Mere Sai 23rd July 2021 Written Episode Update


Mere Sai 23rd July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mere Sai 23rd July 2021 Episode starts with Sarkar says why does that Fakir need a piece of land within Shirdi. Banta says He pretends as if He does not need anything. Why does He need it then? Sarkar calls it a sham. People believe Him blindly. People like Gangaram and Nanasaheb are on His side now. He is ready to show the other side by demanding whatever He needs. His devotees will fulfil His every wish and whim. Santa and Banta worry that Sai might become wealthier than Sarkar. People don’t trust you anyways. This will give Him immense power. Sarkar slaps Santa. You speak of His prosperity even after being scared. Go and find out everything. They nod and leave. Sarkar thinks I don’t know what He is up to but I must stop Him from doing it at any cost! I can sense that He is up to something fishy. I will see how you will find a land in Shirdi while I am around.

Nanasaheb shows the map of Shirdi to Sai and the kids. Kids start identifying the crucial spots. Nanasaheb points at a government land. We can buy it. I will find out about it in evening. Sai says you were going to Pune in evening. Nanasaheb says I will go once I complete this. Sai denies. You are needed in Pune so you must go. Nanasaheb reasons that he can help Him a lot in this as he is a government employee. Sai reminds him of Ramayana. Everyone helped Ram ji in the way they were capable. Everyone had different roles to play. Do you know why? Nanasaheb asks Him. Sai says it is important to distribute responsibilities in bigger tasks. Everyone will get their duties. Your duty is to find the land. Nanasaheb asks Him how he will do it. Sai says Shraddha and Saburi. Go to Pune and do your work. You will know when it’s time. Nanasaheb leaves immediately.

Santa and Banta peek inside. Sai smiles sensing their presence. Banta tells Santa they must get hold of that map to find out what place Sai has shortlisted. Santa asks him how. Banta says let me think. Sai smiles.

Bala is surprised to see Prahalad. When did he come and why is he sitting outside? Ragini says he is watching people decorate their bulls. He shared that his Dada ji told him against it and that’s why he is sad. Sai says we must go to him and make him happy. The kids nod. Banta says we got our chance. I will go inside now to steal the map as Fakir went outside. Banta jumps inside Dwarkamai and steals the map. Santa helps him come out safely and they flee from there.

Sai tells Prahalad not to be sad. Anyone can try anything but things will happen as per Ram ji’s wish only. No one will be able to stop your wish from coming true if He wills.

Sarkar refuses to let Sai buy land in Shirdi at any cost. Banta reasons that Sai’s devotees can pay any amount of money for Him. Sarkar says I have thought of a way to deal with them already. Servant gives him a bowl full of hot coals. Sarkar pours them on the map. It burns immediately. Sarkar tells them to throw it back in Dwarkamai so people can understand the logic behind it. I will continue to ruin that Fakir’s plans like this only. I challenge him to a war!

Ragini wonders who would have stolen that beautiful map. Sai reasons that no one can change Ram ji’s wish by doing that. He has decided every single thing already. No one can stop it from happening at any cost.

Kakasaheb Dixit comes home. His wife asks him why he looks so tired. He shares that he had to stand for a longer time today. It is paining a lot. Come inside. I will massage it. Kakasaheb Dixit’s Aatya (aunt) stops them. Did you forget the rules? Annapurna requests her to let it be. He is in a lot of pain today. Kakasaheb’s Aatya reasons that he goes out a lot and meets every kind of people outside. Annapurna requests her again but Aatya stays put. You have argued so much with me. He would have been able to come inside by now after doing the ritual. She lets him in once it happen. I know you think these are hard but they are for you only. I have to make sure your dharma remains intact. She goes inside. Annapurna thinks that her husband looks sad over something else altogether. I must ask him in private.

Everyone is shocked to see the burnt map. Bala says it is the same map that someone stole. Why did they burn it and throw it back her? Ragini wonders why that person burnt it. Who would have done it? Sai tells them not to lose heart. There is a reason behind everything. Don’t worry about this. Go and play. Kids leave. Tatya tells Sai not to tell them not to worry. We aren’t kids like them. We can understand that there is a motive behind it. There is only one person in this village who is capable of doing it. Sai smiles and welcomes someone. He greets Sai. There is a land next to my house. I thought I will extend the house once my family grows but I have a son only. He is going to Bombay for work now. No one comes back after going to city. You can use it. Tatya asks him if he has thought it through. The guy nods. I know Sai wont accept a fertile land but that one is barren and vacant. I will get papers ready tomorrow itself.

Sarkar is at police station. Lot many people are turning rebellious these days. I want to make sure no one in Shirdi turns into one. I need your help for that. Officer readily agrees. What help do you need?

Bheema asks Sudarma to discuss the price. Sudarma refuses to bargain with Sai. Sai says someone else who is capable of paying the price is going to do it. It will be his contribution to this deed. You cannot say no. Sudarma agrees and takes His leave. Bheema asks Sai who will pay for the land. Sai says it is Ram ji’s work and Ram ji’s man.

Officer gives a paper to Sarkar.


Mere Sai 24th July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Sarkar says I have heard that you are looking for land in Shirdi. You call yourself a saint so why do you need it? Sai says I need it for Ram ji. Sarkar challenges Sai to obtain a piece of land if He can while Sarkar is around. Sai smiles.


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