Mere Sai 27th October 2021 Written Episode Update


Mere Sai 27th October 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mere Sai 27th October 2021 Anusuya recalls how she was mean to Sai. I disrespected you so much yet you gave me a chance? Shripati’s mother says Sai gave a chance to us also. He sent Mhalsapati ji to Shridi so we could come to Shirdi. Shripati asks Sai if what he was experiencing was also because of Him.

Sai denies. I did send Mhalsapati ji there but that was your inner voice. You are a good human being. A good person’s conscience always encourages them to rectify their mistakes. It has calmed down now as your mistake has been fixed. Shripati’s mother says I am taking my son and DIL home. Please bless them. Sai happily blesses them.

Tejasvini gives clothes, jewelry and sweets to Sarkar. My father has sent them for you. He is happy to receive all the gifts. He asks her if she is happy now. She hopes that she never had to come back here. Prahalad tells his mother that he is going to play. She is against it but he wants to show his new toys to his friends. Sarkar gives him permission. Prahalad leaves. Tejasvini asks him why he let Prahalad go. I don’t want him to play with the poor kids! Sarkar says he wont find even one kid to play with. She asks him what he has done now.

Prahalad cannot see anywhere and becomes curious.

Tejasvini laughs. I am amazed. You have solved my problems in one go. Fakir will lose now and Prahalad will not have to play with those poor kids anymore! Amazing!

Prahalad comes to Dwarkamai but only finds Sai there. He becomes sad. Sai asks him what happened. Prahalad says I cannot find my friends. I checked everywhere but I could not find anyone. Where are they? My friends used to be so excited when I used to come back earlier. It feels as if there is no kid in Shirdi anymore. Sai says their happy voices are not heard anymore in Shirdi. They have gotten away from me. They hear the kids laughing just then. Prahalad asks his friends where they were.

I was looking for you guys. They tell him that they were at work. It is an interesting job. We work and earn money too. Prahalad is curious to know more. They tell him everything (in mute). Sai tries to show the toys that He has made for them. Ragini says they are beautiful. We will play with them once we tell Prahalad about our work. They continue explaining things to Prahalad.

Sarkar says I couldn’t stop Keshav from mixing with the villagers but I will regret it if I wont be able to save Prahalad from mixing with them too.

Prahalad finds it interesting. I want to work too. Everyone gets excited. Sai chants a shloka. Gods, human beings, saints, everyone prays for a reason only. Someone tries to help others while others try to harm some. Those who try to harm others in the process end up in pain. Everyone is selfish in this world. It is human nature. We wont work without a reason. We must make sure that our reason does not hurt anyone.

Sarkar is practising music. Prahalad enters and tells his mother about Prasad’s factory. Tejasvini says it is good. They had to do the same things after growing up. Prahalad says their work is exciting. They are earning and getting to eat sweets too. Sarkar murmurs that a goat is fed well before it is sacrificed. Prahalad asks him if he said something. Sarkar denies. Prahalad asks his mother if he can also work with his friends. She refuses. Prahalad thinks that she dint hear him properly and replied like Dada ji.

I want to go to factory too but I don’t know how. He heads to his room. Tejasvini smiles. She tells her FIL that she is glad that Prahalad will be with his friends only in school only. Sarkar tells Tejasvini that they will stop going to school too. This village was fine till the time the villagers were illiterate. People change when they study a lot. Thankfully, my friend is trying to make sure that the future generations of Shirdi will remain illiterate. He resumes singing.

Sai keeps logs next to dhuni. He smiles as He senses someone’s arrival. A cart stops outside Dwarkamai just then. A person greets Sai. Did you recognize me? Sai says how I will not recognize you. You came after too long. Tatya says Dinanath works so hard that he is never free. Dinanath agrees. I have hired an assistant who will look after everything in Nashik and I can come back to Shirdi. Tatya smiles. You have decided to settle down here? Dinanath tells him that it is something like that only.

He offers a bag full of money to Sai. Please take as many as you want. Sai says it isn’t needed. He insists that he is offering it with love. I will be happy if you will accept some. Sai says your devotion is my Guru Dakshina. Dinanath says we all worship you. I have gained everything because of God and you. I can do this much. Sai accepts few coins which surprised the person. I have a lot of money. Take as many as you want. Sai says these are enough for me. I must go to bring herbs now. Sai leaves.

Tatya asks Dinanath who roams int heir village on bullock cart. We could have walked. Dinanath says I have gotten used to travel like this. This is for me only. I don’t enjoy walking anymore. I couldn’t have left you alone as you are my friend. People will taunt me for being a bad friend otherwise. I am glad that I gave money to Sai today. I will offer Him money every day now. It is good if it will help Him. Tatya is hesitant but Dinanath says He isn’t used to it as everyone gives food in alms. Who doesn’t need money in today’s times?

Sai is helping an old man.

Dinanath says Sai will be happy after getting that money. He might not say it but I know that He will be glad.

Sai gives the coins to that old man and blesses him.


Mere Sai 28th October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Prasad says kids never had money but now they will have a lot of money. No one will question me in future. Udhav notices kadha in Sai’s hands. Who would need this? Sai says lot many innocent kids who will need them soon.


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