Mere Sai 23rd April 2021 Written Episode Update


Mere Sai 23rd April 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mere Sai 23rd April 2021 Chanda is cooking. She thinks of what she had witnessed last night in the balcony and smiles. He looked heavenly. I felt light after seeing Him. Who was He? Where will I find Him? Will I be able to see Him again? She hears her husband’s voice and goes outside to check.

Sai and Bheema are walking together. Sai stops in his tracks suddenly. They hear a guy scolding someone. Bheema says looks like someone is fighting. Sai heads towards the house.

Chanda’s husband is scolding two of his employees. They say that it was a mistake but Chanda’s husband calls them careless.

Two brothers are arguing over something. Elder brother is accusing his younger brother of stealing money. His brother disagrees. Sai, Bheema and a few other villagers look on.

Chanda’s husband says you know I cannot bear it if someone takes bribes. One of the guys say we cannot survive with such low wage. Chanda’s husband tells him to leave the job then. I cannot tolerate it. Second guy says please forgive us. This is normal today though. Chanda’s husband raises his hand angrily when Chanda intervenes. He tells the guys to meet him in office. I will decide your fate there only. The guys leave. Chanda’s husband sits down dejectedly.

Chanda asks her husband why he gets so angry. It affects your health. You are sweating profusely. He tells her to pack his lunch. I have to go to office. He walks away. She prays to God. He is a great guy. I couldn’t have found a better husband than him but I am afraid that he might hurt himself. I have tried enough but in vain.

The elder brother says we keep things for everyone and it gets distributed equally. Why did you steal then? His younger brother insists it isn’t true. Please try to understand me. Everyone looks on as they continue discussing things at the door. Sai says when people will realise that we often hurt ourselves more when we are angry.

Chanda requests God to calm her husband through one of His leela’s.

Sai looks on.

The elder brother says why wont I be upset when the guy I rusted the most is cheating me. His younger brother tries to say something but the elder brother tells him to be quiet. I don’t even want to hear your voice. Sai gives the elder brother something to eat. He nods at the younger brother. The younger brother says that Vahini fell ill last week when you went to town. I used money for her treatment only. She was very ill so I focused on her health instead of accounts. That’s why I forgot to note the amount. I realised when you asked me but you weren’t ready to listen to me. You can ask Vahini once she returns if you don’t trust me. His brother feels bad. Sai says that jaggery I gave you was an emblem of smartness. We should give ourselves a chance when we get angry. We often take the wrong decisions when we are angry. Your anger can be justified at times while at other times it can hint at misunderstanding, like today. We will hurt ourselves if we don’t calm down before coming to a decision. Anger can never solve anything. It puts us in a worst situation instead. Anger turns into arrogance soon and we often don’t realise it. Anger is a form of arrogance. It has been a big reason behind many dooms. Take Ravan for example. We know that he was the smartest guy and Mahadev’s biggest devotee. He couldn’t control his anger and arrogance though. He heard Shurpnakha’s one sided story and decided that her sister has been wrong. He abducted Mata Sita when Shurpnakha was at fault. It was his arrogance which dint let him see things through. That became the reason of his and his family’s downfall. How will anger help us when it couldn’t help someone like Ravan? The elder brother apologizes to Sai and his younger brother. His brother says it is enough that you realised your mistake. Thank you, Sai. Sai blesses them. Ram ji Bhala Karein!


Mere Sai 24th April 2021 23rd April 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Chanda tells her friend Savitri that she cannot forget that face. Savitri asks her what was so special about Him. Chanda says his aura was amazing. Savitri asks her who he was. Chanda says I don’t know. Savitri says now I am sure that you were imagining things. She walks away. Sai calls out to Chanda just then.


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