Mere Sai 2nd January 2020 Written Episode Update


Mere Sai 2nd January 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mere Sai 2nd January 2020 Episode Start With Kulkarni tells Rukmini and Tejaswini that there is no proof that Shastri is not a conman, but his guru was very pious. Tejaswini asks if she can meet Shastri and predict her future. Kulkarni says their family women don’t meet stranger men or roam openly. Tejaswini thinks Kulkarni can control his wife, but not her.

In dwarkamayi, Sai ploughs land and sows plant. A man Sridhar requests Sai that his wife is having difficulty in delivery of baby, so Sai should help them. Wife in house writhes in labor pain due to baby’s abnormal position. Once Sai makes way for dry plant, it regrows and baby is delivered inside home. Sridhar’s mother happily informs him that a healthy baby girl is born and mother is fine, thanks Sai for his help. Sai says if not him, someone else would have come for help. Another woman sees tree regrown again and thanks Sai. Sai says mother and child are connected to each other and there is no bigger protector for the child in the world than mother. He continues his moral gyaan. Uma complains Sai that her son Dhattu is very mischievous and needs Sai’s help. Sai walks along her.

People come to meet Shastri. Shastri meets rich people first and ignores poor. Poor discuss that this partiality doesn’t happen in Dwarkamayi and Sai meets people on first come first serve basis and only breaks rule if its an emergency. Kulkarni enters with loads of gifts and greets Shastri. Shastri replies. Kulkarni says he has a problem which is troubling him since years, pointing at Sai. Shastri asks him to sit. Tejaswini watching from window thinks let us see if Shastri is a conman or not. Shastri reads Kulkarni’s palm and says his problem cannot be solved. Kulkarni asks if there is a way out. Shastri says his words are from his guru and won’t change. Tejaswini walks in and confronts to stop his drama as he is not a god to predict future. Shastri and Kulkarni warn her to mind her tongue. She says if he can predict and change people’s future, then why don’t he himself become a king, she doesn’t trust conman like him. Kulkarni warns her to return home, else he will not let her visit Bambai again. Tejaswini walks away fuming. Shastri says he cannot tolerate anyone insulting him.

Sai takes Uma to a rose plant and asks her to remove thorns from it. Uma says thorns come first before roses are grown and they protect roses, so they are essential for rose plant. Sai says similarly mischief is part of a child’s life before he/she gains conscience.


Mere Sai 3rd January 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Balchandra asks Uma to check with Sai if they can meet Shastri and predict Dhattu’s future. Sai sitting in Dwarkamayi smiles hearing that.


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