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Mere Sai 1st July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mere Sai 1st July 2022 Satesh apologies to Sai says you saved me, gave me new life and will never do anything wrong. Kulkarni says you will die in prison lets go Santa. Sai stops Kulkarni says he regrets his actions why take him to police. Kulkarni says don’t tell me what to do.

Sai says then we have to find the reason behind his actions. Tulsidas says yes we want to know why he did this. Kulkarni says he must be greedy or has some situation.

Malchapati says he said he regrets his decision and he said he wanted to create differences and so we should give him a chance. Kulkarni says okay, I will keep Sai’s word and free him and says come Santa Banta lets throw him out of our village and leaves.

Malchapati asks Sai how did Kulkarni listen to you, Keshav says I didn’t understand because Sai, Sai stops Keshav. Sai says my motive was to stop differences that was being created, Malchapati walks to new basti people and apologies. Chetan walks to Satya and apologies. Satya says wr ate sorry too.

Sai asks Charuhas to step ahead and says to everyone, you all accepted Charuhas but no ome has apologised and you took him wrong just because he is different. Everyone apologies to Undrya. Charuhas very happy. Sai says Charuhas now even you should apologise for how you scared Santa Banta after the misbehaved with your mother,

Sai says you thought you scared bad people but revenge is bad and since you scared them, the idea of monkey man came up and all where in trouble, we should behave responsible.
Undrya realises his mistake and apologies to everyone. Sai blesses him. Malchapati says to Sai, because of you new basti people and villagers are together.

Kulkarni gives Satesh money and asks him to runaway. Santa Banta say why pay him, he didn’t do his work. Kulkarni says if Sai wouldn’t play his tricks he would have been successfully and I am giving him money to keep quiet and dare he opens his mouth I will kill his mother.

Satesh says I won’t, I will be quiet because Sai made me realise I was wrong and I don’t want money because I believe in Sai and leaves with Sundar.

Kulkarni says Sai ruins everyone, Santa Banta ask why did you want this. Kulkarni says I wanted to throw basti people out and Balvant loses, but Sai used my son, because he knew I won’t let anything happen to Keshav.

Balvant walks to Kulkarni with Satesh and Sundar. Balvant says Satesh might be quiet but I will tell everyone it was you. Kulkarni asks what proof you have. Balvant says this Sundar will open his mouth, Kulkarni says you started first to ruin my authority and so this was revenge.

Balvant says yes but now people will show you your place. Kulkarni says even I have truth about how you tried ruining kids education here and also how you fooled them in selling lands and what if I tell about this to British Government, I want 25% partnership in mill. Balvant says have you lost it.

Kulkarni says by now you very well know it’s not easy to fight Sai, you play Good Cop and I will be the Bad Cop and you will never regret it. Balvant asks Satesh and Sundar to leave and accepts Kulkarni’s proposal.

Kulkarni says Shridi has 2 kings now and now stop goverment quarters work and stay with me and renovate Kulkarni Wada as you want. Balvant says okay I agree and your house is close to mill, I am going Kopargav now bye.

Santa Banta ask Kulkarni why did he ask Balvant to stay. Kulkarni says if there would be house bigger than mine people will respect him more not me, so I made this proposal.

Its raining in Shirdi, Sai in Dwarka Mai sees the roof is leaking from many places.

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Mere Sai 2nd July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Nana asks Sai why is he not fixing the roof. Sai says I have roof that is enough, and I have less necessity and where change is needed it is happening.


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