Mere Sai 25th September 2020 Written Episode Update


Mere Sai 25th September 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mere Sai 25th September 2020 Sai wakes up hearing an old lady chanting Jai Sri Ram and leaving her house crying. She walks on road holding god’s idol. Sai chants shlokas. In the morning, Baizamaa and Appa Rao visit Sai and inform hm about Jagdish’s son shifting to Mumbai leaving his old parents alone. Baizamaa asks how can anyone leave their house. Old lady gets tired walking and feeling hungry searches water. She prays god to solve her problems or take her life. Sai shows a plant to Baizamaa and says her answer in this plant. Naizamaa asks how? Sai says he sow seed in pot and it grew into plant, but didn’t yield flower, so he kept it outside. Baizamaa says sunlight is necessary for sunflower plant and without i, it won’t prosper. Sai says he was giving water and fertilizer, what else it needs. Udhav says without change of environment and sunlight, it won’t yield flowers.

Old lady reaches Shirdi and requests a lady to give her job in exchange of some food. Lady says she cannot give her job in this age and she just came home after a long time, so doesn’t have anything to give. Old lady continues requesting job, but nobody gives her job. Sai gives a lenghty moral gyaan to Baizamaa. Old lady walks thinking if she doesn’t have any aim in life. Tatya meets Sai and says he is going to Ahmednagar city for some work, so he came to meet Sai before going. Sai says if he is going to city, can he do his work. Tatya asks him to order. Sai gives him a packet and asks him to giver it to Nana Saheb Chandorkar. Tatya says Chandorkar is a big officer and he needs appointment to meet Chandorkar. Sai asks him to reach the destination first and giving this packet to Chandorkar tell him that Sai sought his complete rupee. Chandorkar is shown praying and giving moral gyaan to his family. Baizamaa asks Sai why he remembered Chandorkar now. Sai says Chandorkar is his complete disciple who follows his principles without meeting him, etc. Tatya says he will inform what Chandorkar told after returning from Ahmedabad. Baizamaa and Appa Rao also leave.

A girl Bela hides in Dwarka. Udhav hears crow cawing and says someone must be coming. Sai says already came. Bela’s parents Manik and Durpada search her worried and ask everyone in whole village. A man says when all doors are closed, only Sai can help them. Mother asks where will they find Sai baba. Sai preparing herbal medicine tells Udhav that nature has medicine for every disease. Manik and Durpada rush towards Dwarkamayi and clashing with old lady apologize her. Old lady says its okay as he at least realized his mistake. They ask where is Dwarkamayi. She says she doesn’t know as she is new here. They reach Dwarkamayi and greet Sai. Sai replies. They introduce themselves and before describing their problem Sai stops them and walks away. He walks to Bela and says she can come out now. Bela stands up. Her parents are shocked to see her. Old lady’s legs bruise walking and she with great difficulty reaches Hanuman temple. She sees prasad and tells god that she is in a dilemma, she saw food after 2 days, but its kept for god, she is god’s child and he won’t get angry if she eats his food.


Mere Sai 28th September 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Sai asks dog to help him and says he knows what to do. Dog runs and barks at old lady. Old lady gets afraid.


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