Mere Sai 26th April 2022 Written Episode Update


Mere Sai 26th April 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mere Sai 26th April 2022 Mahesh says to Kulkarni that like Sai even he will give him a chance and he should change his thoughts. Kulkarni says never and leaves. Sai says to Mahesh and Savari, to clean a dirty lake,

its important to get inside the well and clean everything. Sai says to Mahesh go inside your house and face everyone and only theb change will take place. Mahesh says I don’t think they will change. Sai says everyone understands in different way, some understand with advice and some with punishment and now it’s upto Kulkarni what he chooses.

Das Guruji and Ratan visit Shirdi, Ratan says even we used to stay in village and then got money and shifted to nice home and I have become very rich and if Sai fulfills all my wish I will give him lot of gold. Shrikant greets Das guruji, Guruji introduce him to Ratanjj and says lets go Dwarka Mai.

Shrikant asks Ratan what he does, Ratan says I used to do business, but one of my uncle’s passed away and he gave all his wealth to me and now I have no issues with money and I don’t work anymore just relax and spend money. Shrikant asks why do you want to meet Sai. Ratan says I want to a child, and if Sai does that I will give him expensive gifts. Das Guruji says come with me.

A man gives Sai a kadha and aays please don’t deny, I made it specially for you on Akshay Tritiya. Sai says do you know importance of Akshay Tritiya, He says its good occasion to buy gold. Sai says as per Puran, Mahabharat was story was initiated and also Bharat’s birth, I don’t want gold, if you want to help me contribute in Bhandara. He agrees.

Savari getting water from well, Tejasvi sees that and scolds Savari, Savari calls her Tai, Tejasvi insults her calling her lower caste, and calls her one with dirty blood and says if you think marrying a upper caste will purify you thats wrong, you even ruined my brother, if I was in your place would committee suicide,

and asks servants to purify the well with goumutra and tulsi leaves and says I shouldn’t see this girl here if you see throw stones at her just like you treat dogs and also give her water from cattle shed and my father in law allowed you so you are here, if I was in his place.
Tejasvi sees Mahesh behind her.

Ratan says to Das Guruji that if you would have told me Dwarka Mai is this far I would get my car because I am not used to walking or sun now a days.They reach Dwarka Mai. Shrikant says today Sai has arranged Bhandara,

Ratan says such clothes for Bhandara, looks like Shirdi has poor people. Das Guruji says Sai likes simplicity, Ratan says but this is so simple, if you would have told me before I would pay for this, because I can’t eat simple food now, Kaka says Sai’s cooked food is like a delicious meal for us. Sai walks in and says that’s your kindness.

Das Guruji introduces Ratan to Sai. Sai says don’t serve me, serve humanity and good you came join us. Ratan thinks I am so rich, and I was told Sai knows everything and didn’t he think that how would I sit with these poor people.

Mahesh says to Tejasvi, she is my wife dare you speak in this tone, Tejasvi says tell her to stay in her limits. Mahesh walks to Savari and says thank you for coming to my life because now I know true faces, they love their rituals more than me and Kaka do what Tai said, its better to have water from cattle shed because they don’t discriminate and having this water people turn poisonous.

Tejasvi thinks about her and Mahesh’s bound and says I was so happy to have you here but it would be better if you never came, you married her and invited destruction, Mahesh says this freedom from discrimination and even after studying from Mumbai you are so bad. Tejasvi scolds her son for being with Mahesh and warns him never to be with Mahesh, he is dead for us. He calls Tejasvi a bad mother,

Tejasvi gets angry about to slap him, Mahesh stops her. Tejasvi says I will do what I want to, I don’t want to ruin his life by letting him be with lower castes. Her son says why is that, always you shout, Baba never shouts at me, you don’t allow me to meet Sai or Mama Mami, they are much better than you and I will always meet them, Tejasvi drags him inside.

Ratan says to Das Guruji, how can I sit here, I can’t sit on ground, look at their clothes, they will ruin my clothes and this doesn’t suit me and what will people think of me, if they see me with them, please talk to Sai and ask him to meet me.Sai asks whats wrong. Ratan says I respect you but I can’t sit with poor, Sai says but they are poor like you are. Ratan says do I look poor to you, these Jewelry abd clothes are exclusive.

Sai says look at this kids clothes, his mother made it and its exclusive, Ratan says forget clothes but I have lot of land and money and live in a palace, Sai says but I see you poor like them. Ratan says I am very rich.Sai says to him prove me in 3 days, that you are rich and I will pray for your wish and if you don’t prove it, you will have to accept that you aren’t rich. Ratan says I will just take 1 day for it. Sai says you will need 3 days.

Keshav scolds Tejasvi for misbehaving with Tejasvi, Tejasvi says he is forgotten his limits, and this house is impure now, I don’t want to stay here anymore, I tried to adjust but not anymore. Kulkarni asks Tejasvi what is wrong. Tejasvi says you allowed lower caste in this family and look my son is against me now, and if he stays longer here, even he will behave like Mahesh, I can’t let that happen and so I have decided I am going Mumbai and we leave tomorrow and settle there.

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Mere Sai 27th April 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Ratan gets gold crown for Sai and says its exclusive. Sai asks Das guruji to get a potli.


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