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Mere Sai 29th July 2022 Supervisor reaches mill, he sees Bhiva and others standing out say, you told us, you will talk to Kulkarni for salary increament. Supervisor says sure, I will talk to him today that give a your money to them, you don’t want to do overtime as well. Bhiva says to him this forcing thing won’t work,

we already know mill is in profit. Supervisor says you all go work, I will talk to them. Santa Banta arrive near mill abd start announcing Kalavati’s show. Everyone discuss what a great dancer she is. Kulkarni and Balvant hiding and seeing how their plan is working.
Bhiva says I don’t think this dance is good, Supervisor says forget everything go inside and work.

Santa says to Banta now Kalavati will be talk of the town. Santa Banta see Patil, Malchapati and others standing in their way and asking not to promote such events.

Tatya says this is Sai’s holy land and we won’t let you all ruin it. Kulkarni walks in and says this is my village and I allowed Sai that doesn’t mean you all challenge me, Kalavati’s show will take place and let me see who tries to stop me and asks his men to hit whoever comes their way.

Tayta and Keshav step forward, Sai walks in and asks them to calm down. Kulkarni says now this Sai will give lectures and use black magic. Sai says argument doesn’t help make decisions. Malchapati says whatever it is Kalavati won’t dance here. Kalavati walks to everyone.

Prahlad goes to meet Kamal with Manu, and asks him whether he will come play with them and even Manu is happy to see you, look. Kamal comes out through window, Prahlad asks why did you come from window and you never talk as well, why is it? Kamal says I do speak but not much, Prahlad says Sai always say those who talk less,

listen more and our team needs one and introduces Kamal to Ragini, Chetan and Nandu. Ragini asks from where are you. Kamal says Bombay. Chetan and Nandu make fun of Kamal and say you sound like a girl. Ragini asks them not to do, Kamal feels bad and leaves.

Kalavati takes Sai’s blessings and says did you recognise me we have met twice before, once during barat and once when we arrived at Shirdi…( On their way to Shirdi, Kalavati’s cart get stuck in mud, Sai arrives there and helps them. Kalavati says how will you help us, Sai says I will push the cart sit inside, Kalavati says how, Piliya says Kalavati if he wants to try let him. Sai pushes the cart, Piliya in shock).

Kalavati asks Sai to help her. Sai says tell me. Kalavati asks Malchapati what does he do? Malchapati says I am gold smith and pujari too, she asks Patil what he does, he says farming. Kalavati says like you all have jobs dancing is mine but if people watch it by bad vision its not my fault and I am not calling everyone forcefully.

Sai says you aren’t calling happily either and don’t be scared answer me, you are an artist but are you happy and satisfied with what you do. Kalavati thinks of Piliya’s warning. Kulkarni says Sai stop all this. Sai says if Kalavati is doing things at her will me or Shirdi people have no issues. Kalavati says I like to dance and I am.noy doing anything wrong, Sai says then why be scared and this fear will be a bigger problem, so stop being scared and God will help you. Kalavati leaves in tears.

Supervisor goes to his cabin and talks to Kalavati’s photo and expresses how much he loves her, Bhiva and others listening to him. Everyone walk to him and say they want to do overtime for extra money and go watch Kalavati’s show, just like you are her fan we are too. Supervisor says I have nothing to do with her go do overtime and don’t fall for something like this.

Kulkarni walks to Sai and says I have called Kalavati she is my guest and don’t try to influence her, Kalavati will dance and no one is forced, all are coming by their will and the show will take place and if someone tries to create problems they will have to face consequences and leaves.

Patil asks Sai why did he allow Kalavati, she will create problems. Sai says if there is problem there is a solution too, keep faith and everything will be fine.

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Mere Sai 30th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Kalavati isnt allowed in temple. Sai walks to her and says you will be given Darshan.


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