Mere Sai 24th September 2020 Written Episode Update


Mere Sai 24th September 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mere Sai 24th September 2020 Natha gets happy looking at his wealth and prays Sai that with Sai’s blessings, today is his daughter Lakshmi’s wedding is today and he has gathered all his wealth for her dowry, prays wedding completes peacefully. He locks safe and keeps keys behind Sai’s photo. His brother Gajanand notices that. He asks Gajanand to give invitation to a few other relatives and walks away. His friends warn him to beware of his gambler brother as he is untrustable. He says Gajanand considers Lakshmi as his daughter and will never try to ruin her future and he trusts Sai a lot and is sure Sai will protect his family. Sai hears that. He returns home and emotionally speaks to Lakshmi and his wife. Lakshmi asks if she is so bad that he has to give dowry to get her married. Mother says its a ritual.

A man Vilas with his wife and son Ujwal reaches Dwarkamayi and complains Sai that Ujwal stole money from his business. Sai asks Ujwal why did he do that and asks parents if he stole money before. He says no. Sai asks him the reason first and asks where is Ujwal’s wife and how his his in-law’s financial condition. Ujwal accepts that he gave money to his in-laws.

Baarat arrives. Natha greets them and rushes to get dowry jewelry. He opens safe and is shocked to see it empty. Family also stands shocked. Gajanand who stole jewelry stands nervously and when Natha’s wife asks if he saw anyone coming near safe says he went out to market. Natha prays Sai for help. Wife says Sai will not do anything and walks out to requests groom’s parents. Before wedding rituals start, groom’s mother asks to handover dowry. Lakshmi’s mother says her daughter herself is precious. Groom’s mother says she will be more precious with dowry. Natha prays Sai for help and opens safe and is shocked to see jewelry intact. Groom’s mother sees jewelry and asks to bring it soon. Gajanand notices gets tensed and checks his pockets and finds them empty. Natha thanks Sai for his help and asks who must have stolen dowry. Gajanand feels guilty and accepts that he stole jewelry and repents for his sin. Natha forgives him.

Ujwal reveals that his parents demand huge dowry regularly from his in-laws and they are unable to fulfill their demands now, so he stole money and gave it to his in-laws. Sai explains the sin of dowry. Vilas and his wife apologize Sai and Ujwal and decide to return all the money they took as dowry. On the other side, groom takes dowry money and hears Sai’s voice. He thinks if only he is hearing the voice and changing the mind says it is wrong to accept dowry, he needs talented Lakshmi and not dowry. Natha and his family get happy and thank Sai again.


Mere Sai 25th September 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :A lady chanting Jai Sri Ram walks in dark. Sai notices her.


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