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Mere Sai 30th August 2022 Vishal tells Sai that his mother is worried and restless for Suraj and didn’t have food too. Sai picks a bowl and walks to them, Sai says Vishal is working hard and serving whole village how will God leave his mother hungry and serves khichdi to her and asks Vishal to feed her, she denies. Vishal says I have never seen her so worried is Dada fine.

Inspector, Kulkarni and Balvant with their men at the mill waiting for Suraj and shoot at sight.
Sai says to Vishal, mother always knows what her child is going through and don’t worry problems come with solutions. Sai asks Vishal’s mother for the pen she holds, she gives it to Sai. Sai on a paper about to write, Vishal says it doesn’t have ink, Sai makes a sketch, Vishal surprised.

Suraj and his men reach Kulkarni vada. Suraj says this vada is our mission, because I had seen Santa Banta listen to our plan and so I said mill purposely and now they will wait for us in mill and we will steal his money here.

Suraj scares Kulkarni’s guards with gun.
Sai gives sketch of Vishal his mother and Suraj to her and aays I promise this will happen. Vishal in tears, he feeds his mother she has food.

Tejaswini stops Suraj and asks him to leave, his men walk in Tejaswini gets scared and says don’t punish me for my father in laws deeds, Suraj asks where is locker and points gun at her.

Kulkarni’s men rush to Kulkarni and tell him that Suraj has entered house forcefully. Santa Banta get scared.

Suraj steals all the money from locker. Tejaswini saya please don’t steal my jewellery. Suraj says every thing here is stolen by cheating poor. Keshav walks in.
Keshav scolds Suraj and says I thought you are man of your principles why do something like this. Suraj says this is all because of your father.

Keshav sees I see helpless man, if you would be man of guts you would never do this, Sai says only coward take this path. Keshav says you can hit me if you want but I will never get scared. Suraj says I am leaving you because you are Sai devotee. Keshav says this won’t increase respect for Sai, Suraj gets angry, his men stop him and says Keshav has always supported poor don’t hurt him.

Suraj walks out, police cross fire. Suraj and his men hide but Suraj gets shot by a bullet. Suraj’s men start shooting back. Keshav suggests them to take back door and says I know you all are good people and Sai has always asked me to help poor and good people. Suraj starts fainting, his men take him to safe place from back door.

Balvant and Kulkarni decide to get inside, Kulkarni calls Keshav and others. Tejaswini walks out crying says they stole everything. Kulkarni in shock. Inspector says Suraj is injured and we will get him and you will get everything back.
Kulkarni says come with me I know what to do.

Sai in his fire place picks ash, Keshav walks in Dwarka Mai and seeing Vishal and his mother stops. Sai says tell the truth Keshav. Keshav says Suraj is shot and tells whole scenario. Vishal says Sai save my brother. Sai says Vishal’s mother I need your help to save Suraj.

Kulkarni and Balvant see Sai with Vishal and his mother and says we can find Suraj by following them because I know he is helping Suraj.

Suraj’s men confuse on what to do next.
Kulkarni looses Sai and gets angry. Santa says may be Sai fooled you again. Kulkarni slaps him and gets angry.

Sai reaches Suraj’s location and treats him. Vishal says Sai he is still not awake. Sai says mothers voice can cure him, so your mother has to speak. Vishal says she hasn’t spoken for years please do something and save my brother. Sai says your mother only can save him.

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Mere Sai 31st August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Kulkarni says we will force Suraj to come forward, by dragging in his mother and brother.Sai says to Vishal’s mother don’t leave your one son because you are worried for other, may be your this son will save your other.


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