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Mere Sai 24th May 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mere Sai 24th May 2021 Lakshmikant points at his house. Rama is sure Azoba must have sent her here for some reason. What could it be?

Everyone is discussing how to decorate Dwarkamai tomorrow and what to cook. Sai and the kids look on. A girl says looks like elders will just continue with the discussion and nothing will be actually executed.

Lakshmikant asks Rama to come in. She feels strange and wonders what could be the reason. Lakshmikant tells Rama not to be afraid. I understand that it is a new place for you. Rama says I am not scared at all as I know my Azoba wont send me just about anywhere. This will be a new beginning for me as I have never lived with a family before. I have only lived with my Ajji before. For the first time, I will see how a happy family lives. Lakshmikant says you wont be able to see that as this is not a happy family. No one listens to or support anyone here. They are lost in their own world. You will see it yourself inside. This makes Rama wonder again. They head inside.

Sai sits down to tell a story to the kids. Elders are surprised to see Him. When did you come? We dint see you. Girl asks Sai whose story it is. Sai says it is about 2 snakes. One had 5 heads and one tail while the other had just one head and a tail. Their parents were same. Mother kept worrying about the snake with 5 heads but his father couldn’t understand her concern. I think they are equally smart. She decides to test her kids to prove to her concern to her husband. She tells both the snakes to go outside and bring food. Snakes left. The 5 heads of the first snake kept arguing over what they should bring or where they should go. They couldn’t bring anything whereas the snake with one head brought home a lot of food by evening. Their father understood the logic then. A lady asks Sai about it.

Rama asks Lakshmikant if no one is at home. It is so quiet. Lakshmikant says 3 more people live here but they don’t talk to each other much. Rama says Ajji used to say that home is made with love ad where people live together. It is just a house otherwise. I think she was right. Lakshmikant seconds her. We live under the same roof but in different worlds.

Sai says this teaches us that if one right person is leading then a lot many people can follow him and gain a lot in life. If everyone tries to lead together then they achieve nothing. Chetan and the girl nod. Sai says choosing the right leader and following him is right to achieve anything in life. Champa says you have taught us a very good lesson through this. Tatya tells Keshav to manage preps for tomorrow’s event. Rambha seconds him. Keshav says I will hear everyone’s ideas first. Kids and Sai smile

Rama thinks of Sai’s advice. I have understood why you sent me here, Azoba. Everyone is scattered here. There is no love. Ram ji might bless me with happiness if I succeed in returning them their happiness.

Vidya starts coughing badly. Lakshmikant knocks at the door worriedly.

Keshav and Tatya notice Sai becoming tensed suddenly. Sai takes out his chimta and sits in front of the dhuni. He starts playing the chimta. Everyone looks on. Sai smiles as the door to Vidya’s room opens automatically. Everyone else is confused to see the change in his expressions.

Lakshmikant walks in. He pats at Vidya’s back to soothe her pain but she pushes his hand away. He tells her to have medicine. She throws the small bag of medicine away angrily. It lands in Rama’s feet. Rama and Vidya look at each other. Rama picks it up. Why are my eyes welling up after seeing Kaki? Vidya asks her who she is. Lakshmikant asks Rama to come in. He introduces her to Vidya. She will stay here for few days and help us with the household chores. Sai has sent her here. She is a lovely girl. Vidya starts coughing again. Rama sits next to her and calls her Kaki. Why wont you take these medicines? Your condition will worsen otherwise. Vidya tells her not to worry about her. I don’t want to get well. Rama says I came here to find something. For that, I used to go around town with Azoba to collect alms. I had a sprain day before yesterday yet I insisted upon accompanying him. I want to look for it every day. I dint even care about my pain then but Azoba explained to me that Ram ji resides in all of us. We are hurting the Ram ji who resides inside us by hurting ourselves. You are doing the same thing here. I have faith that you don’t want Ram ji to get upset with you. Vidya says you are very smart at such a young age. Why are you here alone? Where are your parents? Rama becomes sad. I don’t know. Vidya pats at her head lovingly. Don’t get sad. Rama smiles. Vidya coughs again. Rama requests her to have medicine if she wants to see her happy. You called me Beti just now. How will you say no to me then? Vidya hugs her. You are lovely, smart and little naughty too. Rama smiles. She gives medicine to Vidya. Lakshmikant smiles. Rama asks her how she will handle everything by herself at such a young age. Rama says you are here. You wont stay like this always. Will you help me when you will be fine? Vidya gets serious. I don’t know. Rama says I know. I will pull you from the bed. I am very talkative. You must listen to me when I blabber. Vidya agrees. Rama starts talking to Vidya excitedly. Lakshmikant realises that Tatya was right. Sai really know what we need. He has given a new direction to this family be sending Rama here. For the first time I feel as if things can change for good at my home.

Sai smiles in Dwarkamai. Champa asks Sai why he is looking so happy suddenly. Sai says just think that someone has reached their destination. Everyone is still confused. Sai asks Tatya to call a tailor tomorrow. We have to use the cloth given by Babasaheb. Tatya nods.

At night, Tatya and Sai are in Dwarkamai. Tatya says it feels as if it has rained nearby. The wind has become cold even in this season. Sai says this is the right time. Tatya asks Him for what but Sai gets up to go somewhere which puzzles Tatya. Sai tells Tatya that He will be back soon. Tatya looks on worriedly.


Mere Sai 25th May 2021 24th May 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Rama asks Lakshmikant about the toys, clothes. Lakshmikant says there is no one to play with them. You can take them if you want. Rama selects a doll. Lakshmikant allows her to play with it. Atleast someone will play with them. Vidya snatches the doll from Rama’s hands.


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