Mere Sai 29th September 2020 Written Episode Update


Mere Sai 29th September 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mere Sai 29th September 2020 Chandorkar family is content as Dwarka’s alliance has been fixed. Naina says our sister is so beautiful. It is very good that her would be husband wasn’t here or they wouldn’t have waited for 2 days. Her mother asks about Naina’s husband. Naina says he will be here during that ceremony. A servant informs them about Tatya’s arrival. Chandorkar isn’t keen to meet him but his wife convinces him. Tatya introduces himself. Sai Baba asked me to meet you. Chandorkar asks him who he is. Tatya says I cannot explain that but we consider him as our God. Chandorkar says you consider an ordinary man, God. Tatya says he isn’t an ordinary being. He has helped a lot many people. Chandorkar says he helps everyone. He can take care of this work on his own. Why does he need me? Tatya smiles. Sai sent this udi for you. He told me to tell you that he wants Rs. 15 from you. Chandorkar looks at his wife. He asks Tatya if he came here to ask for donation from Shirdi. He does not let Tatya explain. I don’t trust people like him or his miracles. Tatya tells him he is mistaken. Very big people believe in him too. Chandorkar does not let him complete. You can leave. Take this udi back with you! Tatya says a lot of people don’t believe him initially but they do when they meet him. Chandorkar tells him he isn’t interested. Don’t make me angry today. His wife tells him to give this money. This is no less. Chandorkar refuses. This is my hard earned money. People like him use different ways to fool people. I cannot let my money go to waste. Tatya says you don’t understand what Baba wants to convey to you. I conveyed his message to you. Rest is on you. He turns to go when Naina asks him to stop.

Naina convinces her Baba to give money to Tatya. It is an auspicious day today. Chandorkar gives money to Tatya and also accepts the udi. He keeps it aside on a side table and walks away. Tatya says Om Sai Ram and leaves.

Udhav asks Sai what he is thinking. Sai says change requires sacrifice. It may come from inside or might be external. It is a struggle between what we know and what we don’t know. Sai smiles. Allah Maalik!

Chandorkar’s wife shoos a dog away. She falls asleep but then hears someone asking for food. She comes back with food but the guy disappears. Where did Baba go? She wakes up hearing Naina’s voice. Naina asks her how she fell asleep in the day time today. Nanina’s mother thinks I don’t sleep in the day time. I have been seeing the same dream since so many nights and I saw this today in the afternoon and that udi came from Shirdi today. Is this really a coincidence?

Nandu requests Sai to help him. Aayi baba wants to sell our goat as she is old and does not give milk. I don’t care though as she is my best friend. Please talk to them. Sai agrees. Nandu requests his Baba to stop. Nandu’s Baba greets Sai. Nandu requests Sai to tell his Baba not to take the goat. Nandu’s father tells him to explain to Nandu. This goat is old. Sai says I want to buy your father from you. Nandu’s parents’ eyes widen in shock.

Saraswati cries in the temple. I asked everyone but no one has any work for me.

Nandu’s father says he is my Baba. Sai says he is old and ill and cannot earn any money for you. Sell him to me. Nandu’s father says he may be old but he is my Baba. I love him. Sai says your love and your son’s love is to be treated equally. You cannot buy everything with money. The happiness that it is giving to your son is priceless for him. Dhanno is a part of this family just like your father is a part of this family for you. By selling this goat, you are telling Nandu that we must leave our elderly when they are old and of no help to us. Nandu’s parents agree not to sell Dhanno ever. You saved us from committing a sin. Nandu’s father gives Dhanno’s rein to Nandu. Nandu thanks Sai and goes to play with Dhanno. Sai tells Nandu’s parents to do something for him. they readily agree.

Saraswati looks at the mess in the temple and starts tidying the place. A couple gives food to Saraswati upon Sai’s askance. Saraswati shoots them a confused look. The guy says he looks after everyone in Shirdi. He said that you cleaned the temple. He says everyone comes here to get someone but you cleaned the place. He said his Ram ji will be upset if he lets you sleep on an empty stomach. Saraswati looks at her bag. They give her the plate and leave. Saraswati looks emotionally at her bag. I got the sign I was looking for. I am still needed in this world. I don’t know who you are, Sai, but I hope I can meet you soon.

Sai says people begin to understand our importance when we begin to understand ourselves.

Bela pushes the bowl aside. Manik is about to say something when Durpada tells Bela she knows she promised to cook her favourite food today but we had long journey today so I made light food. I made kheer also. All those things aren’t good for health. Bela walks out of the house. Manik asks her to tell them what’s wrong but she runs away. Manik says our daughter hates us so much and we cannot tell her the reason behind what we are doing to her.

Sai is in Dwarkami. Govinda asks Sai to rest. You dint sleep last night too. Sai says how I will wake up someone if I sleep. How will I take them to their destination? He sends Govinda home. Om Sai plays.

Durpada tells her husband that they must find Bela. They go looking for her and find her sitting nearby. She is holding a doll in her hand. Durpada tells Bela they are doing everything for her good. Bela runs away again. Durpada breaks down. Please show us some way, Lord. I have given up! They see a lady telling a bedtime story to her grandson. Durpada says wish there was someone with us who could guide us how to take care of little kids. Manik says we are orphans. What can we do? Durpada says we can ask Sai to guide us. He might have some solution for this. We are making Bela our enemy by hiding the truth from her. She hates us. Manik denies. We don’t have to go to Sai. We haven’t thought ill of anyone till date. God will be just with us.

Sai smiles. God finds a way to help those who trust in Him. He asks a dog to help him. You very well know what needs to be done. The dog barks and runs towards the temple.

Saraswati is sleeping peacefully when the dog starts barking at her. She wakes up with a start. She runs out of the temple. The dog chases her all along. Saraswati wonders where she should go to at this hour. She recalls that couple talking about Sai. You gave me food. Please give me roof to stay too.

Sai picks up udi and adds it to the fire. It becomes hazy everywhere.

Saraswati gets confused because of the haze. She tries to clear it but Sai picks up a hand fan and blows onto the fire lightly. Saraswati hears the dog barking again but a path is paved in front of her. It is hazy everywhere else. She starts walking ahead in a daze. She stops outside a house and finds an empty cot there. I cannot walk anymore and it’s too late. She decides to sleep there only. She sits down in a corner and holds her idol close.

Sai smiles.


Mere Sai 30th September 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Durpada tells her husband they are losing time. what if we fail to arrange money in time? They hear someone murmuring and go outside. They see Saraswati talking in her sleep. Sai says the good is about to be rewarded. Give it some time.


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