Mere Sai 31st December 2021 Written Episode Update


Mere Sai 31st December 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mere Sai 31st December 2021 Sarkar tells Sai to admit it that the road cannot be constructed now. All those who believed in you do not believe in you anymore. Baizama steps forward. I am with Sai. Other people follow her example. They support Sai in unison and promise to work hard day and night. Sarkar fumes. I will see till when you will be able to work! Hari Om! He walks away in a huff. Sai smiles.

Santa tells Sarkar that Sai turned out to be smarter as He approached Albert’s senior directly. Banta nods. You challenged them for no reason. Sarkar says I always say something when I am sure about it. I overheard a villager saying that all the soil that they would need is behind Maruti Mandir. They offer to steal it but Sarkar tells them his plan (in mute).

Sai and villagers start working.

Christina tells Albert not to be so grumpy. You should thank God as He saved you from committing a sin. He calls it ridiculous. Why did God create so many hurdles in their path if He wanted to help them? I just found out that someone has destroyed their road. How will they make it now if God was on their side? She asks him what the villagers must be doing now.

Everyone continues to work

Albert says they said that they will work hard day and night but this cannot be finished in 8 days at any cost. I will later build the road at the pre-decided place. Christina is in thoughts.

Bheeva tells Sai they have made a grave mistake. We forgot to bring torches. Sai says such hurdles are taken care of by Ram ji Himself when we are focused on our work. He points in a direction. Albert’s wife comes there with 2 servants. She tells Sai that she brought torches as she found out that they will work at night too. Everyone is pleasantly surprised and touched by the gesture.

Villagers work day and night without stopping. Even Albert’s wife helps them. Santa and Banta are shocked to see her thus.

Albert asks his wife why she had to help them. She reminds him that he wanted to make people’s life easier when he had come here. He tells her that this is what he still believes in. No one, not even Sai believed in me ever.

She calls it a misunderstanding. I don’t like Sarkar personally. It must be because off him. Albert disagrees. Sarkar is doing his job. It is that Fakir who keeps giving everyone a false hope. Christina says God helps those who help themselves. Do not wish for their defeat if you cannot help them. Go there and see for yourself how hardworking these people are!

Sarkar and Albert come to the site. They see everyone working together. Sarkar is taken aback while Albert is amazed. How is this possible? They are working here non-stop since a week and aren’t tired at all. Don’t they rest? Sai says those who are about to lose their homes and jobs cannot be at peace.

Keshav and Tatya find Santa and Banta digging a piece of land. Keshav asks them what they are up to. Santa lies that Sarkar has asked them to create a small swamp from one place to another. That’s what we are doing. Tatya tells Keshav to let them be.

Christina tells Sai He is right. Villagers have lost a lot. Those who are guilty should be punished. Sai replies that God punishes people on His own. This made them realize what they are capable of. Think how confident they will feel after completing the work of 16 days in 8 days. They wont get afraid of anything again. We cannot ignore our pain but we can surely change the result with our hard work and dedication.

Albert tells Christina she still believes in Fakir. I went to village after your recommendation. I was impressed by their hard work. You should also believe that miracles don’t exist. Fakir is giving you false hopes. This is the reason I hate Him. Don’t know since how many days you have been applying ash on your mother’s photo.

Did you get any news about it yet? She tells him that she still has hope. He calls it foolishness. That Fakir might have helped Major’s granddaughter but He cannot cure your mother. Christina receives a letter just then. She is overwhelmed after reading it. My mother’s condition is getting worse. Doctors are saying that she only has a day or two. I must go today itself. He comforts her.

Santa tells his men to hurry up. The timeline will be over tomorrow. We must finish this task today itself. Sarkar’s men oblige. Their work is complete. Banta tells Santa to start the water. Santa does as told. The water reaches the place where the soil has been kept.

Bheeva and his friend are shocked to see the soil being surrounded by water. They run and inform Sai. Sai and Dheer come to check the godown. Bheeva has blocked the swamp but it is too late. Dheer points out that nothing can be done now as they need this soil. Sai advises him to start the work with the dry soil. Dheer reasons that it wont be enough but Sai suggests him to start the work. Leave the rest on Ram ji. He turns to go. Dheer asks Him where He is going. Sai advises them to work without Him today. I must be somewhere else today. He leaves.


Mere Sai 1st January 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Sai is told that the soil is over. Sarkar says sun is about to set. 100 steps are yet to be completed. You lost Fakir! Sai starts walking towards Sarkar and Albert. Bless your kids with your love today, Ma. Sarkar and Albert’s eyes widen in shock.


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