Mere Sai 3rd December 2019 Written Episode Update


Mere Sai 3rd December 2019 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mere Sai 3rd December 2019 Episode Start With Ganpath in his dream sees his father who alleges him that because of him he didn’t get mukti even after his death. In the morning, Daya tells Ganpath that she is happy that he can take up his passion singing as his profession now. Ganpath reminisces his dream and says he has to get mukti for someone before that. Sai begs at Tatya’s house. Tatya offers him charity. Sai asks if Baiza maa or Rambha are not at home.

Tatya says aayi has gone out and Raambha is cleaning their house adjacent to Maruthi mandir, he is thinking of converting that house as a guest house and will let Sai’s disciples who come to meet him from outside stay there. Sai says its a good idea, but he has to keep that house for one of his disciple who will take it on rent from Tatya. Tatya asks who. Sai asks him to have patience and leaves. Tatya thinks who must be coming.

Sai returns to Dwarkamayi and sees Ganpath and Daya there. Ganpath greets Sai and says he resigned from his job and there is nothing between him and his music now. Sai asks then what is the problem. Ganpath describes about his last night’s dream. Sai says Ganpath’s father is unhappy with him. Ganpath says he wanted to go to Prayag for his father’s asthi visarjan, but couldn’t due to his job and financial constraints. Sai asks who told him that he has to go to Prayag for asti visarjan. Ganpath says it is written in scriptures. Sai shows him a stone prayed as god’s idol and another one lying idle and says god stays in every atom of the universe and it is just one’s perception that they consider one stone as idol and another one as plain stone.

Ganpath says but what about his father’s asthi visarjan. Sai says he cam perform asthi visarjan here itself and with a pat of his foot gangajal emerges from ground and fills ground with water. He then asks Ganpath to perform asthi visarjan here. Ganpath does same. His imagines his father on water who says he made a mistake by misunderstanding his father’s love for music as burden and lived his whole life in sorrow and even forced his son to live in sorrow, but now he realized how Ganpath’s music has changed people’s lives and he is proud of him. Ganpath asks what about last night’s dream. Father says it was just Ganpath’s fear and nothing else, he got his mukti and is leaving the world finally and disappears.

Bhajan singer Govind with his team reaches Shirdi and a man if he knows where hawaldar Ganpath stays. Man says he is new here, so he can check in Dwarkamayi. In Dwarkamayi, Ganpath thanks Sai for bringing Ganga here and helping him perform his father’s asthi visarjan, he never thought his father would support and bless him. Sai says all parents want their children’s betterment and sometimes see their taken path as wrong, but if children explain them calmly, parents will agree and support them.

He then gives moral gyaan. Ganpath tells Sai that he can hear his inner self today because of his suggestion and Daya’s support, Daya supported him in his every decision and even when he left job, she knows they have only 1 month’s worth money left and don’t know when will his next earning come, even then she is encouraging him. Daya says she earlier misunderstood him, but now supports him completely and hopes others also respect his talent. Govind reaches there and says they all respect Ganpath’s talent.


Mere Sai 4th December 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : A man with his family heads towards Shirdi in a cart. Cart driver says he will like Shirdi as its people are very friend. Man says he is going there for work and not to mingle with people. Sai smiles hearing that.


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