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Mere Sai 29th April 2021 Sai says you may have a good heart but if you are not polite with others then no one would want to know you. This applies not just to in-laws but to all circumstances of life. You should support what is right. Don’t do anything wrong and don’t let anything wrong happen either. Don’t make any compromise for your daughter’s happiness. Find a suitable house for her but do it with love and politeness. He chants Kabir’s Doha. Prabhu says I got your point. Now I will keep a control on my voice. I will speak sweetly to everyone. His wife thanks Sai who blesses them. Wish few others could understand this as well.

Ram ji says his pride is above everything. He does not care about the lives of so many people. Chandra says you are right. You could have tried to convey your point sweetly though. They might have understood it. Ram ji asks her why she always tells him to mellow down and change. I did my best but till when would I have remained quiet? Why should I bend when I am trying to help others? They can think about profits and ignore the logics but I wont be able to face anyone if someone gets hurt in future. I would know that I could have stopped it. He is boiling in rage. Chandra notices it and offers him water. I know you will not do anything like that. Please calm down. Others may not care but I care a lot about you. Your health will worsen this way. Others wont be bothered. Chandra suggests taking a leave and going on a vacation. You will feel at ease with a change of location. Maybe things will be better after the break. He asks her where she wants to take him. She says Shirdi. He is confused. We don’t know anyone there. Chandra replies that she does. She tells him Ram ji tells his wife to go if she wants to. Please take Savitri along. Why do you want me to go there? Chandra says maybe you will calm down a little after meeting Sai. Ram ji says I lose my temper because of selfish and cheaters. I don’t think I need a Fakir’s help to handle myself. Please go ahead. I wont come with you. End this topic here only if you want me to remain calm. She agrees not to push him if he does not want to go. I will speak to Savitri. Ram ji nods. It will be good for everyone. She sits next to him. Promise me that you will keep a tab on your anger when I wont be here. Don’t take anyone’s words to your heart and work calmly. He agrees. Chandra smiles but is worried for him. I know you (Sai) will help us but he does not want to come to Shirdi. How to make him believe then?

Sai is headed back to Dwarkamai with others. Baizama says you worry for everyone. I don’t understand one thing though. Nasik is not too far from Shirdi. Why dint they come to you earlier? You could have called them to meet you if you wanted to. Sai asks her if she still thinks Him to be the driving force. It is Ram ji who does everything. I am following His orders. He decides who has to come where and when. People can cover miles in no time if it is the right time. People cannot cover even a few miles if it is not the right time.

Rihana tells Sai she is worried because of something since few days. Sai says problems will trouble you till the time you will let it. What’s bothering you? She says we couldn’t sell more quilts last years as it wasn’t too cold. I keep dreaming that people are not able to bear the heat. I am worried that this may be a sign. We wont be able to send many quilts this year too if that happens. Please tell me what my dreams mean. Sai says we can only do karma. We should focus on doing things instead of the results. One must be prepared for anything. If you don’t understand the meaning of some dreams or hints then you should leave it on Ram ji. Rihana agrees.

Chandra is chasing a house but it disappears suddenly. She wakes up with a start. She looks at her husband worriedly and wipes the sweat off her face. She prays to Sai. I have to come to Shirdi tomorrow. What is the meaning of this dream?

Tatya says ordinary people are bound to be doubtful. Sai says faith works best over everything. Every problem may look big in the beginning but you can overcome it if you have Shraddha and Saburi. One must not get lost or give up in the process. We must have faith that God will help sooner or later. Humans can think and do bad to each other but any sign and creation of Ram ji is for everyone’s good always.

Next morning, Baizama tells Sai they got kheer and oti like He said. Sai thanks her and Chihu Tai. Please keep them inside. Sai hears a man crying. He tells Baizama to look after Dwarkamai. I will come soon. She asks Him where He is off to. Your guests will be here anytime. Sai says I cannot see anyone sad when Dwarkamai is so happy. Baizama tells Keshav to go after Sai. Bheema goes with Keshav.

Sai, Keshav and Bheema find a man crying in a corner. Sai asks him why he is crying. The guy recognizes Sai. I have heard a lot about you. Keshav says you are right. He is indeed Sai. Tell us what happened. We might be able to help you. He says no one can help me. I know Sai can treat anyone. He can help everyone but He wont be able to do anything in my case. Bheema still requests him to share his problem. The guy says my name is Shashidhar. I live in Sakori village and I am a jeweller. I took loan from market for my work but a theft happened at my shop yesterday. I am bankrupt. This news will spread everywhere soon. Everyone will come to take money from me. How will I return their money when I have nothing left? Sai asks him if this is why he was hiding here. Shashidhar nods sadly. What else can I do? I know no one will help me now. No one will lend me money again. They will call me a cheater and punish me.

Sai says you ran away because you got afraid of punishment. Have you thought about how your family will manage the situation? It was your decision to work. Why should they be punished for it? You cannot run away from problems. You must face them. How will your family handle things when they will be put in a spot? Shashidhar says I dint realise this as I got lost in my problems. Forgive me. I will go back home and accept my punishment. Sai asks him why anyone will punish him. Shashidhar says they will punish me as I wont be able to return their money. Sai asks him why. Shashidhar says I told you my problem. Plus, no one will help you. Sai nods. You are right. Why should someone help you when you have a lot of money on your own? Keshav and Bheema look at each other in confusion. Shashidhar repeats that he just became bankrupt. Sai calls him a liar but Shashidhar insists it is true. Sai tells him to check his pocket and prove it then. Shashidhar wonders why Sai is not ready to believe him. He gets irked and tells Sai to look for himself. He puts his hand in his pocket and is taken aback. He finds many coins inside. He looks at Sai in disbelief. Keshav and Bheema smile. Shashidhar asks Sai whose money is it. Sai says I still think you haven’t checked all your pockets. Give it a try. Shashidhar checks his other pocket and finds a bundle of money. Om Sai plays. He looks shocked while Keshav, Bheema and Sai smile. He checks his other pockets too and finds jewellery this time. He finds more jewellery in his other pocket. This is the same amount of money and jewellery that got stolen. It feels as if no theft happened at my shop. Forgive me for not believing you earlier. I promise to return every bit of money to the lenders.


Mere Sai 30th April 2021 29th April 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Chandra reaches Dwarkamai. Sai experiences her presence and smiles. Everyone looks at Chandra curiously. Her eyes well up as Sai turns to look at her.


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