our best but we need some time. Officer asks them what task were they given. Gautam shares that they found out that a Fakir named Sai is distributing money to people when He really has no money. Chakranarayan says we have not been able to find out the source of that money till date. His blind devotees aren’t letting us get closer to Dwarkamai. Fact is that He hasn’t taken money from anyone till date that’s why everyone trusts Him blindly. It means He shows His true colors to only a few people. We are sure He has a specific source. I hate people who launder money like that. We will expose Him the moment we find even one clue! Officer says you are an honest officer so we gave you that task. Chakranarayan assures him that he will find out the truth at any cost. Officer gives 10 days to Chakranarayan. Find out the source in 10 days or your job might be at stake. Chakranarayan tells him to trust them. We will do it. We aren’t able to succeed till now as everyone is on Sai’s side. We have no spy or helping hand. Officer says there is someone who can help you. Sarkar enters. Officer and Sarkar exchange pleasantries. Sarkar turns to Chakranarayan. I told you to tell me your problem then and there. This would have been over long ago if you had! Chakranarayan asks him why he wants to help him. Sarkar says I hate Sai more than you. I have seen Him taking the wrong path many times but He manages to hide things every time. We will be able to catch him red handed if we join hands. Officer advises Chakranarayan to listen to Sarkar. Chakranarayan agrees. He steps out of the room with Gautam and Sarkar.

Sarkar asks Chakranarayan what his plan is. Chakranarayan says I am planning to go there tonight and search again. Sarkar tells him to do it tonight only. Those who saw you wont leave that Fakir and Dwarkamai alone till the time they catch you. Chakranarayan says a lot many people will be there apart from us. Sarkar shares that Sai gives pravachan on every Guru Purnima in Maruti Mandir. All his devotees are there too. Dwarkamai will be empty. Go there then and find the proof. Gautam recalls that Sai had asked him to come there too. Chakranarayan decides to go to Dwarkamai tonight. I will expose that Fakir in front of everyone.

Chandorkar ji has not been able to find Sai anywhere. He falls on his knees helplessly. Why are you not coming in front of me? Why are you avoiding me? Why are you running away from me. Sai says it is you were running away, not me. I was right there but you refused to meet me. Chandorkar ji says I came here to meet you only. Why would I ignore you? Sai reminds him how he made an excuse and dint go to temple with Keshav. You could have donated money later. What’s the harm in paying your reverence to God? Chandorkar ji apologizes to Him. Sai says God only looks at your intentions and love. There is no excuse for going away from God. Chandorkar ji apologizes profusely. Please don’t punish me by not coming in front of me. I wont be able to forgive myself ever if that happens. Sai says even I am eager to meet devotees like you. Why will I deprive you of it then? Chandorkar ji turns and notices God in His real avatar. He folds his hands with reverence and kneels down again. He closes his eyes for a few seconds. He notices Sai there when he opens his eyes. Sai tells him to get up. Chandorkar ji complies. I will never say no to meet God again citing any excuse. Sai blesses him and gives him a coin as well. Keep this with you for prosperity. Chandorkar ji’s eyes widen in shock. Sai asks him if they should go to Dwarkamai. I am hungry. Chandorkar ji tries to tell him about Chakranarayan but Sai asks him to come with Him. People are waiting for us. Chandorkar ji worries how to tell Sai that British Government is after Him. You need to be careful.


Mere Sai 2nd July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Sai is giving pravachan in Maruti Mandir while Chakranarayan and Gautam search Dwarkamai. Gautam asks Chakranarayan to come. We will check again tomorrow. They are leaving when they spot a small bag in the corner.


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