Mere Sai 28th September 2020 Written Episode Update


Mere Sai 28th September 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mere Sai 28th September 2020 Sai asks Bela to step out. He asks others if they are looking for her. Durpada hugs her. Thank God you are fine. Come home now. You haven’t eaten anything since morning. Bela moves her away. Sai advises the girl to live with her parents. Manik shares that they are from Nashik. We shifted to a village to save some money and start afresh. Sai tells Govinda to talk to Shyama. He has key to Joshi ji’s home and might be able to help. The family is touched. The girl’s father says that guy was right. You help everyone. Sai says I could help you today and maybe you can also help someone tomorrow. God has also created solutions for all the problems. One has to simply find out what it is. Sai gets tensed. I must go. He leaves.

A lady is crying in the temple. I know it is wrong to eat the bhog that has been offered to you. I am your kid only. Will you be upset if I eat what has been kept for you? She looks around worriedly and picks up the plate. She sits down in a corner and eats hurriedly. A guy comes to offer prayers and notices that lady eating food stealthily. He takes the plate from her. aren’t you ashamed to steal bhog? She calls him son. I haven’t eaten since days. A few passerby’s join in. They all decide to punish her. She begs for mercy but they push her. Sai holds her just in time. they tell Sai what that lady has just done. She has sinner. Sai asks them why they are so afraid of sins and are so fascinated towards virtues. Will God accept bhog if someone is hungry? Every dharma teaches you to help those in need. You called her a thief without understanding her need. You should be happy that Hanuman ji sent someone on his behalf. He is God. He runs the world. Who are we to intervene if that’s what he wants? You all should resume your work and give me this plate. The guy complies.

Sai gives the plate to that lady. She looks at him in shock / confusion as he guides her where to sit and even gives her water. What’s your name? She tells him – Saraswati. He asks her about her family and whereabouts. She replies that she has no family. Sai tells her to have faith on Hanuman ji. He gave you food. You will get your family with his blessings too. He takes her leave. He turns and looks at her feet. Sai looks up with a smile. Her feet heels in seconds. Saraswati suddenly realises what just happened and looks at her feet in shock. Om Sai plays in the background. She looks at Sai with gratitude. My feet had sores and were wounded. How did this happen? Sai thinks you have been through enough alone. It is time to become whole.

Naina gives her Baba food. He says this reminds me of the old days. Naina tells him not to worry. I will do this till the time I am here. Her mother agrees. take care of yourself though. She asks her husband if he must go to work today. A groom’s family is coming to see Dwarka. He says I will be back in some time. She reasons that there must be other people in office but he speaks of his capabilities. She says I agree that God has given you a lot. He denies. I have earned everything on my own. Their sons tell them to let it be. Baba wont agree or even trusts the fact that we can manage work on his behalf. He tells his sons he does not trust anyone. I don’t like giving my work to someone else either. He leaves for work. His wife hopes someone can teach him how to trust people.

A lady gives shawl to Saraswati. Saraswati looks at her son. It’s his birthday? The lady denies. He was unwell. It is like his second birth. Sai helped us. I vowed to give shawls to 10 people. Her son wants to go and play. Saraswati asks him if he cannot wait for some time when his mother has done so much for him. he replies that he is with his Aayi all the time. She loses her calm and twists his hand. The lady frees her son and heads home. Saraswati cries helplessly. I have stooped so low. I scared a small kid today and now I have to keep this empty plate back in front of God.

Bela’s family checks out the new house. Manik is hesitant about the rent but Udhav tells him that this is what Sai wants. It is ok if you wont even give rent. Bela watches the kids play. Durpada and Manik wonder how people of this town are so selfless. Udhav replies that anyone who stays with Sai becomes selfless. Bela starts walking towards the kids but her mother stops her. Udhav tells them to let her play with the kids. Manik says she wont stay at home if it was up to her. The kids watch Durpada pull Bela. Bela bites her mother on her arm and stars walking towards the kid when Manik takes her inside forcibly. The kids get tensed.

Bela’s parents love the house. Udhav tells them what is around their house. Bela starts playing with her house. Udhav is amused to see it and asks her if she liked the house. Bela turns her attention to the toy house. This is my home. Udhav tells Bela’s parents to tell him if they need anything. He leaves. Bela’s parents look at Bela worriedly.

Saraswati walks up to Hanuman ji’s idol. I have stooped so low that I scared a little kid today and now I am keeping this empty plate in front of you.

Girls show Sai Baba their new toy home and kitchen. Sai says one thing is missing.

Saraswati says I have lost faith on myself too. Give me a hint to tell me that you do know what’s hurting me and that I shouldn’t give up. Jai Shree Ram.

Sai sits next to the kids and takes out small guijyas (sweet). The girls smile. He keeps them in small toy plates. The plate kept in front of Hanuman ji fills up. Sai remarks that now there is nothing missing. Saraswati opens her eyes and is stunned to see gujiyas in the plate. She picks up the plate with shaking hands. What’s happening? First my feet and now this empty plate has been filled on its own! She thinks of Sai. Miracles have started happening since I met that Fakir Baba.

Tatya comes to meet Chandorkar but finds out that he has left for home already. A guy advises him to go to his home if the work is urgent.

Udhav tells Sai that Bela is very stubborn. She does not even say anything to her parents. She speaks only through her eyes. Sai says one lies from their mouth but eyes never lie. Udhav says her eyes show unhappiness. I have never seen a kid before who isn’t attached to their parents. Sai says kids don’t know how to hide or show their emotions. It is important to know the real pain of the kids before knowing that. Udhav is sure their life will change under Sai’s guidance. Sai says everyone’s needs are different. You guide people based on what is right for them. That’s when the change is actually successful and stable. It depends on whether they are even accepting the hints of change.


Mere Sai 29th September 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Govinda asks Sai to rest. You dint sleep last night too. Sai says how I will wake up someone if I sleep. He asks a dog to help him. The dog barks. Sai says you know what’s to be done. Saraswati is sleeping peacefully when the dog starts barking at her. She wakes up with a start.


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