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Mere Sai 2nd September 2022 Vishal reaches registration centre. Organiser see shis state and say look at yourself. Vishal says I need one chance I won’t disappoint you and anyways window for registration is closed. Vishal says I agree I am late but I have worked hard to reach here, I am here from Shirdi.

They get surprised and start laughing at him and says this is impossible don’t try to fool us, Vishal says I am not lying check my speed if you want, they ask Vishal to leave, Vishal holds ones hand, he gets angry and says very rich people come here and not people like you, get lost.

Sai says to everyone if any one wants to go back to work I have no issues. Workers sat Sai we are with you and won’t step back. Sai says goodness brings goodness. Chattopadhyay says you all can’t do this, its a big order.

Worker says then why did you fire others, if its such important work get them back, we will fight for our people. Suraj shocked to see workers cooperate with Sai. Suraj thinks Sai I understand your point but Kulkarni and Balvant will never get on right track, they will find another way to trouble people.
Chattopadhyay thinks he has to inform Balvant.

Suraj’s mate tells him that inspector has asked Kulkarni and Balvant to stay home and away from Suraj. Suraj says we will have to bring them out of their houses.

Vishal says my brother was right, people here are partial they judge you on your status, you only entertain the rich, I should have listen to my Suraj Dada, you said you wanted a good runner then why not give me chance but you don’t want anyone to challenge the british.

A man passing by stops Vishal and walks to him, organiser call him Vishwanath Sir. Vishwanath asks him are you Suraj Shinde’s brother. Vishal says yes . Vishwanath says I will test your speed but you need to help me. Vishal remember Sai asking to accept such offer and agrees. Vishwanath thinks Suraj I have finally found you and smiles.

Suraj catches Chattopadhyay and says if you love your life do as we say. Chattopadhyay agrees.

Chattopadhyay goes inform Balvant and Kulkarni about strike, Inspector says they can’t step out. Chattopadhyay thinks to save his life he has to lie and says mill workers only will listen to Balvant or else they will burn down the mill. Balvant says I have to go and asks inspector to send his men in civil and when they see Suraj shoot him. Kulkarni denies to join. Balvant says don’t worry I have a plan.

Suraj and his men hiding and waiting for Balvant and Kulkarni. Patil, Baizmaa, Malchapati, Keshav and others join the satyagraha. Malchapati we respect Sai and his principles and this village is our family and we can’t see our family in trouble and join the protest. Suraj thinks how is whole village supporting them.

Inspector and his men in civil dress join the protest.
Balvant and Kulkarni walk in hiding behind Suraj’s mother. Suraj says these two will never behave and now they will definitely die.

Balvant addresses everyone and says whole village is together which means you all are right and we were wrong, I setup this mill for Shirdi’s progress and I see we have diverted from our goal and so we have decided to give back jobs to fired workers but we have one condition and that is, Suraj should surrender.

Kulkarni says Balvant is right, if Suraj is fighting for you all he should surrender now and we will make sure he gets less imprisonment and he will soon be back to his family, his mother wants same. Suraj’s mother says I want to Suraj to surrender.

Suraj says these two are up with a new act, I will surrender but after killing them and so there is slight change in plan.

Worker say Sai we won. Sai says but look at what cost. Suraj fires in air and everyone gets scared and start running everywhere, chaos is caused people stumble get hit and stamped. Suraj walks in the crowd and approaches Balvant and Kulkarni, he points gun at them,

Suraj says dare you move and its time for you two to die, Suraj’s mother says I won’t let you kill them. Suraj says they have to die, they just trouble poor. Suraj shoots his mother on her hand in the argument. Suraj shouts aai. Police rush to Suraj and arrest him. Kulkarni and Balvant asks Inspector to shoot Suraj.

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Mere Sai 3rd September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Sai says to Suraj, Suraj I agree there is injustice but there is positivity too. Suraj says to him, why do always I have to face injustice, why didn’t I ever get someone to help me. Vishwanath walks in and says because you never took help.


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