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Mere Sai 5th September 2022 Kulkarni and Balvant ask Inspector to kill Suraj. Inspector about to shoot, Nana walks in and stops him and asks what all is happening here and don’t you know its not allowed to shoot on armless criminal, and now even you could be arrested for breaking laws. Suraj shouts Aai.

Sai says look Suraj what your voilence has got you to, Suraj says Sai please save my mother I will do everything you say. Sai says don’t worry the bullet just touched her she will be fine.

Sai walks to Suraj’s mother and applies ash on it and saves her. Kulkarni and Balvant get angry. Suraj’s mother wakes up, Suraj says Aai please forgive me I will quit this path of violence, she walks to him and hugs him.

Balvant says to Nana, you are making big mistake by saving him. Nana says I know everything Chandu has told me whole story. Chandu tells everyone Sai gave me an idea, and it made me realise that I can inform Nana about it, and save situation. Sai says you did good Chandu. Kulkarni tries to insult Sai.

Nana asks him to shutup or else he will terminate mill but he won’t because of labours and orders Kulkarni to give all workers their money back and return all the money, Kulkarni asks Balvant to do something. Nana says he can’t because I have someone else on a bigger authority.

Officer walks to Balvant and gives him last warning for his corruption and if found again he will be terminated with punishment. Nana says to Suraj, your way was also wrong and so even you will be legally taken into custody.

Sai says Suraj you won, why aren’t you happy. Suraj says I am safe because of you but what about nore people like Balvant and Kulkarni. Sai says with negativity we have kindness too in this world. Suraj says then why did I always have to face injustice, why did no one help me.

Vishwanath walks in and says Suraj its because you didn’t take anyone’s help. Suraj shocked to see him. Vishwanath says you lose and face injustice because you always give up, I know you faced injustice but soon after a month the corruption was out and government wanted to send you to foreign but you left the city, I looked for you everywhere.

Sai says Suraj, remember what Vishwanath said when you were leaving, Suraj remembers Vishwanath say he will fight for him but Suraj says to him I don’t want to live in this corrupt world. Sai says Suraj if you would have taken Vishwanaths help you would be a renowned player and you broke your and Vishal’s dream but Vishal didn’t loose hope he fought.

Vishal says Dada I am selected and they are sending me to London. Suraj says I will work through my punishment and give myself a new life. Nana says I will make sure you get less punishment and get a job.

Vishwanath says Vishal needa a good coach and who better than Suraj, there is no better player coach and teacher than Suraj. Suraj apologies to his mother and for insulting his father. She says Suraj I just wanted you to take the right path and today I am proud of both my sons.

Sai says in life, you come across incidents that lowers our confidence and in that we loose faith too, abd don’t trust on anyone and in such conditions God does send help to find the right path, understand that help, recognise and accept it and giveaway ego, you will move forward. Live in present and not your past.

Everyone in temple, they see a man arrive in palkhi. He brings with him expensive sweets, dry fruits and clothes. Everyone confused. Keshav says you are Kevalchand. Kevalchand says you are right Keshav. Tatya says you have changed and rich, you are a vastu expert. Kevalchand tells about his journey and how he helps kings build their palaces. Kevalchand starts ranting about how rich he is and wants to target those city and Shirdi has less money.

Sai walks to Keval and Keval wakes up and he realises it was a dream. Sai says to him, its good to dream about future. Keval says I am praying a lot for my work, when will my wishes come true. Premchand walks to them and says Keval got a job and with increased salary now all our problems will get our, lets go Keval and tell your mother about it, Keval says baba you go ahead I will join you later.

Sai asks Keval why is he not happy. Keval says Sai I want to be Vaastu expert but my parents don’t understand this, Sai says you can start from Shirdi and work in Nagar, and once you get good at it, you will slowly succeed.

People near a lake chanting, a farmer amongst them says Maharaj has been in water for past an hour. Disciple says Baba is immortal nothing can happen to him, Satyeshwar Maharaj comes out of water and his disciples chant his name.

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Mere Sai 6th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Tatya informs Sai that there is fire breakout in dry grass, and a house is on fire and has two kids trapped.Patil and Keshav near that house, see Satyeshwar Maharaj with his disciples and ask them for help


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