Mere Sai 27th July 2022 Written Episode Update


Mere Sai 27th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mere Sai 27th July 2022 Piliya and Kalavati walk inside Kulkarni wada, Tejasvi starts shouting at them and accuses them of things. Kalavati says we are here for work stop talking nonsense. Tejasvi says you have no work here leave. Piliya says lets go Kalavati and asks Tejasvi to inform Kulkarni that he was here.

Piliya says to Kalavati that stop arguing with everyone, this is the place where we will get a job, Kulkarni is head here and she was his daughter in law.
Kalavati sees Kamal is not in the cart and goes walk to him and says why did you come out and don’t speak go inside. Prahlad sees them.

A couple and a man waiting for Sai in Dwarka Mai. Udhav sees a light in fire and tries to pick it but burns his hand. Sai walks to Buddha and applies medicine on his hand. Udhav apologies to Sai for his behaviour. Sai says I know you since you are kid, you always get very curious and end up in situation, take care.

Sai is told Udhav’s marriage is fixed and he got a new job too. Sai blesses Udhav. Sai tells Udhav to not get attracted to things that aren’t good for him.

A woman dressed walks in Shirdi, all men stare at her. Santa Banta see her but they trip and fall in mud. She smiles at them and leaves. Santa says to Banta she is so beautiful. She sees a barat and starts dancing in it, and says this is happy moment come dance and have fun, Udhav sees her and gets mesmerized. Sai passing by sees her, she walks away seeing Sai.
She sees water pot and goes wash her face.

Sai making garlands with kids in temple. Raginis friends insist her on singing, Ragini asks them to give her some music. Sai says music is in nature, listen carefully. Ragini closes her eyes, and starts singing.

Sai praises Ragini and says you will be a very good singer. Ragini says Sai, I sing because I enjoy it I don’t want to be professional because one day I will also be like Aai and look after house. Sai says your mother sang once in a play and she mesmerized everyone, but if you use your talent in a wrong way it will ruin everything.

The woman dancing was Kalavati, she practices her dance, Kamal sees her and joins her. She asks Kamal to join her, someone knocks door, she asks Kamal to go inside, Kamal says no I want to practice dance.

Kalavati forces her to go in and opens the door. Piliya walk in and says plan worked and you are the talk of the town and now Kulkarni wants to meet you and soon we will hold shows and Shridi people will be mad behind you. Kalavati says there is something in Shirdi I don’t feel like dancing here.

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Mere Sai 28th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Baizmaa tells Sai how men are mad behind Kalavati.Balvant and Kulkarni ask Piliya to make sure Kalavati’s craise remains in Shirdi and people forget about other important things.


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