Mere Sai 28th July 2022 Written Episode Update


Mere Sai 28th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mere Sai 28th July 2022 Piliya says to Kalavati, did you forget what happens if you say no, think about Kamal. Kalavati says I am not denying, Piliya says found a Savkar here who wants workshop, create your craze here and everyone should have only one word on their mouth and that is your name Kalavati.

Kalavati wipes her tears. Kamal exploring the house, he sees puppy outside the window and goes to get it. Kalavati removes her ghungroo and calls Kamal, she sees Kamal isn’t around and starts looking for her.

Prahlad tells his friends that he was getting his puppy Manu to introduce to them but Manu ranaway and Prahlad is looking for him everywhere. Chetan says don’t worry we will help you find him. Sai stops Prahlad and asks are you looking for your friend. Prahlad says yes Sai have you seen him.

Kamal chasing Manu. Kalavati looking for Kamal everywhere.
Prahlad asks Sai, is Manu fine. Sai says don’t worry we will find him.
Kamal catches Manu and says you would fall down look it’s deep here don’t come back here. Prahlad and Sai see Kamal together,

Prahlad thinks Kamal is throwing Manu down and scolds him. Sai says Prahlad let him explain what was he doing. Sai says Kamal don’t be scared tell Prahlad the truth, Kamal asks how do you know my name. Sai says forget that, don’t be scared tell the truth. Kamal says I saw puppy was about to fall and was saving the puppy. Prahlad apologies to Kamal and says I was scared for him. Sai says you two play I will leave and goes.

Prahlad introduces himself and says come play with us. Kalavati sees them and scolds Kamal for coming out and takes him away.

Piliya tells Kalavati, the person who called us is rich and he called us here saying we will earn a lot here and once you impress him we will be earning silver and gold.
Kulkarni walks in with Santa and Banta,

Santa and Banta start praising Kalavati and her beauty. Kalavati shows them her khanjar, they get scared. Piliya asks her to calm down. Kalavati says Piliya what kind of coward people have you got tyem. Kulkarni says very nice Kalavati, I am impressed.

Kulkarni says to Kalavati, I want this fire and talent and I am sure you will make Shridi mad behind you and your shows will begin from tomorrow are you ready. Piliya says this is her talent she is always prepared. Kulkarni asks Kalavati to leave.

Piliya asks Kulkarni to take a seat and says Kalavati is nice but you know about Shirdi, Sai ruins everything here he transforms everyone. Piliya says don’t worry about her, she is under my control but what is the reason to get her. Balvant walks in and says there are two reasons.

At Dwarka Mai women discuss about Kalavati and how shamelessly she is. Men discuss how beautiful Kalavati is. Sai sees Baizmaa is upset.

Balvant tells Piliya, that he wants Kalavati to be the talk of town and her presence makes Shirdi people forget from topics like unemployment, inflation and some even want to complaint about us to British and so when Kalavati will impress Shirdi people, few will be busy behind her and few will be busy in trying to throw her out of Shirdi and this is what I want.

Piliya says Kalavati is pro in this and your work will be donw but what is second reason. Balvant says she will entertain our guests and get our work done and so her show money will be higher in price and people will die to see her show. Balvant says no we can’t we have to make her easily accessible and start work and leaves.

Sai asks Baizmaa why is she upset. Baizmaa says everyone is only talking about Kalavati, Sai says who are you upset with, Kalavati or people. Bhama says how can she dance so shamelessly. Vaishali says Sai you were therw you saw it. Sai says no one likes to choose such path may be she has some issue, Baizmaa says what issue can make you do this. Sai says she is hiding something very big and with time we will know that.

In Shirdi, Kalavati’s show announcement is made. Patil scolds Santa Banta for making noise and making announcement of such bad thing near temple. Santa Banta laugh at him and keep promoting the show. Kids discuss can they go to see the dance too, Patil says to Baizmaa we have to do something this show will ruin our kids too, lets get together and discuss.

Villagers decide to lie and go watch the show, they see Sai on their way greet him and leave. Sai walks to Udhav and ask him what is he thinking about, Udhav says all good. Sai says Udhav you are getting married and Shama and Bhama have lot of faith in you, always remember that and leaves.

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Mere Sai 29th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Kalavati tells to Sai in front of everyone, I am just here to entertain everyone, dance is my talent and I am not forcing everyone to come watch my dance. Sai says to her you aren’t happy about it either.


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