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Mere Sai 26th May 2022 Shirdi kids discuss amongst themselves will they be able to defeat these kids. Srikant says have faith in yourself. Kids say its in English even our family won’t understand. Sai says everyone will understand and Prahlad you want to be a part to right, do as I say. Prahlad says okay.

Sai sees Ragini worried and gives her hope. Ragini in tears.
Other kids finish their play. Malti says excellent well done to them.
Host says ita difficult to beat this performance, lets see what Shirdi kids will dom Balvant says to Kulkarni what are you doing play is starting and officers aren’t bere. Kulkarni says wait and watch.

Srikant says Ragini come on lets go. Ragini remembers Kulkarni’s words and says I can’t do it. Everyone shocked. Srikant says don’t loose hope, Ragini says I just can’t.

Balvant asks Kulkarni what is he upto, Kulkarni tells about how Ragini’s mother was once embarassed when she was young and history will repeat and if these kids perform they will be arrested and if they don’t we will anyway win, and come lets have fun.

Srikant says Ragini I have faith in you, Kulkarni walks in and mocks Ragini and says accept defeat this girl can’t do anything. Sai says even God gets upset seeing kids upset and look at you, Kulkarni says they don’t deserve mercy.

Balvant says Srikant your kids are of no use, Kulkarni says lets give them some time, they are villagers and also performing in English, so we give you 15 min and do whatever you want and Sai you have this time to save these kids from embarrassment Sai says Ragini come with me. Officers rushing towards play to arrest kids before play ends.

Ragini walks on stage with Sai. Sai explains Ragini importance of stage and how it is like mother to performers, and asks her what is most peaceful place for her, Ragini says my mother. Sai says then how will this stage let her kid be embarrassed. Ragini eays if I fail everyone will,

Sai and if you don’t perform you will loose without a fight and future is in Gods hands and when we work hard we atleast know we tried our best, I had given you a potli did you check it, Ragini says no and opens it, she sees kasturi in it, Ragini says why, Sai says like deer doesn’t know about kasturi and keeps looking for it and similarly you have your talent focus on it, Ragini hugs him and says I will perform. Sai blesses her.

Kulkarni gets angry. Shirdi kids play begins. Other kids shocked and Malti impressed listening to their English. Prahlad translates play in hindi for others.
British officers arrive and say this play is banned, Balvant says yes its right this play is banned. Officer asks who is director here, Srikant says I am, officer sayd arrest him and all kids who are performing.

Villagers try to defend Srikant and kids, officer says they have broken rules no one can save them arrest them. Police officers unable to move forward, Balvant asks what’s wrong, they say our legs are stuck we can’t move. Kulkarni says Balvant,

this is this beggar Sai’s move, if you do so Sai even you will be sent to jail. Sai says I didn’t do anything, may be God doesn’t want kids to go jail and kids have worked. hard and so this play will take place and ask kids to resume play. Kids resume play.

Balvant and Kulkarni shocked to see people’s response to play. Malti applauds for kids. Sai says to officer that money that you earn from troubling your own people and innocent kids how will you see growth, and you want to arrest kids who are showing you the present condition and soon this situation will affect you too,

and these kids are against nothing they are fighting for their right, if they get respect they will give respect and if you think by serving wrong you are doing right, arrest me too because I am with them,

Keshav stands and says I am with them arrest me too, Prahlad says arrest me too if my friends go jail, so will I, Kulkarni shouts at Prahlad, slowly all villagers stand for kids. Sai says now you all can proceed and arrest us. Officer asks his colleagues to arrest them and says no one will be spared and I will be back with more force.

ICS officer says that won’t be necessary, why is this play banned because British think this will be a movement against them but arresting kids will make it worst, so we should just warn them and leave.

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Mere Sai 27th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Balvant says to Kulkarni, my next move against Sai – no one will never imagine about it and soon you will see him and others beg in front of me.


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