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Mere Sai 24th August 2022 Suraj wakes up and sees people cheering for him. Vishal and his mother hear that, Vishal says Aai you make laddoo for prasad to distract her from noise. She picks plate and goes inside.

Workers tell Suraj that, for first time they have seen Kulkarni scared for the first time, Sai has asked to choose the path of non-violence but they want to be with him. Suraj says I respect Sai but these ways of non-violence don’t work on people like Kulkarni,

workers agree with him and cheer his name. Suraj says this won’t work, if you want change, swear that you will attack against nonviolence with him. Everyone agrees with Suraj. Vishal sees that.

Martand walks to Chetan and says go get water for me. Chetan says why are you behaving this way, Martand says if you don’t get I will hit you, Chetan and Martand get into argument. Sai walks in, Prahlad asks Chetan to help him with water, Chetan says sure. Sai stops Chetan and says not needed.

Martand tells Chetan, this was act because Sai asked to. Sai explains kids difference between violence and non violence and says elders have to make sure to teach kids the bad effects of violence. Chetan asks Sai, is Suraj wrong but he is helping poor. Sai explains the path you choose is very important,

violence may look like a solution but it is not, you have to reach to the bottom of the problem and solve it, violence just leads to more violence, and will destroy things on larger scale. Sai says didn’t you guys think of your friend Prahlad, he was there too yesterday and would be hurt. Everyone apologise to Sai and then asks how can they resolve problem. Sai says we will all gather in Dwarka Mai and do dandi march till mill.

Balvant shows police destruction. Tejaswini says Sai and his devotees have done this and we are so scared God knows what will happen. Inspector says how can an old man do so much destruction. Balvant says go Dwarka Mai and you will see the truth.

Suraj gives his mother water, Vishal thinking about Suraj’s oath to get voilent against Kulkarni. Suraj asks Vishal to have food, Vishal walks out. Suraj asks Vishal whats wrong why ia not behaving properly.

Vishal says today when people cheer about you, Aai walked out because that reminded her about Baba but Baba was a saint man he choose non voilence unlike you, who tried to scare someone and destroyed house and what would happen if Aai saw you and how could you forget Baba and his teachings.

Suraj says Baba is dead today, this world is not for week who choose non violence. Vishal goes and snatches pen from his mother, Suraj scolds him and says why did you do that, don’t you know importance of this pen. Vishal says Baba use to write with it against British but now you have choosen violence nothing has importance break this and if you can’t I will.

Suraj slaps Vishal and gives pen to his mother and takes him out and says have you lost it, did you forget what I went through by following Baba’s principles. Vishal says I do but what will you tell Aai. Suraj says she will understand. Vishal says me or Aai won’t choose path of violence.

Everyone at Dwarka Mai, Sai asks everyone to be non voilent. Chandu says will this work. Sai says we all have to be strong and together and be non voilent.
Everyone walks towards mill as protest, police stops them and says I have complaint against you that Sai is part of attack at Kulkarni and even today you will repeat this. Sai says we are protesting without voilence. Police says I still have to check everything. Police checks everyone, they find two people with knifes…

(Balvant tells Kulkarni that mill workers are divided between Sai and Suraj, and few workers with Suraj I have paid them to be with us.
Those two men take weapons from Santa and Banta and join the protest.
Balvant says to Kulkarni we will lodge complaint against Sai and they will find weapons and all will think its Suraj behind all this and Sai’s devotee will kill Suraj for going against Sai. Kulkarni likes the idea)

Police show everyone in protest two men carrying weapon. Malchapati says we are not voilent, we don’t know about this.
(Balvant tells Inspector, Sai insulted you in police station and when you will catch Sai red handed you can arrest Suraj too and I will talk to comissioner for you and you will get promoted).
Inspector says Sai is leader here and so I am arresting him.

Pre cap:

Mere Sai 25th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Suraj walking with Police, Suraj calls his men and ties police and the two men and says ho tell Kulkarni and Balvant, nothing can stop Suraj.


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