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Mere Sai 2nd June 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mere Sai 2nd June 2022 Sudama agrees to sell his land. Bhiva says this is our only source of income we can’t sell it. Sadashiv says you will be able to arrange Laxmi’s wedding and still have many left.

Others say but that money can’t be used life long, what will we do afterwards. Sadashiv says I am constructing mill for you all and giving you job is my responsibility and you will earned fixed salary and nothing to worry about weather. Sudama says Bhiva I think we should sell land. Bhiva says I don’t think so.

Sadashiv says no one is forcing you and whoever wants to sell land I will give money right away and we can do paper work later, I trust you all after all we are connected as Sai devotees.
Patil says very true, and now how will we take decision without Sai and once we discuss with Sai we can tell you our decision. Sadashiv says okay and thinks will Sai agree.

Mira walks in Dwarka Mai, Sai says come Mira keep laddo on the table and come in. Mira surprised seeing Sai knows everything. Mira asks Sai can she help him, he says no I am almost done.

Neel sees laddos thinks of stealing laddo and hides and tries to steal. Mira sees him and slowly pushes plate near him, he takes it and runs away unaware Mira helped him. Sai sees plate and smiles, he asks Mira why are there less laddo. Mira says nothing can be hidden from you, Sai says you let Neel steal but you didn’t think of consequences, come with me.

Sai takes Mira neat Neel and shows her, he has fallen down and injured himself and crying. Mira rushes to help him.Sudama asks Laxmi’s would be in laws for some more time. He says you keep postponing the wedding giving lame excuses like there is problem in my son, I can’t wait anymore. Sudama says my daughter’s future will be ruined don’t do this, for my daughter please allow me some time. He says I give you 1 week time, if you can arrange okay or else we will have to cancel.

Subhadra says to Bhiva she can’t see Sudama in this state, can’t we help him. Bhiva says I have tired everything, even for loan but all villagers are worried because of no rains. Subhadra gives her mangalsutra, Bhiva says I can’t take this and tells her he even tried to mortgage land but no one has money but how will we manage. Bhiva hears Sudama cry.

At Dwarka Mai, Sai treats Neel and asks how did he fall down. Neel says I was having laddo in my hand and dogs ran behind me and I fell down. Sai says never steal ask for whatever you want. Neel says I learnt my lesson. Sai asks Mira to get laddo and packs few for Neel and says go share with your friends too. Neel thanks Sai and leaves.

Mira says to Sai, it was her mistake to push the plate near him. Sai says Mira, we always try to hide close ones problems without thinking of consequences, you are hiding something too right. Mira says you are right Sai, I have to hide few things because of my husband but I never supported all this, I can’t say anything more.

Sai says I understand but if we see wrong and still don’t stop won’t we be also part of that wrong qnd I pray to God that you soon fall in situation where you don’t have to hide anything. Mira says I know you will find a solution for me, and tells about her health and how it stopped after Sai’s blessings and she guess medicine is working.

Bhiva walks to Sudama and wipes his teats, Sudama says don’t give false hope, you are not allowing me to send land you will never know my situation. Bhiva says I am trying too, she is my daughter too. Sudama says you will never understand my situation,

I just see failure everywhere even after this being a good match, I can’t arrange wedding. Bhiva says I am trying and Sai won’t let anything bad happen and if Sai agrees we will send land, Sudama is easy for you and if my daughter’s marriage breaks I will commit suicide.

Pandhari sells his tree and says to Badhaee he can cut it. Sai stops them. Patil and others see Sai and walk to them. Pandhari tells Sai, he sold tree to Badhaee for huge amount. Sai says but its old tree. Pandhari says yes and doesn’t give any fruits and is no use to me. Sai says its a good day for you, I will give you huge amount and sell me yoru mother, she is also old and bed ridden, why keep her,

this tree is natures gift and you can’t sell it, as your mother has taken care of you all your lfie ao has this tree and today its giving no trees so you will kill it. Pandhari says you are right Sai, my kids also grew playing with this tree and I got influenced by some money but also I am worried about no cultivation and having no money to survive. Sai says your farm isn’t dried yet and why spoil things, and we all will help you in hard times, right Patil. Patil says yes we will fight this situation together, we will share excess. Pandhari returns money and thanks Sai.

Sai asks Patil and others why are they here, Patil says we cane here for some discussion but we got our answers. Sai blesses everyone and leaves. Sadashiv asks Patil why didn’t he ask Sai question, Patil says because we got our answers and sorry we can’t sell our land to you. Sudama thinks he just has one week to arrange money and leaves.

Sadashiv informs Balvant, Sai influenced people and it yas become difficult. Balvant says I am giving as much money as you want, your work is to get me land and I can’t come here daily, what if someone sees me. Kulkarni walks to them and says I did see you

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Mere Sai 3rd June 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Balvant sees Sai everywhere he goes.He goes check for Sai in Dwarka Mai to ensure something isn’t wrong with him. Dwarka Mai light with diyas. Balvant says Sai isn’t here, Sai says you came to see me and leaving without meeting me.


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