Mere Sai 30th July 2021 Written Episode Update


Mere Sai 30th July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mere Sai 30th July 2021 Kakasaheb Dixit runs to Gayatri’s room. She looks up in confusion.

Sai keeps the stick in the ground. Kids watch Him curiously.

Kakasaheb Dixit experiences pain in his leg when he tries to enter inside. He looks up and notices Sai holding the suitcase. Annapurna and Aatya come there as well. They remove the suitcase. Sai smiles in Dwarkamai.

Aatya comforts Gayatri. Are you fine? Kakasaheb Dixit looks at Sai’s portrait in the cupboard and folds his hands gratefully. Sai! Annapurna looks back and notices the portrait. She notices her husband in tears.

Prahalad asks about the stick. Sai says even a small stick can do wonders if the willpower is strong. Nothing can touch us.

Aatya says what happened isn’t worth your tears. Kakasaheb Dixit says Sai saved our daughter in time. I saw Him holding the suitcase. I am an unfortunate father who couldn’t even save his daughter in time but Sai saved her. I must meet Him. Aatya tells him to live in reality. How can that Fakir come here and save Gayatri? He is in Shirdi and we are Bombay. Why did only you see Him then? We saw that ancestral stick holding the suitcase. Our ancestors were very religious. They have done many good deeds in the past. He tells her to think how this ordinary stick can hold a heavy suitcase. I am right. It is Sai’s miracle. She refuses to pay heed to him. You will upset our ancestors by saying this. This stick has been to many pilgrimages. There must be good vibes in it. I don’t want to hear about that Fakir anymore. If He is your Guru then He should send you an invitation. You wont go to Shirdi before that or you will have to step over my dead body. She storms out of the room.

Kakasaheb Dixit looks at Sai’s portrait. Now you must call me to Shirdi. How will it happen though as you don’t even know me?

Mhalsapati ji calls out to Sai. Sai welcomes him. You are finally back in Shirdi. Mhalsapati ji touches Sai’s feet but Sai reminds him that friends hug. They hug.

Tatya says we cannot let Sarkar abuse us like this. He is mistaken if he thinks he can scare us. I can do anything for Sai. I am ready to go to jail too if needed. Patil ji tells him to keep himself in check. We are equally worried but it does not mean we will lose our sanity. Aggression only makes things worse. You going to jail wont make anyone happy. Sai wont even get land this way. What will you gain out of that? Gangaram says no one will have to go to jail.

Mhalsapati ji tells Sai about Yamuna’s health. Malti and I had to stay for longer. Sai says you did the right thing. How’s Yamuna? Mhalsapati ji says she is good. I will look after you day and night now. Sai requests him to bring something from someone. Take Madhav with you too. Mhalsapati ji asks Him if it is heavy. Sai says think of it like that only. It is a very amazing thing. Mhalsapati ji nods.

Everyone greets Gangaram. Patil ji asks him what he meant. Gangaram says I have an empty land. I will be more than happy to give it to Sai. Tatya tells him not to give him false hope. You may not have heard about Sarkar’s rules or you wouldn’t have said no. Sai’s old devotees have said no already. You have become His very recently. Gangaram says I may have taken my time in understanding Sai but I don’t back out from my decisions. I know what regulations Sarkar has implied and I know how his mind works better than anyone else. I know I can handle it. I will be glad if I can be of any help to Sai. I will consider it my penitence for the years I have disrespected Sai. It isn’t an easy path anyways. I am willing to go through everything. That land belongs to Sai and Shirdi now. Patil ji tells him to think once again but Gangaram says why worry when Sai is with me. I never thought when I did bad deeds over all those years. Why should I think now when I know it is a good decision? It is final. Patil ji nods. Santa and Banta have overheard everything.

Santa and Banta inform Sarkar about Heera escaping from their shelter and how Gangaram has agreed to give his land to Fakir. He said he isn’t afraid of you. Sarkar says I will handle them one by one. He calls out to Prahalad who comes out with his grandmother. Sarkar looks at him pointedly. I said no yet you listened to that Fakir. You freed the bull and did puja. Rukmani tries to say something but he warns her that he may throw out both of them if she will utter even a word. He will be punished today! Sarkar picks up a stick. Rukmani thinks of Sai.

Sai turns serious. He picks a stick kept nearby and smiles. Sai breaks the stick in two pieces.

Sarkar’s stick breaks on its own when he raises it to hit Prahalad. Everyone is shocked at the sight. Om Sai plays. Prahalad smiles. Sarkar picks another stick but same thing happens yet again. Sai continues to break the sticks into two in Dwarkamai. Santa, Banta and Sarkar are speechless. Sarkar tells his wife not to give dinner to Prahalad. Now he must know the consequence of going against me. He sends Prahalad inside with Rukmani. Rukmani thanks Sai for saving Prahalad from her husband’s wrath. Ram Krishna Hari! Sarkar scolds Santa and Banta for bringing weak sticks. That Fakir has crossed His limits. He has started trapping my family members. Even my supporters have begun to support Him. I wont let that Fakir procure a land in Shirdi even if He tells me the reason or I have to bend rules. I can go to any extent but I wont let Him have what He wants! This is my promise. Hari Om!


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