Mere Sai 29th November 2019 Written Episode Update


Mere Sai 29th November 2019 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mere Sai 29th November 2019 Episode Start With Ganpath disguised as pandit walks towards jungle to meet dacoit Kalubhil and his team and prays Sai papa to protect him. Sai hears him. Dacoits notice police and make them unconscious with toxic smokes. They think good they saw policemen beforehand and punished them, let us go and inform sardar/boss. Ganpath as pandit walks to Kalubhil. Kalubhil says he came here to perform pooja, so he will not kill him. He orders to start pooja. Ganpath nervously chants Gayatri mantra. Kalubhil warns him to chant devi’s paat and not Gayatri mantra. Ganpath says he forgot pooja seeing Kalubhil. Kalubhil points sword at his neck and says people start pooja in fear, but he forgot pooja, who is he.

Dacoits return and inform Kalubhil that police were trying to follow them and they made police unconscious. Ganpath gets tensed hearing that. Kalubhil insists to tell if he is really pandit. Ganpath says he is really pandit and tries to chant mantra. Kalubhil says his doubt is right, even he is a policeman and orders team to captivate and take him along. Ganpath pleads that he is pandit and not policeman. Dacoits drag him along to their place. Ganpath gets more tensed seeing unconscious Kadam tied to a tree. Kalubhil orders to get him into senses to know if Ganpath is policeman or not. They throw water on Kadam and once he wakes up Kalubhil asks if this man is a policeman who came to save him. Ganpath says how can this policeman identify him, he is an interim pandit and came here as village pandit has gone out. Kadam thinks Ganpath came to save him, reminisces trapping Ganpath, feels guilty and says he doesn’t know this man. Kalubhil slaps him for lying and says he will kill them both tonight and their whole team. Ganpath continues pleading to trust him. Kalubhil asks to prove it.

Ganpath pleads Sai Baba for help again. Sai baba says he warned him already to tell truth always and not hide anything, now he should reveal his truth. Ganpath thinks what is his truth and reminisces baba asking him if he will keep his hobby to himself or spread to among others, further reminisces singing and getting Sai’s blessings, Sai telling whenever he follows truth, he can see god. He thinks why god didn’t appear he is following truth. He reminisces in childhood his mother asking him to see god with closed eyes while practicing bhajan. He says he can’t, she asks him to keep practicing bhajan and imagine god. He prays god to help him if he is on right path. Sai asks Ganpath to realize his truth and chant Ishwar stuti which he has byhearted.


Mere Sai 2nd December 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Sai asks Kalubhil to stop his path of sins and walk on path of truth. Kalubhil warns him and walks away.


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