Mere Sai 22nd April 2022 Written Episode Update


Mere Sai 22nd April 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mere Sai 22nd April 2022 Balvant asks his men to kill Savari. Balvant’s men unable to cross line drawn by Sai.
Mahesh puts Mangalsutra in Savari’s neck. Balvant’s men scared run away. Balvant tries to cross the line to stop Mahesh from taking phere.

Sai says to Balvant if you walk in with kind heart to bless Mahesh you will be able to cross. Balvant says never, I will die but not let myself get impure, I will have to seat in pond of Gaumutra if I allow this, this is sin. Sai says as you wish. Balvant says someone stop it, Kulkarni Gangadhar do something. Sai says the marriage is complete.

Balvant says to Sai, this isn’t end but beginning of the consequences whole Shirdi has to face and leaves. Kulkarni and his men follow Balvant.

Sai blesses Mahesh and Savari. Mahesh says to Sai because of you our problems are over. Mahesh and Sai take all elders blessings. Sai sees Savari upset and asks why. Savari says because of you I got happiness I didn’t even imagine of but because of me he is separated from his family and I will always blame myself.

Mahesh says this is not family. Sai says Savari, is right, mistakes doesn’t mean breaking relationship you should go meet your mother take blessings of her, you took oath of giving all happiness to Savari and if you don’t go home today, she will always blame herself, and to sort all this issues you need to go meet them, and when this relationship is not a mistake why hide then, so go home win your families heart back and don’t worry all your issues are mine now.

Sai hands a potli to Mahesh and says you will need it. Mahesh asks what is this. Sai says when you see ray of hope, do open this. Mahesh says okay and thinks even after all this should I go back will they accept us.

Balvant in vada says Mahesh is dead for us. Kusum crying. Balvant says why cry for such selfish child, he choose that girl over us, he believed in Sai more than you. Kusum says I understand but let me meet him once. Balvant says no need, he is dead for us, we have no one to call us Aai and Baba.
Mahesh shouts Aai Baba. Balvant and Kusum walk out and see Mahesh and Savari.

Savari’s mother asks Sai, is this all true are kids fine. Sai says they are fine and they went Kulkarni Vada to take blessings. She says why did you allow them, why did you send them alone, my daughter is not a burden for me, she can stay with me but those people. Sai says come with me.

Balvant says how dare you, Kusum says calm down, lets go inside and talk. Balvant says I don’t allow lower caste people shadow, they aren’t allowed inside. Tejasvi says wow Mahesh, we had so many dreams for you, you ruined everything why are you here now. Mahesh says even I wanted to have this new beginning with you and so wanted your blessings. Balvant says I curse you, you will never be happy.

Savari says don’t be upset with him because of me. Balvant says dare you talk to me. Kusum says Mahesh couldn’t you sacrifice for your father. Mahesh says I can give you my life but I love her. Kusum says how is her love more important than our. Mahesh says I still love you all and so me and Savari want to stay with you.

Kulkarni says Balvant come with me, we need to discuss, what has happened can’t be changed, then you can take final decision.
Savari’s mother and Sai watching everything. Sai says to her keep watching.

Kulkarni says to Balvant, Mahesh is your son. Balvant says I can never forgive him. Kulkarni says I am not asking you to I am just saying think twice, today it’s just in Shirdi,

if he goes somewhere else and this news comes out and reaches all people you know then what will you do about your reputation and their this step will encourage others and our culture will be ruined and so to stop from all this we have to accept them. Balvant says never in this house. Kulkarni says there is hosue behind this house and we will keep them there and then control them and separate them, so Mahesh will always be ours, we just have to purify him, we will do that.

Savari’s mother worried says to Sai, are they plotting against kids again.
Balvant says to Mahesh and Kulkarni, you can’t stay with us but in the house behind this Vada but this is not for you Mahesh but for your mother, you may be selfish, your mother can’t live without you and remember I have nothing to do with you and so accept this proposal for your Aai and leaves. Kulkarni and Tejasvi follow him.

Kusum says Mahesh please stay here, atleast I can see you. Mahesh and Savari walk to Kusum to take blessings, she steps back but blesses then.

Savari’s mother asks Sai, what all is this happening. Sai says she is bounded by her relation of wife but her love as mother couldn’t stop her and so she blessed and you both know that these two are very kind and with Gods blessings and their mother’s blessings, they will fight all the odds and soon they will be accepted.

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Mere Sai 23rd April 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Sai furious says to Kulkarni, in name of your age old practices you were going to kill innocents, till today you never were punished but now you will be. Kulkarni says who will punish me you? Sai says yes me.


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