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Mere Sai 22nd October 2020 Vasundhara asks a Seth to give her some ration. I can pay you later. Seth ji refuses. You have pending due already. She says we will pay you as soon as he is out of jail. Seth ji tells her to sell her jewellery to take ration. Vasundhara says I have nothing. He tells her to mortgage her mangalsutra. She refuses. He gives lecture on what a marriage really means. Vasundhara insists that her husband is not a thief. He laughs at her and tells her to leave.

Sai asks for alms. The family is surprised to see Sai at this hour. Sai says it is needed now. They give him food.

Vasundhara is boiling water. She notices her son (Veenu) crying. He asks about his Baba. Vasundhara assures him he will come soon. He has gone to take medicine. You will be fine after taking that medicine. Veenu claps. He notices his mother crying and gets curious.

Sai reaches Dwarkamai. Reham Nazar Sai plays as he sits down to cook dinner. He mixes rice in the boiling water.

Veenu wipes his mother’s tears. Please don’t cry. She smiles for his sake. He smiles as well. Baba will come. She nods. He will come soon. She starts crying again. Veenu points at Sai’s photo. Vasundhara says Sai is our Aayi. She hugs him.

Sai looks glum. He covers the pot with a lid and starts untangling the yarn again.

Vasundhara is sad. There are a few rice grains in the bottom of the pot. Veenu tells her that he is hungry. She tells him to wait. It is cooking. Vasundhara’s daughter asks her Aayi if Baba will come back with money. We can get Dada treated then and we will eat tasty food. Vasundhara nods. Veenu and his sister play a game. Vasundhara thinks your Baba went to Shirdi to arrange money only. Sai gave him jewellery too. Don’t know how he got blamed for stealing the same jewellery. She prays to Sai. Everything is in your hands. I have always believed in you. How to tell the kids I don’t have any food to give to them? I can remain hungry but how will I be able to see them yearning for food?

Sai looks back at the pot. He keeps the yarn back and goes to check rice. Om Sai plays. He removes the lid. A smile appears on his face as he looks at the cooked rice.

Vasundhara removes the lid from the pot and is surprised to see well cooked food. Her kids also look back in excitement. Vasundhara smiles through her tears and thanks Sai. You listen to your every devotee. They may be far from you but you are not far from them.

Next morning, Ganpat Ram reaches Shirdi with 2 constables. They are right next to Khandoba’s temple. They decide to ask someone about Sai. Kulkarni Sarkar says you don’t need to ask anyone anything. I will tell you everything that I know about him and about his whereabouts. He gives his introduction to Ganpat Ram ji. I am equivalent to justice. Whatever happens here happens under my guidance. I am the leader here. I am here to fix things only. I am here since the day Sai came to Shirdi as a kid. He had no family and no one knew anything about him. I will tell you things about him that no one can. He mentally tells Sai to pack his bags. I wont make any mistake this time.

Sai is playing with the kids in Dwarkamai. He asks about Bhola. They share that his mother is ill. He is taking care of her at home. Sai says even God helps those who try to look after their loved ones. Tatya is amazed at how Sai is still concerned about others. I am trying to explain it to everyone but I still keep worrying about him. Sai smiles as he looks at Tatya.

Ganpat Ram ji asks Kulkarni Sarkar how Sai is so famous when he does all the wrong things. Kulkarni Sarkar says people call his bluff magic. They are illiterate and superstitious. He calls himself Fakir but he has everything. He has all the rich people from the neighbouring villages by his side. I know some people who have left town because of him. I can call them here if you want. He has given shelter to all kinds of criminals. Some people call him Guru. I know law cannot arrest someone after hearing just my word. Come with me and ask the villagers yourself. Banta walks past them while talking to Hariya. Banta is reprimanding Hariya for going to Sai for help. Ganpat Ram ji stops them. Kulkarni Sarkar tells Hariya to tell Ganpat Ram ji what happened. Hariya speaks of Sai’s udi which puzzles Ganpat Ram ji. Kulkarni Sarkar explains its meaning. Hariya tells a fake story to them. Kulkarni Sarkar says this is just one example. We will meet many such people here. Let’s go.

The ball lands next to Tatya but he is lost in his own thoughts. Sai gives it to the kids. He tells Tatya that worry paralyses you while you are still alive. You have only your current situation in your hands. Past cannot be change and you cannot control your future. Live your present the best way you can. Worries have never helped anyone. Faith and patience!

Kulkarni Sarkar makes Ganpat Ram ji meet all his obedient servants and they all talk against Sai. Flashback shows Santa and Banta paying those guys paying in advance. You all are residents of Shirdi and Sai has caused you harm. Remember your stories well. Flashback ends. Santa and Banta smile at each other. Kulkarni Sarkar is enjoying it too. Ganpat Ram ji says now I am certain that Sai is the actual thief.

Sai joins the kids once again. Tatya pours water in the pot kept on the stove but it breaks into pieces. It worries him. Is this a bad omen? He looks at Sai. How will truth win in this world full of lies? Sai looks at Tatya. Truth is never afraid of lies. What creates a difference is till when can someone continue lying?


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