Mere Sai 2nd December 2019 Written Episode Update


Mere Sai 2nd December 2019 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mere Sai 2nd December 2019 Episode Start With Dacoit Kalubhil is about to punish Ganpath and Kadam when Sai emerges in front of him. Kalubhil asks why did he come back again, where had he gone. His team thinks whom he is speaking to. Sai asks why he does so many sins and kills innocent people. Kalubhil says money. Sai says what is the use of money which he cannot use, is away from his dear ones, and is hiding from police. Kalubhil shouts its none of his business. He sees his mother and walks to her. She asks why didn’t he return to her at all. He says how could he when she didn’t like his job, now he has become very famous and powerful.

She touches his face and he sees injuries on her hands. He asks how did she get them. She says it is all his sins, whenever he troubles people, she gets injuries on her body; whenever he made people cry, she cried and whenever he killed people, she shed blood; she is not in peace even after her death because of his sins, what went wrong in her upbringing. Kalubhil asks not to be so weak, he is the most powerful dacoit of the area and everyone are afraid of him. She says because his sins, police is behind him and he is hiding in jungles, what is the use of the money, so he should leave his sins and walk on the path of truth by surrendering himself to police and lead a peaceful life hereon. Kalubhil agrees and when he opens his eyes he sees Sai instead of his mother.

Kalubhil informs Ganpath that he is surrendering himself and asks him to arrest him. His team also support him and decide to surrender themselves. Ganpath asks who convinced him. Kalubhil says Sai baba. Ganpath asks when did Sai baba come here. Kalubhil says he was right here. Police point gun at Kalubhil from behind and warn to hands up. Ganpath asks him to relax as Kalubhil has surrendered himself, asks if they were unconscious, how did they come here. Constable says they got unconscious due to smoke, but when they woke up, they saw ash on their clothes. Ganpath realizes it is Sai’s magic/leela.

After reaching police station, Kadam confesses that he hated Ganpath and tricked him many times as he wanted to get promotion instead of Ganpath and apologizes him with teary eyes. Chandorkar with Bhosle praise Ganpath’s bravery and offer him promotion letter. Ganpath says he cannot accept promotion as his main aim in life now is singing because of which he could change many peoples’ lives including Kalubhil’s, so he is resigning from his job to purse singing as his career. Sai noticing it from Dwarkamayi says he was expecting this from Ganpath and praises him.


Mere Sai 3rd December 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Sai brings Ganga maiya/river to Shirdi for his disciple.


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