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Mere Sai 25th April 2022 Mahesh and Savari shift in the house behind Kulkarni Wada. Savari says to Mahesh, because of me you have to shift in this small house. Mahesh says this is our step into my parents hearts and so for me its a new hope.

Mahesh remembers Sai giving him Kalash and opens it, he sees rice in a kalash and says Sai knows everything and says Savari this is for your Grahpravesh. Mahesh asks Savari to do Grahpravesh. Savari walks in kicking the kalash.

Sai near havan kund.
Kulkarni meets a man, he asks Kulkarni what work he has for him, Kulkarni says two people have gonee against Gods wish and so they need to be sent to God, there is couple staying behind my house, here is 200 advance and 300 after work and this should happen before Shirdi wakes. He agrees and leaves.

Santa says to Kulkarni what is this. Kulkarni says this step is required to balance the system and these two will be an example, Kulkarni will teach lesson and will punish them and go jail if required. Santa asks did you talk to Balvant. Kulkarni says I told him only girl will be killed but that won’t be fair, I know basti people, and this that girl hasn’t started but Mahesh and so he should be punished.

Man walks to Mahesh and Savari’s room and opens the door, Mahesh and Savari in shock seeing men with swords. They step in.Kulkarni in his wada happy, Banta says to him we could hit them and convince but killing, Kulkarni says they have challenged religion and so they should be taught a lesson and everyone should learn from it.

Santa asks but Balvant. Kulkarni says we will tell him some angry men killed them and ask killer to go underground and never return and give him this money. Santa Banta leave. Kulkarni says now no one will dare to go against the practices and if they do they will be killed, because no one is bigger than religion and devotion.

Sai walks in, weather goes bad. Kulkarni confused. Sai walks to Kulkarni, Kulkarni says what are you doing here, how dare you. Sai says I was quite for all your mistakes from past, thinking you will learn from it but now you have crossed all the lines, Kulkarni shouts at him, Sai says today I shall speak, today you have crossed all lines by trying to kill innocents, Kulkarni says they are wrong and I am doing a good deed.

Sai says you weren’t punished till date but now you will be. Kulkarni asks who will punish me, you? Sai says yes on Ramji’s order and you have crossed all lines and now if you don’t stop with all this it will be very bad. Kulkarni starts laughing and says I am not scared of you and will do what I want because I am king here.

Sai says even Ravan was king but couldn’t stand in front of Ramji, and now it’s your turn and what will happen next will be based on your deeds. Kulkarni says you have lost today and I have won, even after trying hard you couldn’t save Savari and Mahesh so I won.
Kulkarni shocked to see Mahesh and Savari behind Sai.

Kulkarni asks them what are you doing here, Sai says God takes care of innocents. Kulkarni says this is not possible. Mahesh says Keshav Daji always said if you have Sai’s blessings no bad can happen and today Sai saved us again.

(Man goes blind who was there to kill Mahesh and Savari, Sai walks in there and sats you were here to bring blackness in someone’s life and so God made you blind, Man says you are playing with us, Sai says this is your punishment for stealing everyone, troubling them and today you were going to kill those who are close to Sai,

Man slips and hits head, Sai says even people go through such pain when you do this to them, you still have time chose the right path, Man says I will always be blind then. Sai says think about being better and God will take care of everything, Man says I agree I will surrender and after I have repayed for my sins give me my eyes back, Sai gives him his vision back, He apologies to Sai, Sai says help others, save them, use your strength to save people and no need to talk to Kulkarni this time I will talk to him)

Kulkarni says to Mahesh you believed a theif, where is proof. Mahesh says we don’t want to prove anything, with Sai we have learned God gives justice at right time, Sai has given you one chance and so we will and you may try a lot but Sai is above you and he is with us and so it will be good for you, if you change yourself.

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Mere Sai 26th April 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Vyas guruji with Ratanji, he is asked why does he want to meet Sai. He says I will give everything to Sai if he fulfills my wish to have a child.


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