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Mere Sai 29th October 2021 Sai comes to Dinanath’s house for alms. He comes with a plate full of coins. Sai tells him He does not take money but Dinanath insists. This is equivalent to a handful of grains for me. He does not let Sai speak. This is my devotion as your disciple. Please don’t say no. My money wont be of any good otherwise. Sai picks up a coin. Dinanath asks Him to take more. Sai denies.

I am Bairagi who does not need any of this. Dinanath offers to buy a silk umbrella with a silver handle for Sai but Sai tells him it isn’t needed. The shade and peace that a tree can give cannot be found in an umbrella. Dinanath expresses his unhappiness as Sai is not accepting anything from him. Sai chants a shloka and smiles.

He is leaving when He notices a lady telling the fruit vendor that she can pay him tomorrow. He tells her that he has come from Sakori. I cannot give it on loan. Sai gives him money. Give her fruits. Fruit vendor nods. The lady thanks Sai and leaves. Dinanath is shocked to witness it. Sai leaves. Dinanath refuses to back down if Sai wont accept his money. He must take my money!

Prasad gives monthly wage to kids. They seem pretty excited. Ragini asks him why he gave them so many coins. Prasad says you all are working very hard. Your parents trusted me and sent you here. It is my duty to take care of you. I have decided to pay you for the entire month together. They say that they haven’t seen so many coins together.

Prasad thinks that even their parents would not have seen so much money together. It will put an end to their dreams. They have ruined your life because of their greed! He tells the kids to keep working. The money will increase simultaneously. Kids agree to work very hard. Prasad smirks.

Prahalad tells Baji that their friends are really lucky. They can visit the factory with permission from their parents. Baji agrees. They might be eating sweets too. Let’s go there. Sai asks them where they had to be. Baji asks Sai why He is here. Sai says I am asking you the same question. You should be doing your homework right now. Why are you here? Prahalad lies that they don’t have homework today. We thought to take a detour today. Sai prays that everyone is able to see the right path. Baji feels bad about lying to Sai. Prahalad says I feel bad too but teacher would have asked us about our friends if only the 2 of us had been there.

Sai tells Udhav to visit the homes of all the kids going to work. Ask 1 member of that family to come to Dwarkamai. Tell them it is an important thing. Udhav agrees. Is there something urgent? Sai says the results of tests have started to come – laziness and lies. Don’t know how many and what kind of results will surface. They need to be alerted. Udhav leaves.

Jhipri tells her husband they wont spend this money. We will save it for her future. Udhav tells them that Sai has called them on an urgent basis. Jhipri says Latika is hungry right now. How to leave without making something for her? Champa’s husband heads to Dwarkamai with Udhav. Chetan gives his salary to his mother. She becomes serious. We will be at a good place with this money but they belong to you. I cannot take it. He tells her not to think like that. You and Baba have a right on it. Please keep it. Udhav continues visiting everyone as advised.

1 parent of all kids reach Dwarkamai. They see Sai plucking unripe guavas from a small plant. Champa’s husband praises the plant but points out that the fruits haven’t ripen yet. You should leave them. Sai says this plant is very small. The one who has sown it thought that the plant will thrive better if it is given more fertiliser.

Extra fertiliser ended up harming it too. The branches have started to bend already. It will be dangerous for the plant in the future. The best thing is to give up on the fruits right now. That’s what I want to convey to you too. A lady asks Sai how this plant is related to them. Please speak clearly. Sai says this plant is your kids. Their hard earned money is the fruits.

They may be tempting but you should not ignore the effect it is causing on the kids. You all are making a big mistake by sending them to factory at such tender age. Even a small wound can leave a mark for forever on their minds. Let them become capable mentally and physically first. They need to have the strength to bear the weight. The parents reason that they are doing it for a better future of their kids only.

We only want what’s best for them. We wont force them to go there if they aren’t ready to go there. Bela’s father says we signed the contract too. Prasad ji hasn’t done anything wrong. It wont be right to stop the kids from going there without a reason. Kids will find a good job with their current experience. Sai says it was my duty to explain it to you. Rest is on you. I urge you to please feed them the kadha that I had made. It will give them the strength to work. They all agree and head home. Sai is still tensed.

Jhipri asks her husband what Sai said. Shashikant decides not to tell her the details. I think it is good to start working at a young age. Jhipri turned out to be a great and confident person. I want Latika to become like her. Jhipri asks him again. He says Sai has told us that kids should drink kadha rigorously. All parents try to feed kadha to the kids. They are reluctant to drink kadha as it is bitter as compared to the sweets they have been eating. They come up with excuses to drink it later. Latika ends up throwing it out of the window when no one is looking.

Sai prays for their well being.


Mere Sai 30th October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Sai tells Prasad he is not doing the right thing. Prasad reasons that he has learnt things from experience. It is wrong to make an opinion about me without knowing much about me. Other parents support Prasad and request Sai to agree.


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