Mere Sai 3rd May 2021 Written Episode Update


Mere Sai 3rd May 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mere Sai 3rd May 2021 Sai says our relation is there since births. Chandra smiles. Flashes of past incidents are shown again. You have visited all the places where I have lived. Chandra says maybe that’s why I came to Shirdi. She smiles. The ritual continued in this birth too! I feel bad as I dint bring rakhi with me. Sai says it is the duty of a brother to fulfil his sister’s wishes. That’s why I prepared this thaal. She is pleasantly surprised to see rakhi in the thaal. Baizama calls her Beti. Sai has been waiting for you since long. I have accepted Him as my son so you are my daughter too. We did all these preps for you only. Everyone smiles. Chandra is overwhelmed and looks at Sai. I may not have a blood brother in this birth but you filled that hollow yet again. Now I know why you were calling me to Shirdi. Sai suggests tying rakhi now. Baizama nods at Chandra.

Sai sits down as Chandra starts the ritual with a teeka. Everyone smiles including Chandra and Sai. Chihu Tai holds the plate for Chandra as she ties rakhi to Sai. Sai caresses His rakhi.

Chandra says I have only prayed for a brother on every Bhaidooj and Rakhi till date. I dint know I will get a brother like you. She folds her hands benevolently. You fulfilled my wish. Sai says it is time to give you a gift. She denies. You gave me this relation without asking for it. What else can I ask for now? He says the gift is not expensive but it is priceless for me. He gives her udi. Take udi from me at your every visit from Shirdi. It will help you in future. She accepts it wholeheartedly. I am lucky to have a brother like you. I couldn’t become a mother but my wish of being a sister has been heard. Sai says Ram ji is very kind. If you have faith and patience then your every wish can come true. Ram ji Bhala Karein! Everyone smiles.

Chandra says this ritual has fulfilled my very old wish. Sai remarks that it isn’t complete yet. He turns to Chandu who gives the perfume to Sai. Sai applies it on Chandra’s hand. She inhales the fragrance. It is very familiar. Sai points out that the fragrance is of henna. Chandu shares that Sai especially asked for this perfume. Sai advises Chandra to remember this fragrance forever. This might help you in future. He keeps it in the thaal and picks up the second rakhi. Chandra says I tied you one already. Sai says I dint tie it though. Savitri says sisters tie rakhi to their brothers. Sai asks her why it should always be done that way. It would mean that the sister is dependent on her brother. Does a sister not protect her brother? Does he not need her too? The responsibility of fulfilling the relation is on both of them. The other must come if help is required. Why should a sister only tie rakhi to her brother? Everyone nods. Chandra cries as Sai ties rakhi to her. I am blessed today. If I knew that I will get such a big happiness after coming to Shirdi then I would have come here long ago. Sai says you got many more relations today. He walks up to Baizama. You said that she is your daughter too as she is my sister? Baizama nods. He tells Chihu Tai that Chandra is her sister too now. Chihu Tai nods. He tells Chandra that Shirdi is a family. Whoever gets associated to me becomes a part of this family. A new member is going to join our family today. We should welcome her after all. Everyone nods sweetly. Baizama and Chihu Tai hug Chandra.

All the ladies present in Dwarkamai and Chandra do each other’s teeka. Sai advises Chandra and Savitri to eat something now. Baizama shares that Sai has made kadhi chawal for them especially. He also got Sewaiyan made. Chandra shares that this is her favourite food. How do you know this, Sai? Chihu Tai advises her to get used to it. Sai takes care of everyone’s likes and dislikes when they accept Him wholeheartedly. Sai nods at His sister. Chandra smiles.

Rihana and Chihu Tai serve food to Chandra and Savitri. Chandra takes a bite and looks at Sai.

Peon tells Ram ji that Bade Babu is busy right now. Ram ji says I have been waiting since 4 hours. He hasn’t been this busy before. Why is he taking so much time? Peon reasons that he can only share the message with Bade Babu. I cannot do anything beyond this. I can let you inside only when he will tell me to. He heads inside. Ram ji knows this is intentional. I am not a fool! They are willing to put the lives of many in risk because of their own selfish reasons! I will wait as long as I have to but I wont let it happen!

Sai says Tatya has made arrangements for your stay. Tatya agrees. You can stay as long as you want to. Let me know if you need anything. Chandra goes quiet. Sai asks her what happened. Chandra shakes her head. I was missing him (Ram ji). I wish he was here right now. Sai says it is Ram ji who decides where one stays and goes! Shradda and Saburi! Everything will be fine. Chandra wonders how to tell Sai how much she gets worried as her husband cannot control his anger. I am worried he might hurt himself somehow. Epi ends on Sai’s face.


Mere Sai 4th May 2021 3rd May 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Sai tells Chandra to feed sweets to Shyam. She tells Him to do it but He tells her to do it. She is hesitant. Sai asks her why she is hesitant. Chandra shares that she is afraid. I couldn’t become a mother. I stay away from kids intentionally. Sai notices something and moves his hand in the air to clear something.


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