Mere Sai 23rd August 2022 Written Episode Update


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Mere Sai 23rd August 2022 Sai says to workers, voilence will lead to more violence and tomorrow we all will go meet Balvant and Kulkarni. Workers say Suraj tried that but look what happened. Sai says but they couldn’t hurt anyone right and when we all will go together it will be more effective where are others.

Suraj with other mill workers, decide to behave with them as they did, and show everyone that rich won’t take advantage of any poor, I will fight with you all and I want you all to be with me. Workers agree and ask Suraj how will they fighr, Suraj hands them bamboo sticks.

Suraj and workers go to Kulkarni wada with sticks. Sai sees them go.
Kulkarni’s men ask Suraj why is here. Suraj asks them to call Kulkarni and Balvant right away, men attack Suraj, Suraj breaks their sticks and fights them. Kulkarni walks out listening to the noise.

Suraj asks Kulkarni to come out, everyone gathers, Kulkarni scolds him, Suraj says its time for decision and before I come down to any violence accept my conditions of increasing their salary and getting them back on work. Balvant gets scared and says we will talk tomorrow. Suraj says no right now. Kulkarni gies inside and gets his gun and says leave right now or else I will shoot you and shoots in air.

Balvant tries to stop Kulkarni. Kulkarni says leave Suraj or else I will shoot you next. Suraj says you don’t have guts for this and steps forward saying I will make sure our conditions are accepted. Kulkarni shoots in Suraj’s leg but Suraj proceeds and takes gun from Kulkarni. Workers and Suraj start destroying the property.

Kulkarni gets very angry and hits Suraj on his head. Suraj sags Kulkarni you are a negative influence on Shirdi but I will end everything today and picks a stone and about to hit Kulkarni, Sai stops him by controlling the stone.

Suraj turns around and sees Sai walk to Kulkarni wada. Sai says to Suraj, you were here to teach him a lesson and you were about to kill him and how would you face your mother, violence makes you loose control. Suraj says Sai I am sparing him because of you but tomorrow if he doesn’t accept workers conditions I won’t stop this time.
Suraj leaves with workers.

Sai says to Kulkarni, if you don’t stop this there will be more like Suraj and I won’t be able to save you. Kulkarni says do you think by saving me you have me as devotee, keep your advices to yourself and go tell workers I won’t accept any condition and all will die hungry and you will see that and Suraj will also bare consequences and no one will ever try to cross lines with me. Sai leaves.

Next day, kids discuss about last night incident and how brave Suraj is and Kulkarni wada looks so wrecked now, Sai hears that.
Tatya says to Patil that Kulkarni isn’t a good man but Keshav is so I feel bad. Malchapati says I am worried that seeing Suraj all ware choosing violence.

Sai hears few men discuss in why Sai stopped Suraj, Kulkarni deserves this.
Kulkarni digs a pit and tries to throw his guards who didn’t save him yesterday and they have failed and asks his men to burry them live. Balvant walks there and stops him and says come to senses your anger is the reason behind yesterday. Kulkarni says what should I do, I can’t bare this, I will destroy Suraj and his family too. Balvant says this will make Suraj more strong, we will kill Suraj but not as a hero but villan and I will tell you how, Balvant shares his plan with Kulkarni.

Kids imitate Suraj and Kulkarni and have fun. Prahlad and Martand see that and people laughing at them and feels bad. Prahlad says to his friend, I know my grandfather is wrong but yesterday was very scary but look how Nandu and Chetan are behaving, and may be Suraj Dada is right. Sai walks to Prahlad and asks Martand to do him a favour.

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Mere Sai 24th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Suraj and workers decide to attack agai.ln. Sai and his devotees and stopped by police and says we need to check you all and you are behind all the voilent episodes yesterday and says Sai is because he is behind all this.


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