Mere Sai 31st December 2019 Written Episode Update


Mere Sai 31st December 2019 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mere Sai 31st December 2019 Episode Start With Tatya walks to Sai. Sai asks if he that one question forced him to come here. Tatya greets him and asks if a student is incomplete without guru mantra. Sai asks what is guru mantra. Tatya explains it is a knowledge, a gift, a mantra, or something special which guru gives to his student. Sai says he doesn’t have anything like that. Tatya insists. Sai picks something from his bag and gives it to Tatya. Tatya sees stones pebbles. Sai says he doesn’t have anything else to give and his mantra is always patience and belief. Tatya apologizes Sai and says he blindly believed someone. Sai says people fall in false belief.

Shastri with his followers prays his guru’s photo and says his guru speaks via his mouth, so his words never fail. Back in DWarkamayi, Tatya asks whom hie is talking about. Sai says people who blindly believe guru without questioning and spend their lives blindly following their guru without finding truth. Tatya thanks Sai for getting him back on track whenever he loses track, all guru must be like him. Sai says guru is the one who takes student’s complete responsibility whether he is in this world or not, chants Sri Krishna’s words and explains its meaning. Shastri informs his followers that he will go to Shirdi and spread his guru’s knowledge as Shridi’s mukhiya told shirdi people need knowledge, so its time to fill their lives with knowledge.

Tatya sees a couple Balchandra and Uma touching Dwarkamayi’s steps and taking blessings and going to work and asks reason to Sai. Balchandra asks Uma if Sai will feel bad as they just touch Dwarkamayi’s steps and walk away without meeting him. Uma says Sai knows everything, they don’t want to waste other people’s time who come to seek Sai’s help, their trust for Sai is strong and Sai knows that. Sai tells Tatya that there is no value for trust and he is happy that someone loves him so much.

Santa with mud on his clothes angrily stops Balchandra and Uma. Uma asks why Santa is stopping him. Balchandra says their children must have troubled Santa. Santa yells that he is right and continues yelling. Balchandra apologizes and says they are kids and will change soon. Santa says they continue their mischief and reminisces Hari and Dattu trying to prank him with coin. Santa scolds them and challenges that he will take their coins at any cost. They make him fall in dirt and say he is cunning and didn’t realize its a fake coin. Santa pleads them to get him out of dirt, but they run away.

Balchandra apologizes Santa again. but Santa says Dattu is evil child and they will be punished for his children’s mistake, they have to work in his fields for 5 days without a pay. They agree. Santa informs that Kulkarni is calling them and leaves to change his clothes. Balchandra gets angry on children, but Uma says they are innocent kids. Balchandra says let us go and meet Kulkarni. Dattu and Hari play hide and seek with children and make a boy Bhola fall. Sai saves Bhola. Bholaa angrily looks at Dattu and Hari.


Mere Sai 1st January 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Sastri on palanquin with his disciples enters Shridi. Bheema asks who is he. Disciple says he is Mool Shastri who can predict future. Sai says no one can predict future as god has kept it as secret.


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