Mere Sai 3rd January 2020 Written Episode Update


Mere Sai 3rd January 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mere Sai 3rd January 2020 Episode Start With Uma gets emotional seeing sleeping Dattu. Balchandra says he understands her concern, but people expect Dattu to behave according to his age. Uma says Sai assured that Dattu will be mature soon. Balchandra hopes that day will come soon, says he wants to sleep peacefully each day like Shastri. Shastri dreams about someone and wakes up tensed.

He prays his guruji to get him out of this ordeal soon. Sai hears him sitting in Dwarkamayi. Saleem brings blanket for Sai and says Saleem sent it as cold has increased. Sai thanks him and sits looking at fire. Saleem asks reason. Sai says someone needs his help. Saleem says he can seek his help if he needs. Sai asks him to get manual fan from the bag. Saleem gives him fan. Sai watches Shastri in fire and fans it. Shastri falls asleep. Sai smiles.

Kulkarni tells Tejaswini that he brought Shastri to Shridi with a lot of effort and Shastri’s words are final verdict. Tejaswini says Shastri doesn’t change his words. Kulkarni says rules will not take much time to change and warns her not to mess with Shastri again, else he will not let her visit Shirdi often.

Early morning, Uma mops floor and sees Datta draping his blanket over his younger brother Hari seeing his shivering. She pampers him and says she felt good seeing him caring for his brother and says his parents both are working hard for his and his brother’s better future and want him to guide his brother. Dattu agrees.

Children play outside Dwarkamayi. Sai gets ready to go on begging and asks Govinda to check howmuch wheat is left in Dwarkamayi. Govinda checks and says around 1 kg. Sai asks to pack it and give it to him. Govinda asks reason. Sai asks to accompany him to know the reason. Dattu and Hari play outdoor game with their friends. Mhalsapati walks towards temple with a few disciples where disciple a questions Mhalsapati if her husband will be fine. Mhalsapati says with family’s love and god’s grace he will soon. Dattu’s ball falls near Mhalsapati and he is about to touch Mhalsapati, but Mhalsapati escapes narrowly. Disciple yells at Hari for trying to spoil their pooja.

Mhalsapati says forgive kid. Man continues yelling. Dattu gets angry and warns not to allege Hari without his misake. Man warns. Dattu smears his hands with mud and says he will spoil his pooja for sure now. Mhalsapati warns him not to do that. Dattu says he will not spoil his pooja though and runs behind man. Man drops his pooja pot and scolds Dattu. Mhalsapati scolds Dattu to apologize man, but Daattu doesn’t. Uma walks to them. Man yells that her son spoilt pooja and should be punished. He raises hand to hit Dattu, but Sai enters and stops him.


Mere Sai 6th January 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Balchandra asks Shastri to predict his sons’ future.Sai thinks it is better not to predict Dattu and Hari’s future. Shastri checks Balchandra’s palm and gets tensed.


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