Mere Sai 4th December 2019 Written Episode Update


Mere Sai 4th December 2019 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mere Sai 4th December 2019 Episode Start With Ganpath thanks Sai and asks how will he repay his favors. Sai says by singing as singer Ganpath is born today. Ganpath says he would have sang anyways and sings a song praising Sai.. Raham Nazar Sai.. Everyone sing along him.

Next morning, Sai gets ready to go begging when Chetan comes crying with Ragini, Raja and other child. Sai asks what happened. Chetan shows animal scratches on his hand. Ragini says Chetan was trying to remove cat’s head stuck in a pot when cat scratched him. Chetan says he will punish culprit cat. Sai says cat must have reacted due to her past experience, someone must have troubled her and she would have tried to free herself by scratching that person; she used same defensive technique against Chetan fearing her life. Tatya walks in saying same thing holds good for humans.

Sai explains in detail how a person misunderstands others with their bitter experience and generalize everyone. Tatya says he is going to get labors to repair room as he found a tenant Kanoji as per Sai’s advice who must be on the way with family. Kanoji travels on a cart with family. Cart driver says they will like Shirdi as its people are really cooperative. Kanoji angrily says he is going there for work and not to socialize with people. Kanoji asks what work will he do. Kanoji says anything he gets as his village is going through drought since 2 years. Driver says he told he is from Ahmedngar, but his relative from Ahmednagar had sent a letter that this year he got very good crops. Kanoji angrily says his crops are destroyed by termites, can he control termites.

In Dwarkamayi, Ragini with other children tries to sing when they get disturbed by lizard sound. Champa searches lizard angrily. Sai returns and asks whom she wants to get rid off Dwarkamayi. Champa says a lizard is making sound and disturbing them. Sai says if she is not bothered by children’s speech, then why she is bothered by lizard’s voice, even it is doing its duty. Sai senses someone is in trouble and leave Dwarkamayi hurriedly. Champa follows him asking who is in trouble. Sai stops and looks tensed seeing someone.


Mere Sai 5th December 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Tatya asks Kanoji if his wife is always under veil.Kanoji gets nervous hearing that.


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