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Mere Sai 1st September 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mere Sai 1st September 2020 Trambak practices wrestling moves. His elder brother walks to him with milk. He asks why did dada bring milk instead of Ankita. Dada asks why can’t he bring milk for his elder brother and asks why is he practicing, where is his friend. Trambak says his friend didn’t come today. Dada asks why don’t he practice with him. Trambak asks to stop joking. Dada asks if he forgot that he started wrestling seeing him and learnt wrestling from him. Trambak says it was long ago. Dada says even now he can defeat him. Trambak agrees. Dada defeats him with a single move. Trambak praises his amazing moves and asks why don’t he restart wrestling. Dada asks who will take care of farming and agriculture. Trambak says he prepared neem herbal pesticide for crops and will send it via Abdul bhai. Sai walks in. They both greet him. Sai asks if Gangadhar is at home. Dada says he is waiting for Sai. Sai walks in. Gangadhar, Godavari, and bahus greet Sai. Sai asks Godavari how is she now. Godavari says she is improving, but still ill, because of which her bahus have to work and she has become burden on her bahus. Elder bahu says Aayi served whole family when she got married, why is she telling this, parents are never a burden for children.

She tells Sai that she is tired of informing aayi that she should rest, but aayi finds ways to work. Sai asks Godavari to accept bahus’ request. Godavari says these are her daughters whom she got due to her good deeds, but she doesn’t want to be on bed forever and walks to get well soon. Sai says one’s health depends on the surrounding environment, if she continues to get family love and affection like this, she will be fine soon. He asks her to have oodhi now, picks it and after praying mixes it in water, gives her to consume, and asks her to rest now. Gangadhar says even he will head towards fields. Damayanti says looks like aayi wants to tell something, but is hesitating due to children’s presence. Anandi takes Gopi and Shyam out. Sai tells Godavari that her bahus understood what is in her mind, she should open up now.

A man Raghunath Rao Tendulkar walks into Dwarkamayi and asks Tatya and Baizamaa where is Sai. Baizamaa says he has gone out, if he has any work from Sai. Raghunath says he is in tension and needs Sai’s help.

Back in Godavari’s house, she tells Sai that she gets a bad dream of a young woman running and falling down, today she saw the young woman is her daughter Amba. She wants Sai to bless her daughter as she is worried about her. On the other side, Damayanti informs neighbors about Godavari’s illness and family’s worries. Neighbor asks her not to worry as Sai has taken responsibility to cure Godavari. Andandi brings mogra flowers for Damayanti says Anandi brings her flowers everyday without fail. Anandi says she used to get flowers for her elder sister before marriage, now Damayanti loves her more than a sister, so she is continuing her routine. Sai tells Godavari that a mother is always worried for her children, she should light ghee lamp in front of god if she is so worried and pray for unity and peace of her family. Sai walks with Gangadhar continuing his moral gyaan. Gangadhar says he is lucky to have such a good family and is in peace. Sai suggests him to keep the family united and never let them fight. Gangadhar asks why is he telling this. Sai says he will speak to him later and walks away.

Damayanti oil massaging Godavari’s scalp asks why she thought of lighting ghee lamp in temple today. Godavari thinks how to inform her what Sai told and says she felt like serving god and Sai says there is no specific time to serve god. Andandi picks ghee lamp and walks towards home temple. In Dwarkamayi, Gangadhar explains his ordeal to Tatya and Baizamaa and more tensed says he cannot wait more and wants to meet Sai right now. Sai stops outside Dwarkamayi noticing Godavari’s home temple’s roof tile getting lose and about to fall on Anandi and orders it to wait for some more time. Gangadhaar calls him diverting his attention and requests to help him. Tile falls on Anandi’s hand and falls down breaking lamp. Damayanti and Godavari enter and stand tensed. Sai says if one understands signs and makes strong decision, then problems will not come near them. He asks Gangadhar if he came from far away and is in trouble, let us go in and speak. Gangadhar informs him that his son Babu is studying medicine and used to study well, but suddenly he stopped studying and accepted defeat. He goes into flashback where Babu keeps books in trunk and tells his mother that he is unable to study and if he keeps his books outside, they will remind him of his failure. Mother says still his exam has not finished yet, he should not accept defeat and keep the books back on desk. Babu walks away saying he is sure he will not pass exam. Gangadhar gets sad hearing that. Out of flashback, Gangadhar says he tried his best to find out the reason but fail and even tried black magic. Sai asks how can he believe in superstition even after staying in city, he should have faith and trust in god.


Mere Sai 2nd September 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Sai asks Trambak and his elder brother to bring some wood for fire pit. Trambak goes to get woood and sees his sister Amba unconscious there.


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