Mere Sai 26th November 2019 Written Episode Update


Mere Sai 26th November 2019 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mere Sai 26th November 2019 Episode Start With Police arrest Ganpath and bring him to Chandorkar. Kulkarni provokes Chandorkar against Ganpath and asks if this is what policemen taught. Chandorkar feels embarrassed. Ganpath asks to start investigation. Sai baba goes begging at a house. A lady Usha brings rice, slips and drops it on floor. Sai says it is okay. Usha says she tensed as she stays with her nephew who is getting married soon and this house will be small for them with only 1 room, she thought of building a room for him, but doesn’t have money, so she told him to go to Mumbai and earn some good money. Nephew says with his hard work, he will get promotion and soon will earn more; living in own house and village has its own pleasure and peace.

Sushil alleges that he is jobless and went to stay at Ganpath’s house, Ganpath asked him to bring grocery for free saying his name and when got caught, he alleged him instead and forced him to pay 66 Rs penalth while in actual penalty is 36 Rs. Ganpath says he has receipt of 36 Rs. Sushil shows receipt and asks if this is his given copy. Ganpath from a distance says yes. Sushil gives receipt to Chandorkar and says 66 Rs is clearly written in his receipt, it means Ganpath did a fraud. Ganpath says Sushil is lying, he gave 36 rs receipt. Kulkarni reminisces manipulating receipt via his aide and giving it to Sushil to produce it only in front of Chandorkar. Bhosle tells Ganpath that he siphoned money and did fraud. Daya says he is lying and asks Gomti to speak. Sushil says Ganpath and Daya are lying instead and to protect people from further fraud, he decided to bring it to government’s notice. Ganpath and Daya say he is plainly lying. Gomti says they are lying instead and her husband gave 66 Rs to Ganpath.

Sai asks Usha to show him her house’s room. Usha takes him there. Sai asks if she has goats at home. She says yes, 4 goats. He asks her to bring one. She brings. He asks her to bring all one by one. She does and says this room is very small and there is no place to even stand, she is feeling suffocated. Sai asks her to take away 2 goats. She does. Sai asks if she feels room a bit free. She says yes. He asks her to take remaining 2 goats out one by one. She does and says room is empty now and she can breathe freely. Sai says room is same like before, she told this room is small for her and her nephew and now telling it is spacey. He gives moral gyaan that everything is in their mind.

Kulkarni praises Sushil for exposing Ganpath. Ganpath says he is innocent. Srikanth and others say they trust Ganpath. Vendors say Ganpath paid them right after knowing Sushil’s mistake and they all trust him. Kulkarni says it is Ganpath’s trick to gain people’s trust and then con them, he along with conman Sai baba has planned to loot Shirdi people. Mhalsapti warn him to dare not allege Sai. Kulkarni continues his allegations. Chandorkar orders to captivate Ganpath. Ganpath seeks Sai’s help and Sai hears him.


Mere Sai 27th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Sai reaches to help Ganpath and opens doors and windows.A bright light falls on everyone and Chandorkar notices morphed receipt.


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