Mere Sai 27th August 2021 Written Episode Update


Mere Sai 27th August 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mere Sai 27th August 2021 Jhipri shows the papers to Sai that she found in her plate instead of sheera. How did they come there? They don’t belong to me. Nanasaheb recognizes them to be legal docs. He gives them to Hemant to check. His eyes widen in shock and pleasure. They are the papers of my house. We were unable to find them since years. Government thought that we have been living there illegally. We will lose our house if I don’t show these papers today. I had given up hope altogether but my house has been saved. Everyone smiles. Nanasaheb smiles. This is my Sai’s miracle. The work that’s impossible for anyone is easy for my Sai. Hemant folds his hands gratefully at Sai. I dint tell you anything yet you helped me. You saved my family from becoming homeless. Sai wipes his tears. It is Ram ji’s doing. I am just a medium. This is the result of your good karmas. Karma yoga is always 2 steps ahead of bhakti yoga. Ram ji blessed you because of your dedication towards work. Sai tells Nanasaheb they must leave right away.

Rukmani asks Keshav why he is leaving early today. Keshav nods. Jhipri and Rihana Kaki have completed the order. I have to help Kakasaheb. She asks him if Jhipri succeeded. He says yes. Jhipri proved herself and finished her work on time. Sai always supports those who are good. She saved her self-respect by proving herself right. He leaves. Tejasvi and Sarkar have overheard everything. Sarkar taunts Tejasvi that a girl from lower community defeated her. I think I made a grave mistake by supporting you. She would have never succeeded if I had done something. Tejasvi tells him it is a lot of fun to make people fall from higher places. This is just the beginning. Jhipri will soon curse the day she came here. He smiles and leaves. Tejasvi thinks she has been trying to leave this house and town since years but couldn’t due to the norms of the society. How could that Jhipri become greater than me?

Santa and Banta tell Sarkar something (in mute). Sarkar says the name, fame that Dr. Pillai has gained after years will go down the drain today. He smirks.

Swami helps his father walk. Dr. Pillai is still in a lot of pain. Swami says you cannot bear your pain yet you insist upon checking the patients. Dr. Pillai says no patient has left from here without getting treatment. I will treat them in this condition only. He notices Sai and Nanasaheb. He asks Sai what His problem is. Why are you here again? Sai says someone is not able to understand the importance of his life. He offers him udi. You are a guy with pure intention who is dedicated towards his work. You have ignored your pain to help others. The world needs a lot many people like you. You cannot play with your life anymore. The lives of villagers and your patients are now connected with you. Please take it. Dr. Pillai calls it ash. I don’t need your udi! Swami requests his father to stop being stubbon. I have faith on Sai and His udi. Dr. Pillai tells him again to trust on him instead of this Fakir. I am the doctor here. It is only I who can save myself. If I fail then trust me that no one can treat me. Nanasaheb tells him to accept it as Sai’s blessing. Dr. Pillai stays put and asks him to leave. You are making the patients wait by arguing with me. Sai reasons that his treatment is as important as their. Dr. Pillai shouts at them to leave. Swami requests him nto to get angry. Sai agrees to leave. Don’t punish yourself too much too. He tells Swami to look after his father like he did yesterday. Swami nods. Sai tells the villagers to get treatment from Dr. Pillai positively. They nod.

Rihana thanks God for sending someone like Jhipri her way. I had to refuse orders earlier because I had no helping hands. Jhipri thanks her for trusting her. I am now positive that we will succeed in everything that we do. They see a person selling bangles. Jhipri buys red bangles from him. She gifts them to Rihana. You have done so much for me. I can do this much for you atleast. Rihana accepts them. They are very beautiful but why did you spend so much money on them. You need money. Jhipri says I will start saving from my next job. I want to buy something from everyone. Rihana advises her to start saving from today itself. You can do stuff for others once you have good amount of savings. It takes time to find new work. Let’s be prepared for everything. Jhipri is positive that they will find work again soon. Gangadas has been waiting at Rihana’s house. He greets them and asks them about the blankets at Dixit House. Did you make them? She nods. He praises the quality. I need 200 blankets. Can you make them for me? I can only give you advance for 50 blankets though. I will pay the rest later. Rihana asks for some time to think. He agrees to come back in evening. Rihana and Jhipri are in thoughts.

Dr. Pillai has treated a patient. Sarkar praises him on his dedication. You are in so much pain yet you dint sway from the path of your dharma. Dr. Pillai asks him for an introduction. Sarkar gladly introduces himself. Dr. Pillai tells him that he cannot look away from his dharma and karma till the time he is alive. Sarkar tells him to be careful as he does not appear to be well himself. Dr. Pillai tells him not to worry. I haven’t failed till date. I have treated all my patients who have come to my clinic till date. Santa calls it a lie. Dr. Pillai asks him who he could not treat. Santa takes his wife’s name. She died because of illness even when you were around. Villagers get tensed. Banta adds that he too has heard rumours that he couldn’t save his own wife. Sarkar watches Dr. Pillai intently. Banta says she died while taking treatment from him. How will he save others when he couldn’t save his own wife? A person asks Santa and Banta why they should believe them. Bring a proof or evidence. Banta asks Dr. Pillai to answer them. Is it true or not? Dr. Pillai becomes sad. Villagers are taken aback to see him thus. Sarkar smirks.


Mere Sai 28th August 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Dr. Pillai is brought to Dwarkamai on a makeshift stretcher. He throws udi away and asks for death instead. Sai tells him he will get treated now. My crow will treat you. Dr. Pillai looks at Sai in shock and confusion.


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