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Mere Sai 1st June 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mere Sai 1st June 2021 Sai closes his eyes. Keshav wonders why Sai is meditating suddenly. Is He trying to postpone the storm He was referring to? Bright light emanates from Sai and covers Bhagirathi’s room. She looks up and notices Sai walking in. How did you come here? He says that’s not the question. It is why I am here. Bhagirathi says you must have come for Rama. You are upset because I was mean with her earlier. Sai denies. I came to tell you a story. Bhagirathi becomes sad but Sai insists that she must hear it. A lion used to live in jungle. He went on a hunt late at night. He couldn’t see properly and fell in a pit. It was deep so he could not get out. He started screaming for help. Some people heard his screams and pitied him. They tried to help him but the lion used to attack on them whenever they tried to reach out to him. Bhagirathi says the lion wont be able to come out of the pit this way. He will die right there. Sai says Rama was trying to tell you the same thing but you said all those mean things to her. She was trying to get out of the pit but you attacked her. Bhagirathi screams as she recalls her rude behaviour. She looks around and does not see Sai. She thinks of how Rama has been putting so many efforts since she has come here. I was very mean to her. I must apologize to her right away.

Sai opens His eyes. Keshav asks Him if He was helping someone during mediation. Sai nods.
One of them has found it but we must wait for the right time for the second person.

Lakshmikant asks Vidya about Rama. She said that she will serve the food when she brought kheer. Vidya says even I don’t know. Lakshmikant says I will check outside but Bhagirathi comes there just then. She shares that Rama is not here. She has left the house. Bhagirathi cries. Her luggage is missing too. She left the house because of me. I am responsible for it. Lakshmikant asks her what happened. Why are you saying this? Bhagirathi tells them everything. I blamed her and even asked her to leave the house! Please forgive me. We must find her. I will apologize to her and bring her back. Bala smirks after hearing everything. It is good that Rama took her bag with her. I still have a chance. This is the right time to make sure she will never come back here.

Rama is walking on the streets sadly. Sai asks her where she is going. Rama runs and hugs her Azoba. I cannot handle that house anymore. I was doing exactly what you told me to. I accepted them and looked after everyone yet Bala and Bhagirathi Tai ended up scolding me badly.

Lakshmikant says we must look for her outside. She wouldn’t have gone far if she has actually left the house. I don’t think she would go anywhere except Dwarkamai. Bala tells them to go to police instead. You wont believe me so go and check your cupboard. Your jewellery is missing. Plus, Rama is not at home either. Lakshmikant asks him if he knows what he is saying. Bala says you can look yourself. Neither Rama nor jewellery is there. It means she took it with her. Vidya tells him to think before blaming that poor girl. Bala says she is a poor girl and I am liar. Go and check for yourself. You will believe me then. Lakshmikant checks inside and confirms that the jewellery is missing. Vidya says they may not be there but I don’t think Rama can steal. Lakshmikant agrees. He asks Bala if this is his doing. Bala tells him to check his room and the entire house. I saw her taking out jewellery with my own eyes. She said that you wanted to get them cleaned. Did you tell her that? Lakshmikant denies. Bala asks them why they don’t believe him. You can avoid going to police but find her first. You will find the jewellery in her bag. Vidya says I don’t think she can be a thief. Why will she try to take care of us otherwise? Bala says she was trying to win your trust. I am your son. Trust me. You will find the jewellery with her only. Lakshmikant and Vidya get thinking.

Sai asks Rama if it is right for His grandfather to give up halfway. Why give up on your responsibilities and goodness because of others who do ill to you? I will welcome you with open arms if you will give your best and come back in the end. I will be pained if you will leave like this. Rama says some of them think I am not needed there. I was helpless. He tells her to let people think what they want. Follow your path of karma. It does not matter what they think. Ram ji has planned something else for them so you must return there. Keshav is taken aback. Sai says I know you have a lot of questions. Have Saburi. You will find your answers soon. Can we drop Rama to Lakshmikant’s house before that? He asks Rama if she will go back. She nods. Sai says I am proud of you. They all head to Lakshmikant’s house together.

Lakshmikant has checked the entire house but could not find the jewellery. Bala insists that Rama took them with her. You still wont believe me! Lakshmikant says now we must find Rama and question her.

Sai, Rama and Keshav are on their way. Sai looks at her and prays for sadbuddhi for everyone.

Lakshmikant and his family see Rama returning with Sai and Keshav. Vidya tells her husband to be careful. We don’t know the truth. I still don’t think Rama is at fault here. Sai tells Lakshmikant that Rama is young. She felt bad after what her Tai said to her and left the house. I brought her back. Lakshmikant says it is your greatness that you look after everyone. It is good that you brought her back but we must check her bag before we take her inside. Keshav asks him what he is saying. What happened? Vidya is in tears. Bala notices everyone quiet and accuses Rama of stealing jewellery. Rama denies. You can check my bag. It has only my clothes. You wont find anything else. He checks her bag and finds jewellery in Rama’s bag. Everyone is taken aback. Rama pleads innocence. I did not take anything. I don’t know how this ended up in my bag. Lakshmikant tells Sai that even he did not expect this to happen. What should we think of this now? Rama asks him if he thinks she stole them. She cries. Lakshmikant says even I am not ready to accept it. I wanted to make you a part of my life but this is telling a different story altogether. This proves that you dint think of us as your family. Rama hugs Sai and cries. I dint steal them. I don’t know how this came in my bag. Sai says I know that you are innocent. He turns to Lakshmikant. You should use the eyes of your heart to look at things sometimes. He asks Vidya if she too can think that Rama can steal.


Mere Sai 2nd June 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Rama says I have decided that Dwarkamai is my house / family. I will stay with my this family instead of trying to be a part of some other family now. Sai says life is about trying constantly. Failing once does not mean that you wont try again. Lakshmikant calls out to them. Everyone looks up. Bhagirathi and Bala are in tears.


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