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Amba’s husband stops bullock cart in jungle while traveling to their Kuldevi temple. Amba asks why did he stop cart here. He says he is hungry and asks her to serve food while he gets water for them. She asks if they can stop at some other place. He says people travel around this place, so she need not worry. She gets down and asks him to return soon. He drives cart away. She waits for him for long and thinks if he lost his way. When it starts getting dark, she realizes that he left her alone here. At night, she gets afraid hearing tiger’s roar. Out of flashback, she tells her family that she somehow found a passing cart, gave her earrings to driver and somehow reached here. Godavari asks why did Damadji/SIL do this.

She asks Amba what happened between her and damadji. Sai tells her that Amba is in shock and she should let her relax for sometime and then ask. Damayanti and Anandi take Amba in. Sai tells Gangadhar that he will go and bring oodhi for Godavari. Trimbak says he forgot to give him wood. Sai says there is no need for that. Trimbak says he understood that Sai wanted them to reach Amba. Sai nods yes and leaves.

Sai cleans Dwarkamayi. Appa Rao, Shyama, and Nishant walk in and ask if he called them. Sai says he wants to perform Shiv ling pooja, so needs their help. He asks Appa Rao and Nishant to bring belpatra, dhatura fruit, flowers, etc. A sadhu Gurudev Natraj with his disciples enter Shirdi and boasts that he roamed around 150 villages and made disciples there, he will made his 151th disciple in Shirdi. He sees Appaji and other devotee carrying belpatra, dhatura fruit, flowers, etc. for pooja and asks if they are Shiv devotee. Appaji says yes. Saint’s disciples say their guru is born in Kashi and is Shivji’s biggest devotee. Saint says he is ready to make them his disciples. Appaji says they have Sai as their guru. Disciples say nobody can be bigger than saint Natraj. Appaji says they haven’t met Sai yet, nobody is pious and bigger guru than Sai.

Back In Dwarkamayi, Shyama tells Sai that Appaji and Nishant haven’t come yet. Sai says he will meditate for sometime and asks not to let anyone disturb him. Shyama stands guarding and seeing no water for pooja he asks passing by Amba to get water. She does. He sees heavy rains starting and asks Rambha to go home and not come out until rain stops. Back in jungle, Saint gets angry hearing Appaji and Nishant praising Sai and says nobody is bigger saint than him and warns that he will curse them. He gets ash in hand. Disciples praise his power. Appaji says he hasn’t met Sai, so he doesn’t know him well. Saint says let him see who is bigger than him. Appaji takes saint and his disciples to Dwarkamayi. Saint insists to meet Sai. Shyama says Sai is meditating, so nobody can meet him till he finishes his meditation. Saint get angry and shouts. Appaji warns him to calm down. Saint walks to Sai and shakes him to wake up. Appa and Shyama warn him that he cannot disturb Sai. Saint continues insulting Sai and says Sai is afraid of him, so he is not opening eyes. Fire starts spreading on pillar and wooden railings all around. Disciples plead Saint to save them. Saint says only god can save them. Appaji, Shyama, Nishant pray Sai for help and chant Om Sai Ram. Fire increases, and Saint panics more and prays god to save them. Sai opens eyes and orders fire to calm down as guests have come. He with his stick brings down fire. Saint and his disciples are shocked seeing this. Sai greets Saint Nataraj and apologizes for meeting him late. Saint realizing his mistake and falling down in Sai’s feet apologizes him.


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