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Mere Sai 4th October 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mere Sai 4th October 2021 Ali tells officer that these bans will ruin everything for villagers. I request you to please re-think your decision. Officer pushes him and talks badly with him. How dare you tell me what I should do and what I shouldn’t? You all are our servants. You only have one thing to do – to dance on our tunes!

You will all be killed if you wont! He leaves with the constables. Villagers wonder how that officer could be so mean when Ali was so polite. Don’t know when they will leave. Udhav rues that it is happening because of Maan Singh. Sai only sees good in everyone. I will hand Maan Singh over to police as soon as I find him. Bheema echoes his thought. Let’s focus on Dussehra preps for now. They go about their own work.

Sai leaves for some place immediately.

Udhav and Bheema come to Baizama’s house. She is doing puja. Bheema asks for the rope for evening function. Baizama signals them. Udhav tells Bheema that it must be in godown. They thank Baizama and head towards the godown.

Chandu greets Sai with folded hands on His way but Sai does not even glance at him.

Maan Singh is hiding in the godown. Udhav and Bheema enter. Maan Singh realises that these footsteps are different. Bheema picks up rope but then stops in his tracks. He notices Maan Singh hiding in a corner and tells Udhav through gestures.

Officer steps on a leaf as he storms inside a house to search it. A kid and his mother try to reason but the kid gets slapped by the officer. Police steps inside the temple while still wearing their shoes. The lady politely asks him to remove his shoes atleast but gets thrown out by police.

Maan Singh tries to run but Udhav and Bheema catch hold of him. Udhav says everyone has been looking for you and you are hiding here in Patil Kaka’s godown. Maan Singh says he let me hide here. Udhav says our life has become a mess because of you. We cannot even celebrate a festival! Maan Singh says you don’t even know what hell is or what we have been through. They each talk about their opinions.

Maan Singh tells Udhav and Bheema that they wont escape by handing him over to the police. They will kill you guys too! They refuse to let him stay here and cause the villagers any further harm. Police will leave once they catch you! Sai enters just then.

Police is wreaking havoc at every house that they search. They even warn and hit the villagers when they try to stop them. Their belongings get thrown out of the house. Major Billy notices a kid staring at him. He repeats his notice issued earlier in the morning and asks him if he forgot that no one should dare look him in the eye. The kid continues to glare at him.

Bheema tells Sai they are going to handover Maan Singh to police. Sai tells him against it. Udhav asks Sai if He knows what He is saying. Sai nods. I have thought it through before making him stay there. Let go of him. They comply. Bheema says Kaki’s family can be in danger because of Maan Singh. Baizama and Patil ji reason that it is their duty to save people like Maan Singh. Bheema says everyone is worried because of Maan Singh today.

Sai tells them to tell officers about Maan Singh’s whereabouts if they want. I am with Maan Singh. I will save him. Baizama and Patil ji second Him. Udhav tells Sai they wont go against Him. I feel this isn’t right though. Sai says you don’t agree as you did not understand the real meaning of servitude. You will agree when you will understand the meaning. Udhav nods and leaves with Bheema.

Baizama shares that I was praying when they came to ask for rope. For a moment I forgot that Maan Singh is here and I sent them here. It wont happen again. He tells her it is ok. He asks Sai how He came here suddenly. Baizama smiles. Sai always comes whenever His loved ones need Him. Maan Singh smiles.

Sai applies udi on Maan Singh’s wound. Maan Singh asks Sai when people will wake up and realize their rights. They are still happy being a servant. What will we expect from elders when youngsters think like this? I hope my past wont become their future. Sai says the steps taken by you and other revolutionaries will surely reach its climax. Ram ji is merciful. Maan Singh asks Him how they will face Britishers. Sai suggests using a weapon to fight them. We will overcome anything when we will be united. Maan Singh asks Him if it will come true. Sai assures him about it. It will happen one day for sure if not tomorrow. Sai becomes serious suddenly. I have to go somewhere. I will come back in evening.

Srikanth’s guests are surprised to see Sai. One of them steps down from the cart to meet Sai. Sai tells him that today is a very risky day for him. Stay away from people who are mentally imbalanced. He begins to ask something when smoke appears. Sai disappears by then. He wakes up with a start. The other person asks him if he saw a dream. He nods and tells him about his dream. They wonder what Sai meant by that.

Ali, Bheema and Udhav discuss Maan Singh’s situation. Santa tells them to bow down their head while walking. We wont say anything but Major Billy wont accept it. He has issued new order today itself. They disagree so Banta advises them to check the results in the next lane. They walk away.

Ali wonders if they were telling the truth. Bheema tells him not to take their words seriously. Udhav suggests going to the next lane and checking themselves. They see Major Billy hitting that kid brutally. Villagers look on helplessly as the kid screams in pain. Major Billy tells everyone to learn from that kid’s example. You should always bow your heads when we will come here or you will meet the same fate. Other officer seconds him. You are our servants and this is your destiny. You have no existence of your own! We have a right on your house, your fields and even you! No one can dare to stop us.


Mere Sai 5th October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Santa and Banta tell Sarkar that they overheard Udhav, Bheema and Ali speaking about Fakir helping Maan Singh. Sarkar says I am sure Fakir is trying to help Maan Singh flee from Shirdi. Major Billy says Fakir will spend the rest of His life in jail if He is at fault.


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