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Mere Sai 20th June 2022 Kulkarni wada decorated for party. Balvant welcomes Sir Henry. Henry praises Balvant for his efforts towards turning, Swaraj oriented Shirdi to one that will have British Mill running on their land. Henry says Kulkarni learn something from Balvant. Balvant invites them in the house.

Henry says this house is little small. Balvant says I am sorry for disappointment but as per village status this house is big and once the mill goes in operation, there will be economic growth and there will big actually bigger houses and these houses will be just like huts.

Balvant asks Kulkarni to get tea and snacks for Henry, Henry says he will stay here till Bhumi Pujan. Kulkarni asks Santa Banta to get snacks and tea. Kulkarni says to Henry, I have made all arrangements. Balvant interrupts and says to Henry, let me show you mills plans lets go. Henry leaves with Balvant.

Savari grinding grains and struggling. Tejasvi likes to see her struggle and sees only half bag is done and scolds Tejasvi and says you will die hungry if you don’t finish my work in next half n hour and leaves. Savari keeps trying.

Gauri and Undry walk in temple and pray. Gauri says Undrya pray so that your illness is cured soon. Undrya asks what’s wrong with me, Gauri says cmon pray and prays to God to make her son normal so that he can be normal and play and live with others. Gauri opens her eyes and sees Undrya missing and starts looking for him and finds him sitting with Sai. Undrya smiles at her.

Gauri asks what you do that, he gets so calm around you, you helped us find work and place to live, who are you and why so much kind with us.
Sai says I am Gods man who loves to spread love and happiness and this is why Charuhas isn’t scared of me. Gauri shocked.

Savari gets tired, abd she prays to Sai for help and says I hope my house doesn’t have to be embarrassed because of me.

Gauri asks Sai how does he know Undrya’s real name, even she had forgotten about it. Sai says the smile so innocent will definitely have a name Charuhas. Sai sees Undrya’s feet is injured, he applies ash on his wounds, and as he applies Savari realises she is easily able to grind everything, Savari shocked.

Undrya smiles at Sai, seeing his wound vanish. Gauri says I believe in God, he helped me with a man who will help my son. Sai says Undrya doesn’t need help. Undrya asks Sai for modak. Sai says yes I got you modaks and gives to Undrya and says to Gauri, your son is unique he will make you proud.

Savari packs a grounded grains and is very happy, she thanks Sai. Savari sees cows eating the flour she grounded. Tejasvi says you thought we will eat this flour, which you touched, be prepared there are many more to come. Savari starts crying.

Balvant introduces Patil and Machapati to Henry.Gauri and Undry walk in Bhumi Pujan, his father scolds Gauri for bringing Undrya. Gauri says Balvant is going to gift free grains to every single person, so I got him. He scolds them and says now sit in corner and keep an eye on Undrya.Undrya sees sweets near havan kundh and gets excited.

Champa greets Sai on her way, Sai asks where are you taking so much stuff too. Champa says these are old clothes and vessels so throwing them away, Sai says to her come with me.

Kulkarni walks to Bhumi Pujan with her own chair and stares at Balvant. Balvant walks to him and says why did you bring your special chair. Kulkarni says I am head of this village I won’t sit on ordinary chairs. Balvant says if Henry feels bad you won’t be head here and loudly says good Kulkarni you brought the exact chair I asked for Mr. Henry. Henry praises Balvant for his efforts to impress him. Kulkarni very angry.

Chandu and Bhiva walk to Balvant and say we want to falicitate you before Bhumi Pujan starts and got you a gift. Balvant says all this is not needed, Chandu says you helped us get our money back. Balvant says I am just here to serve you and British government but if you insist.

Balvant as Henry is he okay. Henry says yes falicitating you is falicitating British Government.Shirdi people gift Balvant his potrait and says I am gifting free grains to everyone and Bhiva and Chandu will take care of this.Henry asks have you finalised a name for mill. Balvant says we haven’t. Bhiva suggest to have Sai’s name.

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Mere Sai 21st June 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Undrya takes sweets. Panditji gets upset and asks villagers to get him. Gauri apologies for Undrya. Bhiva says we let you in our village and you are troubling us. Sai asks Bhiva who are you to give them permission.


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