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Mere Sai 29th September 2022 Doctor walks to Bapu Saheb’s mother and says she is no more. Bapu Saheb says my mother is sleeping she will wake up soon and tries to wake his mother and starts crying.

Bapu Saheb and is wife in a cart with Nanasaheb. Nanasaheb says Bapu Saheb the incident has happened its 3 months and we are reaching Shirdi, move on. His wife says you have to learn to live with it.

Bapu Saheb, says she taught me to eat, walk, and supported me everytime how will I live without her, she was like God to me and now I have just dark days left, she was my lucky charm and now there is no good left in my life. His wife says your mothers blessings are with you, you are Nagpur’s biggest Savkar and if you relate small bad lucks to this its not fair

They see a man sleeping on the road and shivering, they stop the cart. The man is thief and asks them to give everything he has, all the valuables.
Sai in Dwarka Mai, closes his eyes.

Babu Saheb’s wife gives money, Bapu Saheb says look this is my bad luck, now not even Sai can help me. A man walks to them with light, he says to theif keep the weapon down I know you are doing this because your mother is unwell, don’t worry I am here to help you. Theif puts down the weapon and removes mask,

in tears he apologies to the man and says I had to do this to save my mother, I can’t live without her. Man gives him medicine and says give it to your mother. Thief asks who are you, Man says think me as a doctor and your mother will be fine and also what you tried to do is very wrong and if you had tried someone would have helped you. Thief says I was scared for my aai. Man says don’t repeat this,

go home and your mother will be fine. Bapu Saheb stops the thief and says you should have told me about your mother, here take this money it will help you take care of your mother I understand a son’s emotion, don’t worry about money, whenever you need money meet me in Dixit Wada in Shirdi. Thief thanks them and leaves.

Bapu Saheb’s wife asks where did that other man go, he was so kind. Nana Saheb smiles and thanks Sai and says its definitely Sai. Bapu Saheb says I pray for that man’s mother. Nana Saheb says Sai will take care of it.

Sai in Dwarka Mai, thief and his mother meet Sai. Narayani and her Son Prithvi introduce themselves to Sai. Sai asks her how is she feeling now. Prithvi tells Sai that his mother keeps unwell and yesterday miraculously she got better and yesterday I met a man he gave me medicine and that helped my mother. Sai says to Narayani now take care and don’t think of anything else and Prithvi I have something for you.

Sai gives Prithvi his axe and says you are a wood cutter and this axe is your source of income how can you forget this. Prithvi looks at Sai in surprise. Sai says use it for what its invented. Prithvi in tears apologies to Sai and says my mother always believed you will help us and she is right, I will never repeat what I did but don’t tell my mother she will be hurt. Sai says I don’t want to hurt her.

Prithvi walks to his mother and tells Sai, Sai gave us medicine yesterday. They both thank Sai and pray. Sai says to Prithvi always take care of your mother, you are lucky to have her.

Bapu Saheb lights Diya infront of his mother’s picture and starts crying, he says Aai we are in Shirdi and Nana Saheb says in Shirdi everything will be fixed but how will it when I am the reason behind all this.
Bapu Saheb see Tatya and Baizmaa outside, Baizmaa fixed Tatya’s cap and says lets go home soon your Baba has important meeting.

( Bapu Saheb remembers how his mother use to tie his turbon everyday, he says to her whenever you tie this all my work gets done. His mother feels uneasy and says I am fasting for your long life. Bapu says never do this, how will I be happy seeing your health get worst. His mother collapses and faints. )
Bapu Saheb looks at his mother’s picture in tears and hugs it.

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Mere Sai 30th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Meera meets Sai and tells him my husband is leaving in past, he lost his mother 3 months back and he hasn’t moved on and he misses her so much he has stopped eating food Bapu Saheb says to Nana Saheb and Meera that he has no faith that Sai can help me.

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Telecast Date:29th September 2022
Distributed By :Sony Tv And Sony Liv


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