Mere Sai 21st May 2021 Written Episode Update


Mere Sai 21st May 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mere Sai 21st May 2021 Rama tells Sai she enjoyed walking in the garden. There are beautiful plants there. Her locket falls while walking. Sai looks back at it but does not stop her.

Lakshmikant is waiting for Sai in Dwarkamai. He thanks Sai for bringing him here last night. Sai says I did what a human being would do for another. Lakshmikant looks at Rama. Sai tells her to feed the birds. She nods while Sai sits with Lakshmikant. What happened? Tell me what’s bothering you. You will feel light. Lakshmikant tells Him everything (in mute). I feel suffocated. I can never live it nor leave things. I sometimes feel like killing myself. Sai asks him who he is worried for – himself or family. Lakshmikant says both. I am concerned more about the family but it is my problem after all. Sai reasons that his family wont get rid of the problems this way. Lakshmikant says I know but I cannot bear this anymore. I cannot see any way to get out of this. Tatya believes that you can guide me if I tell you everything. Sai says what matters is what you believe in. your faith is important but you don’t have faith in me. Do you trust me? Who am I to help someone? I only follow Ram ji’s orders. He is the one who does things. Lakshmikant says Ram ji wont help me ever. Vidya says that God will punish me my entire life. I admit that I made a mistake once but till when should I bear the brunt of it. Sai explains the circle of life and karma logic to him. Why don’t you try to fix your mistake? Lakshmikant agrees to do anything that’s required. What should I do? Sai says I don’t know for now but you will know when it’s time. I can solve your one problem for now. Lakshmikant asks Him about it. Sai points at Rama. Lakshmikant recognizes her. She is very smart. Sai says you handle the responsibilities at home and outside. Rama will stay with you from today to help you. You know how smart she is. Sadly, she has no one. She will handle the responsibilities of home and you can relax from that perspective. Lakshmikant says how will she do it herself. She is a kid. Sai says she will. You just have to love her in return. Maybe this is how you will be able to fix your mistake. Trust me. No path is without a mission. Lakshmikant agrees. Rama overhears it. She drops the bowl in shock and runs away teary eyed.

Rama is crying in a corner. She thinks of all the time that she has spent with Sai (her Azoba). Sai walks up to her. She asks Him if she has become a burden on Him that He is sending her away. He denies. She says you promised to help me find my parents. Why are you breaking your promise? I don’t want to go anywhere. I want to find my Aayi Baba and go to collect alms with you. He asks her if she has seen a mango tree. One must sow the seed and nurture the plant to actually see it grow and give fruits. How can we expect anything good till the time we do something good? She gets confused. He explains that Ram ji makes a note of all the good and bad deeds that we commit. Ram ji fills out life with happiness when we do virtuous deeds. You have been looking for your parents since days but in vain. It might be possible that Ram ji will fulfil your wish seeing you help someone. Your decision will be final. Rama agrees to go to Lakshmikant’s house. Sai says Lakshmikant is waiting for you. Let’s go. Rama realizes that her locket is missing. That was the last memento of my parents. How will I find them without it? How will they recognize me? Sai says you can get everything that you have lost with Ram ji’s blessings. Do as many virtuous deeds as you can and earn it back. She takes His blessings and goes with Him.

Champa, Rihana and Rambha are also in Dwarkamai. Lakshmikant and Rama look at each other. Champa asks Sai if it is true. Are you sending Rama to Lakshmikant ji’s house? Sai nods. Rama is ready to go as well. Rambha says she is a little girl. This is not her age to work at home. Sai asks them if they remember the story that He had told them. Consider this as the new chapter of that story. Rihana says we are fools to not realize this. Sai says I respect your emotions as you have loved her like your own kid. It is natural. Champa says I am feeling bad thinking that we wont be able to see Rama here from tomorrow. She tells Lakshmikant to look after Rama well. take care of all her wishes. Lakshmikant assures them that he will look after her just like a family member. Sai says this is what I expect from you. He tells Rama to think of Him whenever she needs Him. I will be there. Rama is someone’s amanat, someone’s responsibility. I will come to your house sometimes to check on her. Rama requests Him to come. Lakshmikant says she calls you Azoba. Sai nods. This increases my responsibility towards her. Lakshmikant tells Him to visit her whenever He wants. She will also feel happy. We should leave now. Sai blesses them. Rama touches Sai’s feet. He hugs her. The ladies are in tears. Champa assures Rama that all her wishes will come true with Sai’s blessings. Rama leaves with Lakshmikant.

Sai picks up his bag and begins to leave but Rambha advises him not to go anywhere. The weather does not look good. Sai says change of weather is life only.

Lakshmikant is holding Rama’s hand as they head home. He keeps looking at her but she has a blank expression on her face. They are walking path Khandoba ji’s temple when Rama stops to pay her respects. Lakshmikant looks on as tears stream down her cheeks. Why do you look so sad? You don’t want to come with me, right? She denies. Why did you feel this way? He says we have met once before. They think of their first meeting. We dint know each other yet you said a lot many things to me. You are quiet today though. Why? She says I was asking God something. He asks her what it is. She says I want to know when He will fulfil my prayer. He offers to bring anything for her that she needs. She says Azoba told me that only Ram ji can return to me what I have lost. I was asking Him when the right time will come. They resume walking.

Sai picks up Rama’s necklace. You will get this at the right time. First the hearts must recognize each other though. Eyes can recognize one another easily.


Mere Sai 22nd May 2021 21st May 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Vidya is coughing badly. Lakshmikant tries to make her open the door but in vain. Rama looks on. Sai gets tensed suddenly. He looks at the dhuni (at what’s happening at Lakshmikant’s house). Everyone looks on worriedly. Sai starts using Manjeera.


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