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Mere Sai 20th April 2021 A kid (Neel) asks Sai to come with him. I want to show you something. Keshav says Sai has left to collect alms. It is His dharma. You can take Him with you afterwards. Sai denies. God reside in kids. Their wish is God’s wish. Kids calling out to someone is equivalent to God calling us. Maybe my Ram ji wants to take me somewhere. They go with Neel. Neel shows a house to Sai which he has his friends have made. Sai complements it. Another kid says we have worked really hard. Sai replies that hard work always pays. Tatya asks them if it was important to show Sai before He could collect alms. The kid says we show everything to Sai when it is made. Keshav says we used to do the same thing when we were kids. I can understand their excitement. Sai becomes tensed suddenly and walks towards a house. Tatya, Keshav and the kids follow Him. Tatya asks Sai what happened. Sai says this door needs to be opened. Tatya says this is someone’s house. Sai says that’s the sole reason why it must be opened. Keshav asks him what if someone is inside. what will we tell them? Sai says I will say whatever needs to be said but it must be opened right away. Tatya and Keshav break open the door. A couple is putting noose around their necks and are about to commit suicide. More villagers gather outside. The couple is shocked to see so many people at their door.

Sai tells the boys to bring them down safely and quicky. Keshav and Tatya remove the noose from the couple’s neck. They break down. Sai walks in. What were you two going to do? You were going to waste the most beautiful blessing given by God. Why? Sai asks Tukaram to answer Him. What’s the matter? Tukaram says we had no alternative. I have a field. I worked hard for months and could reap the crops. I took loan too. It was a great crop. I thought I will be able to repay the loan and manage our living till the next year. Few animals destroyed the crops yesterday. Crops would again take 3-4 months if I try to sow seeds again. We have nothing to eat either. I can escape hunger but how will I escape Sarkar? That’s when we decided to commit suicide. Tukaram’s wife says even I thought this was the best thing to do. We decided upon this together. Sai says you both know it is a crime. God has given us this life. You are disrespecting God by killing yourself like this. You are committing an unpardonable sin by killing the baby who hasn’t even taken birth yet. Tukaram cries harder. I have no option left now. I have given up! Sai helps Tukaram stand. You are a farmer. How can you say such a thing? Do the crops grow right after sowing seeds? Tukaram denies. It takes months. Sai asks him how he will you succeed in one day. It is a step by step process. You wait patiently. Why can’t you show equal Saburi in your life? It is like farming too. You protect fields from bad weather conditions, pesticides, etc. similarly, you must face the obstacles of life and continue walking ahead. Will you try to stop or will you try to pave a different path instead? Tukaram chooses second option. Sai asks him why he wont handle life in a similar manner. Tukaram reasons that no one will help them. We have nothing at home. How does it matter whether I kill myself or not? We will die because of hunger. Wont dying in a jiffy be easier?

Sai looks up. There is one option. They all go outside. They look at the piece of wood that has just fallen. Kids get upset as their house got broken because of it. Neel says we can make it again together. They decide who will bring which material. We will create it once again. They head in different directions excitedly. Sai asks Tukaram if he understood anything. Tukaram shakes his head. Tatya says we have understood. I have a lot of crops. I will give food to you till the time your crops flourish again. Tukaram folds his hands gratefully. How will I repay you for this favour? Tatya says you can pay me back as per your convenience. Keshav says I will give money to father. You can take your time and pay me in instalments. I will spread word among farmers. They will help you too. Another guy says we will lend you seeds to sow. Sai says you (Tukaram) can help someone else when you become capable of doing it.


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